WSL Final Day: Arsenal v Brighton Women. Jonas Eidevall talks Miedema and team news

Jonas Eidevall spoke with the media ahead of Arsenal Women’s final match of the season, a showdown against Brighton Women at Meadow Park.

Arsenal has always had the upper hand against Brighton in previous fixtures, so it’s likely that they’ll continue their dominance on Saturday afternoon. Brighton have only managed to secure one draw in their 13 encounters with our Gunner women, and that was way back in 2019.

Anyway, so, what were the main topics discussed during Jonas Eidevall’s press conference on Friday? He recognised that Miedema’s departure left many Gooners feeling frustrated, but he believes that the decision was carefully considered and made in the best interest of the club.

About deciding to look at the Dutch sensation go he said, “One part of what has been so special over the years has been the connection between the club and the supporters. One thing obviously that many supporters have connections to is also individual players. I understand football is emotions and decisions like this leave a lot of raw emotions. My message will be that when we are making decisions like this it’s to build Arsenal for the future. We want to be successful and that’s where the whole leadership team wants to bring the team as well. We’ll hopefully also have encouraging news in the coming weeks in how we’re strengthening the squad and the set-up.”

He revealed Miedema will be available for selection this weekend, but unfortunately Lotte Wubben Moy won’t be, saying, “Lotte Wubben-Moy is unfortunately not available for this game. Vivianne Miedema has reacted well. She’s been training. We still have one more training to go but hopefully she’s available for tomorrow.”

He also mentioned that there might be some exciting news about bolstering the team, possibly with new additions, despite all the talk about key players leaving, claiming, “We will also possibly have some good news in the coming weeks in regards of strengthening the team.”

Furthermore, the Arsenal manager believes that his team has finally reached the desired level after a disappointing start to the season, stating, “We started the season slow, we didn’t play very well – for various reasons. Our losses have come quite unexpectedly, which is very annoying. We win against Chelsea at the Emirates and the week after we lost against Tottenham. But we have progressed as a team.”

What are your thoughts Gooners?


Susan N

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  1. I just wish Vivi stayed with us. I love her play for us but now, no choice, hopefuly we get better replacements for every player that leaves.

  2. The only reason to let Miedema go is that her injury is worse than first thought and she is struggling physically. If not why is it in the best interest of the club to let one of the world’s best women strikers leave on a free? Eidevall says the club is progressing, funnily enough so does Ten Haag about Man U, they’re both good talkers yet achieve little. I have little doubt that Emma Hayes would have won the WSL with this talented Arsenal Womens team. The one thing I’ve noticed with him, he always blames the team when they don’t perform, not a good sign for a football manager. I would have preferred to keep Viv and let him go on a free!!

    1. I whole heartedly agree with Andrew, Viv is one of the best strikers in the world, how can you better that, if Barcelona likes her doesn’t that tell you something, get rid of the manager and keep Viv, she is more important to Arsenal

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