Wrighty pleads for Arteta to play youngsters in place of his flops

Ian Wright has urged Arsenal to replace their current underperforming players with their top youngsters if they want to turn things around for themselves.

The Gunners have been on a poor run of form this season and things could get worse if they don’t start getting the points on the board very soon.

Their latest poor performance came against Manchester City when they were beaten 4-1 in the Carabao Cup with a lot of our fringe players.

Mikel Arteta brought back the likes of Shkodran Mustafi and Sead Kolasinac for the game and Wright doesn’t think it makes sense to keep playing them.

He said that Arsenal should get rid of those players since they have nothing to offer and instead give game time to their youngsters. He wants to see the likes of William Saliba and Emile Smith Rowe being given chances to play for the club since the likes of Willian have already blown their chances to impress for the team.

‘I have to say, from my point of view, with the manager and the players he’s picking now, I think people like Emile Smith Rowe and Joe Willock and those guys, I’d like to see them have a chance,’ the legendary ex-Arsenal striker said on Optus Sport’s The Kelly and Wrighty Show as quoted by Metro. 

‘That’s simply because you’re looking at the Willians, it’s not happening and he’s not playing well. Why are you playing people like Kolasinac? Why are you playing someone like Mustafi? I’d rather see [William] Saliba who is playing in the Under-23s, I’d rather see Smith Rowe and I’d rather see something different. 

‘I would say to the people upstairs: give Mesut Ozil the money if you’re not going to play him and move him on. Same with Kolasinac and same with those players that are in and around the club and aren’t going to contribute. 

‘That’s what he needs, players who are contributing. Arsenal have to realise they’re in a situation that can get worse and if they do lose those games against Brighton and West Brom… those games are must-win games.’


  1. The same thoughts have always entertained thus far… this young boys makes things happen in this days modern football… i just feel for the likes of Nelson, Smith and other!

  2. As always Wrighty making good valid points. The expired players are a huge problem at Arsenal and I really hope the club can deal with this properly in the next 2 transfer windows.

  3. Everything Wright says makes sense, something which Arteta’s team selections never do. Interesting to see what he does tonight but am expecting him to stick with the tried and not so true.

    1. it is easier for a pundit to make suggestions

      but if Arteta filled the kids and get hammered….

      Media and pundits will blame him for not playing enough experience players

      1. John Maybe, BUT, what we DO know from actual evidence rather than pure conjecture, which your comments are based upon, is that when we play those experienced players we HAVE been consistently beaten.

        Just thought I’d point out the flaw in your thinking and, as ever with my comments, based on evidence, not just vague conjecture.

        1. Jon…

          Merry Christmas! And this is wishing you a prosperous and fulfilling 2021 ahead!

          Hope you are staying safe!


          1. Oh thanks a lot dear kind Fire , the nicest human on this site!
            Though what I most crave, for the so called free world – since we are NOT free, not from commercialism and all its ills – is a sea change in human values, where money, wealth and material objects are recognised for the false gods they actually are and that our race adopts a fresh new way of thinking and behaving , where people and spiritual concerns become paramount and corporate wealth is seen for the shallow god it is.
            For the non “free world” I crave an end to the tyrants who impose mass imprisonment of the spirit and sometimes also the body too.

            I know your comments are kindly meant and I of course return them to you. God bless, dear man!

        2. Jon…

          Nothing can be more noble than what you have wished and desired of our world! Again, it goes to show how noble-minded you are! It is so great to have you here, your personality, thoughtfulness, and fearlessness! Truly admirable qualities!

          The gift of free-will to the human race implies that we have to deal with the multi-dimensionality of our world, where selfish and personal interests often seem to overwhelm the greater good. However, it is hoped that in time, we will evolve to be better beings, who will uphold the virtues you have rightly mentioned.

          That said Jon, wishing you a blissful day ahead! Happy watching of the Arsenal-Chelsea game!

          Again, please do take time to enjoy yourself, helping others, and maximizing the little time we all have to dwell in this physical realm around us.

          Remain safe Jon! And God bless you too!


  4. Lampard gives his youngsters chances like mount,Tommy,kai,James among others and in two to three seasons they will be unstoppable and when you look for better talents else where you go for youngsters and they over charge u alot of million pounds and they sign on high wages yet u have avery talented squad of youngsters in all departments but fearing to inject them in the team.Be ruthless like the professor he gave Fabrigas the chance when he was just 16yrs old,van parse,Eboure among others remember the Arsenal team that played 2006 ucl final it was full of youngsters who could replace the then departing invisibles only that we had to sell every best player to pay for the stadium. Now you have achance to build your young team and play them week in week out in the coming three seasons they will be unstoppable because you have them.sale all the flopes and make ayoung team when there is no one complaining .

  5. Leno
    Niles, Holding,Magalahes, KT
    Partey, willock, Smith
    Nelson,Martinelli, Saka.
    This young team have the passion, fighting spirit and vitality that the likes of Auba, Willian, Xaka and the other players lack.For sure they will never disappoint us.

    1. The big players are not bringing in result
      So replace them with the younger players that books a place for you in the Europa league.

  6. I really wish Arteta listens to this. Arteta should be humble enough and listen to the words of wisdom. If a young manager like Arteta decides to be ARROGANT and NAIVE at the same time, he will get sacked asap.
    Firstly, How come Mustafi is playing when Saliba cant get a game time against Man city?
    Arteta should discontinue the 3 at the back experiment. Emile Smith Rowe should be starting in the league. Him and Pepe should be rotating the number 10 role. Arteta can also switch to a 442 and play Pepe alongside Aubameyang/Martinelli.

    Below formations will get us results.

    442 formation

    Bellerin Gabriel Luiz Tierney

    Partey Elneny

    Willian Saka

    Pepe Aubameyang


    Bellerin Gabriel Luiz Tierney

    Elneny Partey

    Saka Smith Rowe Aubameyang



    Bellerin Gabriel Luiz Tierney

    AMN Partey Elneny

    Willian Martinelli Aubameyang

    There are several ways arteta can setup and get the best from these players.

    Xhaka should not be starting PL games at the moment. We need more forward passes. We need quick transition from defence to attack. We need David luiz to be sending more long balls to the left for Aubameyang, Saka and Martinelli to chase. We need more goals.
    And we MUST Buy creative players in January(One of Isco, Thomas Lemar and Erikson)

  7. Arsenal eish why the manager play the same guys who lost 8 games doesn’t make sense, he keep saying W. Seliba needs time his young wherelse we have holding and mustafi who are older but still play nonsense for once just give Seliba a chance you already losing with the playing u keep using my team for Chelsea 4-2-3-1.
    Bellerin,Seliba since Gabriel is on Red, Luiz, Tierney
    2.ceballos and elneny
    1.Aub if his fit, martinelli or Laca we have nothing to to lost we have lost so many games that losing becomes our motto

  8. Makes sense, we are losing anyways, these players are not doing well, some of them are leaving due to the end of contract. There is no point to play them as they do not bring results or to invest in them game time/experience.

    Frankly, I want Arteta out, he lost it.

    1. Arteta it never to late ..Give Saliba and Smith Rowe a boxing Day gift by playing them on 26th of December against Chelsea

  9. I have supported Arteta since he took the reins but I am now concerned he hasn’t got the balls to do what is right for the Club

  10. Arteta must change , the team selected must change for young players who have the deaire and ability to win!

  11. Merry Christmas to everyone!

    I sure hope we had a great time with family and friends!

    It is gloomy times at the Arsenal and we can only remain hopeful that things will change as quickly as possible. However, the world needs so much more positivity at the moment, and Arsenal is only one of those beneficiaries.

    I have seen Arteta reduced to almost pure randomness in the selection of his team yet to no avail. I saw Bellerin and Xhaka out for three games and yet no results. At this moment, what the team needs is belief and a fighting spirit. With these, it will no more be about which player plays, but about who will fight.

    Thus, the team selection should be based upon spirit and fight, and it is upon such sure qualities that I feel some youngsters should be blooded.

    I would love to see Saka, ESR, Nelson with Lacazette at the head of a 4-2-3-1, however, I hope Folarin will be on the bench as a sub.

    It is trying times dear Friends, nevertheless, let us remain positive!

    Please stay safe!

    Hope to see you in the new year!


  12. Ateta is not a good coach, don’t know for the future but for now hell no.
    Even if he can play all the young players arsenal has we’ll still lose games.
    Reunit all the players, bring back sokrates, Saliba and ozil in the dressing room, even if they don’t play regularly but that will sum up some happiness trust me arsenal will get stat from there.

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