Wrighty is not happy with this proposed Arsenal transfer rumour

The Arsenal legend Ian Wright is definitely a real Gooner and is passionate in his support for the club, no one would question that.

But he is also honest in his opinions and if he doesn’t like something the club is doing Wrighty is not shy of giving his thoughts on the subject.

One thing he is not happy about is the thought of Granit Xhaka being sold to Roma, especially after his performance for Switzerland against France this week.

Speaking on ITV’s Football Show podcast, Wrighty said: ‘That is the best I’ve ever seen him [Xhaka] play.

‘I feel for him because he’s someone I’ve been very critical of in the past and when you see a performance like, do you blame him or the coaches for not getting those performances out of him in the past?

‘I have never seen him used to that effect. There’s no way Arsenal should be selling a player that can play like that, at that level.

‘So unfortunately for us it looks like he is going, but I’m delighted for him because he’s answered a lot of critics. He was magnificent.’

But although we have seen Xhaka at his best in the Euros, Wrighty admits that he has not always been so effective for Arsenal, so I suppose if he doesn’t fit Arteta’s style of play then maybe we should be bringing in some fresh blood after all..

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      1. Old for telling the truth? Spoilers and ignorant football buffs are the killers of the game. The stand bullies

    1. @Mathew, rightly said, but with old age comes wisdom. Ian is right, Arteta’s the problem some Arsenal players have. Imagine Saliba tipped 2 be loaned out. Who’s advising Mikel Arteta? Xhaka with Arsenal has always been an important player, Why sell him? My happiness is that Arteta won’t survive more than December in that role.

      1. Wenger signed him, Emery worked with him…. he wanted to leave under Emery only stayed because of Arteta remind me again of your point?

        1. To be precise after he had wanted to leave in Jan under Emery he said “The fact that I’m still there today is thanks to coach Mikel Arteta.” pretty straightforward.

  1. The last says Xhaka did not fit into Arteta’s style of play.

    The question is, what is Arteta’s style of play? Does Arteta even have a style of play?

    Is there any player in the squard that fits into that imaginary style of play?
    Truth is Arteta doesn’t have any style of play yet. He is just using arsenal to learn his coaching trade and worse still, he doesn’t know how to bring out the best in a player.

    Look at how good players like party and even Williams are struggling under his style of play…

    1. He’s just a rookie learning,,,,, useless…….. no style…….. no clue…… Tierney just signed a new contract but hes just clueless too (young and naive i guess even if worked under rodgers previous)……. before that Saka signed too clueless (worked under Wenger/Emery prior)……. Auba clueless except Auba worked with Klopp/Tuchel? Surely he’d of known to leave the rookie learning his trade behind right? Especially at the end of his career?

  2. Arteta is not really a typical kind of manager that arsenal should on he is still not mature enougle to lead that arsenal and on top of it he does not have any style of the game of his own to groom players to suit his game style and on top of it those kroenke’s both stan and josh they need to open up their eyes and extend helping hand to the club financing committee to apprope finances and a locate huge chunks of money to player perchase otherwise wish shall never claim any premier league tittle or UCL for more than 4o-55 years to come plus ok i remain a strong fan of the club from Uganda we hope for the best one love for the club

  3. Arsenal is one of the best teams in the world no individual can stound it but apparently and according to the current and modern football error with the latest technological advancement in the football world the arsenal CEO and his top managerial board members should and draw clear road maps to identify the currently loophole that are leading to the club’s failure to achieve it’s designed goal they should focus on club overhaul of weak players that are not competitive enough and not forgetting buying quality players with a great passion,respect,kindness,politeness and good listners to the top managers of the club following there hierrarchy right from training ground to real game matches accross all competitions and finally the club board should learn to reward players with new contracts through contract renewal those playes that are notified as essential player
    s other than letting them go for free their we make loses we hope for the best for arsenal this season from UGANDA

  4. Xhaka struggled under Wenger and Emery.Last season was his best in an Arsenal shirt,under Arteta.

  5. At Grandad
    Only your eyes can back up your statement. There is no fact you can present to prove Xhaka best season at arsenal was last season. Trying to hard for Arteta ????

    1. Jah son would you come at the majority of our players (and all the best ones) with the line trying to hard for Arteta? Because they back him and have proven it. The best with contracts most with comments. So my question to you, are you anti-everyone at Arsenal or are or you fan? The players made their choice, up to you now.

      1. At Angus
        Arteta has done nothing absolutely nothing to be at arsenal a matter of fact if the club should cast a vote Arteta would not even get the job. Am not even sure how he qualified. Kmt just wait until we the fans have a say again. The stadium doors will be open soon enough.

      2. But we finished 8th and are not in Europe, i dont get the logic. We are poor now under the present guise.

  6. I love Wrighty but that does not mean he is correct to want Xhaka to stay. International football is far slower and less frantic than our Prem, which is like 100mph speed , where only the fastest an d most mobile players can be effective.



  7. Xhaka was scoring regularly under wenger but all goals dried up under emery&arteta.grandad often come up with some questionable comments amids some constructive ones&finally i have a feeling he is biased towards arteta

    1. MATTHEW, Well being biased towards our manager is laudable and not a moral crime, as being so blatantly biased against him, as you are, certainly is!

      As for scoring regularly under Wenger,that is such complete untrue nonsense. He hardly ever scored in his long time here. VERY FEW anyway! But lets not let the inconvenient facts spoil your cosy false picture eh!

      1. Wenger, in fact tried to dissuade Xhaka from shooting from outside the box, something that previously he had as a strength.

    2. Matthew will people stop making facts up to try to prove a point. Xhaka scored the most goals in a season (4) under Emery. He didn’t manage more than 2 under anyone else. He was crap under wenger, i dont get your falsehood.

  8. Xhaka can leave provided we get an upgrade. As it been said, his style is more suited for the Serie A when he finally goes to Roma, no one should cry when he becomes exceptional under Jose. Somethings are made for each other

    1. Ian Wright is possibly like me in complaining that Granit Xhaka is being sold to Roma for too little and at a loss?

  9. xhaka has played his best match in a swiss jersey, of that there is no doubt. so our hero is correct,to a point. xhaka has never player anything like that in an arsenal jersey, where he gets paid a darn fortune every week.so let him go please, rome is beautiful at this time of year i understand.

  10. If Xhaka plays better for his country than he does for his Club it might just be something to do with the fans….just saying

    1. Fingers, Or , in reality land where I LIVE, IT MAY also be quite a lot to do with the far slower and more pedestrian pace in international football, compared to the frantic fast pace in our Prem .

      And in which Prem, an immobile, slow thinking, slow acting and slow moving player like Xhaka has long ago proved he is FAR TOO SLOW… just saying.

      1. Jon don’t bother my friend. You are trying to have a logical debate with people who are emotionally invested in their opinion.

        For example, what’s more likely a reality, 3 failed coaches who happened to manage Xhaka, or Xhaka as a midfielder pulling strings failed his 3 coaches?

        Let me remind everyone Wenger’s resume, Emery winning Europa and trophies before and after Xhaka, and 2 8th place finishes under Arteta.

        It’s not bad luck, it’s a symptom of what’s wrong at the club. Poor management (of players and contracts), poor recruiting, and mediocrity.

        Xhaka should have been gone before now. His red cards, grabbing opponents by the throat, and cursing fans should have been enough.

        Never should his family been brought into it, period. Fans booed him because his form was shit, like many fans with other teams also do.

        Perhaps with 2 mobile partners in midfield Xhaka would shine; but he most definitely needs others to cover his weaknesses; lack of mobility, slow thinking and decision making.

  11. Selling Xhaka should have been done years ago. Wright is not good at analysing players

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