WSW v Arsenal Review – Professional Gunners make hay while the sun shines

Arsene Wenger played a much stronger starting line up today, with Xhaka and Ramsey in the middle and both Lacazette and Giroud up front. They were on the front foot from the kick off, and the opening goal from Giroud was a very clinical finish from the Frenchman after an excellent run by Monreal.

The second was again assisted by Monreal but this time with just two touchs after Ospina threw it out, one through ball from him and a lovely lob from Ramsey. Excellent pass and excellent finish.

The third one before half time was a lot scrappier with Elneny’s shot getting a massive deflection from a WSW defender to give the keeper no chance at all…

In the second half the first surprising change was the arrival of Martinez in place of Ospina, and then the Gunners nearly made it 4-0 with a smashing shot from Elneny again but it came back of the bar.

On the hour mark though WSW got one back from a freekick just 6 yards from the goal-line through Lustica, who smashed in the rebound.

Five minutes later Wenger changed the whole outfield team, with Neketiah, Willock, Kolasinac, Coquelin, Bielik, Ozil, Walcott, BFG, Herd and Thwaite come on. The new XI looked very lively and full of energy, and Mertesacker got a couple of chances to increase our lead, but it is looking like we are going to end up losing the second half although we have been in command for most of it.

Right at the death Walcott nearly made it four then immediately Neketiah hit the post but it just won’t go in the net. Arsenal kept peppering the WSW goal but it was frustrating in the end.

Another good work out for the Gunners and now we can go on to much harder games ahead….



  1. The woodwork got more action than I did last night.

  2. Sometimes it’s easier to say Walcot misses a lot of goal scoring opportunities, but the positive sides of him is he is always on positions. I often see him in that position where the ball need the net rather than any other player.

        1. He’d be an excellent winger – If he could pass/cross to a high standard – Could maneuver in and around players bringing the ball with him (he can rarely change direction without knocking the ball straight ahead) – Had a deft first touch in general – Made attempts to win the ball at all-times he’s best positioned to do so.

          With his goals along with sometimes clever movement e.g. diagonal runs – he needs an awful lot more to his repertoire than that, oh yeah and his pace (in ____ lines and without the ball) Speed is one thing, but it’s properly measured with the ball at their feet, that’s why Henry seemed the fastest man in football. His top speeds (at times) have been beaten by Bellerin, Ljungberg, Walcott and Cole, but never with a football at their feet. I could say similar about Bellerin that I did Walcott. He is super fast but it’s usually in a straight line and the ball knocked well ahead of him.

  3. Good game from the boys. I guess the team will take the next game more seriously. It feels good having these guys knowing we also have some good guys who did not travel with the team like Sanchez, Holding and Mustafi. I really don’t want to read too much meaning into the Giroud and Lacazette stuff.

    1. The celebration thing..Its was glaringly obvious.
      But we’ve got Lacazette now.. and nothing can change that!

  4. Why was Lacazette being played on the wing?He’s not that kind of player.He prefers try to linkup with players ahead of him and hardly tries to dribble.He should have been played in the centre where he’smost effective with his finishing and movement.We him to get to top form and to gel with the team.He’s our hope this season no matter who leaves.Also I watched only the second half of the game but what’s this I’m hearing about Giroud not passing to Lacazette or refusing his handshake?I hope what I’m hearing is not true.A lot of our players are still here due to Wenger’s kindness and if those players don’t show respect they must be shown the door.I was very impressed with Nketiah and Joe Willock today.I wanted to see more of Malen though.

    1. Truth is they exchanged passes a couple of times.
      But the celebration thing was too obvious… hope it sparks “healthy” competition btw them both … (hoping he stays)I need Giroud to be angry and fired up this season.

      1. Giroud should have been our second striker since we bought him. I remember thinking this is better, we have a plan be who’ll give us that something different, himself and Robin will make us contenders. Then Arsene gets his plan B and makes him our plan A. That’s why I wanted Giroud gone even now, because it’s been so long and Arsene doesn’t see things the same way as most others. I feel another top striker of a different kind would be better, not too different, having height and aerial power would be nice ..but he needs to have legs. We done similar with Alexis that we done with Giroud, we missed an excellent opportunity to have an array of different tactics by surrounding them with the right or best suited individuals. With Giroud we didn’t even have one excellent crosser of the ball. With Alexis, he’s so different to everyone else, we missed out not having other players who can hunt in a pack alongside him, going for the jugular when defenders are trying to bring it out. It all seems too little too late. Arsene seems to be chucking away a few cards and picking up some new ones, but am not sure what he has in mind.

    2. I think Wenger was just trying Giroud, and Lacazette out at the same time to see if it would work, but not for me, unless we went with two upfront like how France do. Like you, I missed the first half, but Giroud, and Lacazette not getting on?

      1. Arsenal is a one man up top team so I expect that to continue and for our style of play it should.I hope Laca on the wing and Giroud up top won’t be the signs of many things to come this season.I heard that Giroud refused his handshake and even refused passing to him during the match.I don’t know how true it is though.Until I verify for myself I can’t really say much about that.

        1. Yeah I agree, we’re better with one upfront. Don’t want to see a £50 million striker playing on the frigging wing! Giroud should be a super sub, and Europa League, at most.

          1. Giroud is one the best goal scorers we have. Of course he should be out there. If Laca is also one of our best goal scorers he should be out there as well. Pretty simple. I saw the replays and Laca was in front of goal numerous times.

            1. That’s the problem, your first sentence.

              No he should not be out there – unless you mean it’s pre-season so fitness is on the agenda.

    3. Arsenal need to sell Giroud as soon as possible if we need Laca to perform, otherwise not only laca will be played out of position, he will lower his confidence because Giroud don’t like him and Arsene will want to play both so he assumes keeping both of them happy.

      I rambert a case of Torres and Didier Drogba, Chelsea did the same mistake, buying Torres and retaining Drogba

    4. Giroud is one of Wenger’s pets and Wenger loves playing players out of their best positions (Ramsey on the wing for example). The only way Giroud and Lacazette can play in the same team is with Lacazette out wide since Giroud can only play in the center.

  5. We need to get a better winger than Walcott to make him improve.
    Walcott needs to fight for his place and give us a reason why he deserves his high salary.

    Whether its Mbappe, Lemar, Mahrez or whomever

    Also, wouldn’t it be awesome if we got Matic?
    Our team would be complete with a top DM

  6. I know that it is preseason but this team is very weak we are weak in the Midfield area and the wing if a team put pressure on us we have nowhere to go lack of skill technical ability passing Vision in the Midfield what it we were playing against Tottenham Hotspur do you think Sanchez would make the defence bellerin or mustafi we still need at least three player

    1. Jamaicaarsenal what are you smoking . REALLY our midfield lacks vision, skill and technical ability, do you even watch Arsenal play. We have these qualities in spades what we lack is a hard nut midfielder who ain’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I can’t believe you even wrote that mate SERIOUSLY HAVE YOU EVER WATCHED ARSENAL PLAY.

    2. Sadly u are right though won’t be appreciated here …. None of wingers .. Other than Sanchez .. can run at and destabilise defences in way a top team needs that includes the whippet welbeck iwobi and ox ( at least consistently in his case) .. So yes another attacking option imperative even if Sanchez stays. …

  7. Makes a change to see Lamppost sticking his nose up in the air instead of his tongue ?? Wtf was that about, Blanking Lacazette? ? ? Sell him, Take the £30 million from Everton and put towards Mahrez.

    1. I hope we sign Riyad Mahrez I really do.When he’s on form he’s very very dangerous.He might not be the most hardworking but if he plays to his best that’ll be ignored.The guy also has hunger more than ever to succeed in a top club and I believe this is the best time to sign him.If we make a good bid I can see him forcing Leicester to sell since we know currently he’s not worth £50.We really need a left footed player like him in our team.

  8. I know this Matic rumors are too good to be true… but if we somehow manage to pull off that miracle… it will be the best transfer window ever!!! #defenseWinsTitles

  9. Giroud said on his previous interview how he’s an arsenal player at the moment and will remain professional? That’s not what I just saw on the pitch you arrogant pr*ck! Sell him!
    I knew it wouldn’t work why would we expect two players competing for the same international spot to get on and be best friends.
    Giroud #1 for France and sees the new boy come in for big money and knows he’ll likely push him pit of the club and take his France place. Only way to compete fairly is at different clubs.
    I hope you saw that wenger, giroud needs to be gone before our season proper starts.
    You want a from the bench big man tyres for Lorente!

    1. dude he just didnt saw lacazette and even if he saw him a lot of players have a celebration in their mind after scoring and he just wanted to do that… chill out.. you guys are like the media.. over-interpreting

  10. I like Giroud as a player, he has had my support, but I also feel his attitude and behavior was that of a spoilt/arrogant child towards Lacazzete. After he scored the goal today, Laca was going to high five him, Giroud just went away. Thats not what i expected from him.

  11. U dont have to like someone to play football with them. Was it Andy Cole and Sheringham that didn’t get on? But managed to win a few titles. I don’t care if they hate each other with a vengeance as long as I am celebrating the league title come May.

    1. I wonder if John Terry and Wayne Bridge would’ve played normally together had Wayne played for Chelsea when Wayne found out about Vanessa’s pregnancy and abortion lol

  12. In any case I am certain that the reason they didn’t high 5 was bcos another player beat lacazette to it.

  13. Lacazette has a really nice smile
    Just saw a photo of him sitting next to Mertsacker in a plane
    Really attractive smile

  14. @atid.
    Tell yourself that if it makes you feel better but that’s true Lacazette was first on the scene to Giroud and he subtly turned his head so not to make eye contact. He can then say after “ignored him? Oh no of course not I didn’t see him” yep taking a line out of wengers book.

  15. How come no mention of Elneny?!! The man everyone wrote off just because Wenger decided not to use him well end of last season. I still see real class in him and today he had a stand out performce and I’m pretty sure he will play an important role this season

    1. Elneny not only played well at cb, but also showed the benefit of shooting at goal from outside the penalty area. This is something Arsenal do not do enough of. His goal took a lucky wicked deflection. His later shot was beautifully struck, beat the keeper but unfortunately hit the bar.
      Elmeny and others should be encouraged to shoot, if the opportunity arises.

      1. Good thing you mentioned that because Elneny in particular is a very good long range shooter and I know that in his FC Basel days he used to spend a couple of hours after each training session working on his shooting skills and that helped him alot become an important attacking factor for them yet for someone he was discouraged from shooting after joining Arsenal yet it seems he wants to make a name for himself so he started practicing again because that beautiful curler in 2nd half was no fluke and comes with practice so hope this carries on to the new season and spread to other players

  16. Giroud acted like a spoilt little brat tonight, left the stadium about 30 mins ago and I couldn’t believe it when I saw it, I had to watch the replay on the big screen. Why was Lacazette on the wing in the 1st place . Anyways I’m just pumped that I got to watch my beloved Arsenal live for the 1st time this week. Absolutely incredible to finally be at a Gunners game live . Even if it was against A. League opposition.

    1. Lacazette can play on both wings too
      Wenger wants to see how he copes there i guess
      Giroud can’t. He doesn’t have the pace that Lacazette does

  17. I don’t think Laca was really playing on the wing, it was more like an inside forward which to explain to a lot of you young pups on here, left or right of the centre forward in the old 2-3-5 formation of a while go.
    As for the conspiracy theory about him and Giroud, they did pass to each other and I think it’s all something and nothing really. Anyway I don’t think Giroud will be with us at the start of the season.
    Elneny had a good game and Monreal was excellent but I was a little disappointed with a lot of the others.

  18. people should watch Arsenal recent interview laca and kos. When asked who helped him the most settling in it was Coq, Giroud, Koss and others

    people just love drama huh

  19. So wenger states we havnt bid for mbappe ?

    So currently we hav one decent player and a free one
    Hmmm is this all hype and another window of disappointment??

  20. Wow what a good bunch of youngsters for the future. Some of the passes from Bielik were amazing. Eddie Nkeitiah very cool on ball, a star for the very near future. With Nelson and co, I’m confident we have the new class of 92/17. COYG

  21. Admin
    I have just watched the highlight right now. Caution to the Guriod haters. No snub to Laca at all. Guriod had already turned and was looking high up when Laca came almost behind him.
    Arsenal is a club with class. Both players are different and useful and above all are our asset

  22. I feel having two strikers from Same country is a disaster waiting to happen. For France Giroud ahead of Lacazette while at Arsenal, Lacazette ahead of Giroud unless things change. But for now that’s how things stand.

  23. I was at the game tonight and i can put to bed the rumours of giroud and laca not passing to each other. Laca has proven that he is capable of being selfless playing smart balls even when there is an opportunity at goal (albeit a small one). At the end of the day this was a pre season match against a mediocre team but there are a lot of positives to be taken from it. The young up and comers have a plethora of potential and ozil showed glimpses of the classy intelligent player he is. Laca is an asset and ramsey in this new formation is a different player. Looking forward to see what this team produces because it is full of potential and absolute class

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