Writing off the rest of the Premier League campaign does Arsenal no good

Some Arsenal fans see the Premier League as a write off this season.

It is easy to get depressed when looking at the state of Arsenal’s position in the league table but writing this season off does the team no good.

The players do respond to the crowds, they do watch Youtube videos and they do read what is written about them, maybe not all the players but certainly some.

If they see the fans have given up then that will filter down, we know the players are an emotional bunch, just cast your mind back to Granit Xhaka’s meltdown and comments from the likes of Shkodran Mustafi.

I find it funny that some fans, I will not link to them, call this season a write-off and then in the next breath say all Arsenal fans should get behind Mikel Arteta and the team.

That to me is a contradiction, if you support the team then the last thing they need to become aware of is that the fans have given up on them in the league.

Is it very difficult for Arsenal to claim a top-four spot? Of course it is but it is not impossible and stranger things have happened in football.

As things stand today Arsenal are ten points behind fourth-placed Chelsea and there are still 39 points up for grabs and any sort of significant winning run will quickly eat into that lead.

I am not naive and I am fully aware how difficult the task is but I am not prepared to give up yet, not until it is a mathematical certainty that Arsenal will not finish in the top four.

If Mikel Arteta still believes Arsenal can make the top four, then so do I.

An article by Jacob B


  1. Still all to play for, two cups and a forth place trophy

    No player has any excuse any more they have all said they are happy with Arteta, like the old days It’s now up to the players to pull up those players who aren’t giving 100%

    We have all the tools to do well so..

    No play no stay

  2. Talk of writing off the season I don’t think is necessarily a negative statement. It’s saying this is where the club is now, forget about adding more pressure to players that are just beginning to re emerge from a dreadful slump.

    Talking of getting into the top four is fanciful and suggestions of an impending relegation battle are doom laden.

    It’s about being realistic about our expectations for the remainder of the season. Try and put the past in a box and prepare for 2020/21

    1. First we should define “writing off the season”. What does that mean?
      1. Not winning the EPL?
      2, Not in top 4 of EPL
      3. Not in top 6 of EPL
      4. Not winning Europa League
      5. Not winning FA Cup?
      Furthermore, it’s completely a diiferent animal to instead say “we will support you through thick and thin but we know we are in a rebuilding phase and we will not set the bar too high”. Any significant achievement will be a bonus, and as things stand, even top 6 will be significant.

      1. Well you put it better than me
        I think your last paragraph is where I stand regarding managing expectations
        However the fact remains that our chances of European football next season hang in the balance. Your questions may be better answered after the game on Sunday. I maintain that our chances finishing much above where we are now are slim. Too many other teams need to have a big blip. Cup competitions are different as we all know.
        Encouraging the team is essential and that is what being a supporter is all about

  3. Arsenal must try till the end to the make the top 4 or else at least the top 6. We have to keep fighting. Up the Gunners!

  4. 10 points… with 13 games left!! That’s a lot of relying on other teams to drop points!!
    I’ll be amazed if we make the top 4.. so for that reason, that is why I say it’s a write off… doesn’t stop me going to cheer them on though!! If we’d turned some of those draws into wins, things would be looking rather rosy right now!!
    We still have a cup run (🤞) to look forward to… plus the EL is back next week… so, have to go for them!

    38m for Ziyech?? Would that have been too expensive for us??

    Arsenal women v Liverpool women tonight – Come on!!!!!!

  5. Ziyech would have loved to come to Arsenal but we missed the bus as usual. A top class player gone to a direct rival. He can play on the wings, just behind the strikers or as a advanced midfielder. He can shoot from distance and create goals out of nothing. Pure talent, we should have tried for him. Alas!

  6. Well, I quiet agree with your logic, at the same time, I will not blame such fans in the category mentioned. However , I think it’s time we put a stop to such comment and get behind the team.
    Talking about the team, I believe MA has done all he could on this team, and for us to get results, require that extra push from the players, especially our attackers. They really need to step up and start earning the reputation of big players that we call them.
    Football has sentiments towards attack, a striker may lose loads of chances and just score one to win the match, and his sins are forgiven, but when a defender /gk who has been performing well make a slight mistake that lead to goal, he becomes an eternal sinner.
    Am sure if it were one of our defender not performing well like lacazet, it’s would have been a daily abusive /curses on social media towards the culprit .
    I hope MA start him from bench and allow Martinelli, Pepe, AUBA try it out with cebalos behind them

  7. I remember reading fantasy novels, Tolkein, George Macdonald’s ‘Lilith’, David Lindsay’s ‘Voyage to Arcturus’, but now I’ve grown up. We need to grow up as Arsenal supporters too. This team cannot reach the top four…cannot. The issue is the bottom four. That we may avoid but is much more likely. Seeing we reached the Europa Cup final last season that is the basket to put our eggs. Fight to stay in the EPL but just a few games with our strongest side, could win the Europa Cup. We have to fight in the EPL, but it heathier to live in the real world not a made-up fantasy world. Next season will give us an Arteta team, and we will hopefully be on the up.

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