Wright wants Kroenke out of Arsenal despite groveling apology

Ian Wright has joined calls for Stan Kroenke to leave Arsenal even though the club has apologised to its fans for joining the European Super League.

The Gunners have been struggling to play in the Champions League since 2017 and might not compete there in the next campaign unless they win the Europa League.

They are still considered a top-six side in England despite the recent threat they face from the likes of Everton and West Ham.

Joining the Super League was one way for them to compete with the best teams and players in the world without needing to qualify.

The founding members of the competition would have been guaranteed a spot each year even if they were relegated from the Premier League.

The ridiculous proposal would also guarantee them massive revenue each and every year for the foreseeable future.

It was met with an uprising from fans around the country and it forced the English teams to withdraw from the ill-fated project.

The Gunners released a statement and apologised to their fans

“We made a mistake, and we apologise for it.”

Despite the apology, Arsenal legend, Wright feels this is the perfect time for Kroenke to leave his former team.

He took to his Twitter account and tweeted: “#KroenkeOut”

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    1. Have thought this through?
      Who ever buys arsenal is going to make the present owners look like angels.

  1. The supporters can get Kroenke out. Would they be willing to boycott games at the Emirates and hit Mephistopheles Kroenke in his pocket? As soon as Kroenke loses money consistently, when crowds return, he wi run.

  2. This Friday every Arsenal Supporter close to the Emirates need to go out on large numbers in protest.

    He needs to go and now is the time to strike when the iron is red hot on him… make it loud and clear we want him gone.

    I’m in Ireland but will be cheering on every single one of you from here.

    Get him out


  3. For how many years did u see The Boss is only there for money we need a owner who is also a fan….he loves the money not the club…..get him out…

    1. Ian is right & as Mr Wright, he will always be right about Stan Kroenke. #Kroenkeout, Arteta afterwards come summer.

  4. how can you just keep milking the cow minus treating and feeding it…get him out of management…..

  5. Stan Kroenke has just about scored as many own goals during his tenure, as the goals Ian Wright scored as an Arsenal player.

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