Xhaka: ‘Arsenal have proven we have the fight to compete’

Granit Xhaka believes that Arsenal are showing the doubters that his side have the fight and aggression needed to succeed after some tough times of late.

The Gunners were criticised for lacking ‘cojones’ recently when Watford came from behind to steal all three points a couple of weeks ago, but we have since enjoyed our own reversals, coming from a goal down to win in each of our last three games.

Granit Xhaka now claims that those results have shown exactly what Arsenal are made of, despite the challenges they are currently facing.

“It’s the third time in a week that the team have come from behind to win, that says a lot about this team,” Xhaka stated.

“Lots of people talk about the character of our team, that it’s not right and that we need to do more. But we always show that we can come back.

“Today we were 1-0 down, last week we were 1-0 down, but we turned the games around and that shows the character of this team.

“The manager told us at half-time that we had to give more, that we had to be more aggressive and play quicker.

“You have to pay compliments to Swansea – they stood deep in the first half and were good defensively. In the second half, we played as we know we can and it was very important for us to win.”

As much as we have shown the fight needed to come from behind in our previous outings, I can’t help but hope we don’t go behind in any of our coming matches, with two tough opponents coming up in the next seven days.

Trailing to Manchester City may well see us come unstuck next weekend, but I’m certainly happy that our team is playing with the desire and intensity needed to turn these sort of matches around.

Do our players and manager deserve more credit for their recent results?

Pat J

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  1. I hate the way we conceded easy goals so many times. Other wise it is good to came back behind and win the game which is needed one.

  2. Hahaha if this is what he thinks it takes to compete then we are doomed. How about you pass to a team mate and we don’t go a goal down in the first place

    1. Does Arsenal have an eternal right not to concede a goal or lose a game? It would appear that some fans are so miserable in their association with the club that they invest so much in negativity. So much that even if the team wins they complain.

      1. The reality – poor game against Watford, then Everton was a farce despite the score line the defending was pathetic. The league cup was a farce again and at the weekend was nothing to write home about.

        I watched all those games as a fan and I’m fine with that. However coming out with nonsense like this is just insulting the intelligence of fans. No there isn’t character. That is the only thing that is actually lacking because the quality of players is ok for the most part

      2. The Analyser, And why exactly do you suppose many fans are so negative? When you have spent years seeing the same failed systems(if you can call it a SYSTEM) CONSTANTLY FAIL AND YET THE MANAGER KEEPS ON REPEATING THE SAME OLD MISTAKES AND MAKING THE SAME ERRORS OF MISJUDGEMENT, WHAT ELSE CAN YOU REASONABLY EXPECT?

  3. Cech is real costing us recently all the goals he is in fault why he is always going out on his sticks ??? This is real worries alot, He gave away a goal for Everton and for Swansea. I do not know whether age is catches him up his thinking is very poor Monreal was even angry when he passed the ball instead he wants to dribbled .

    Team needs to avoid concede goals and thinking that they will come back is better to be safe, I wish we beat man city and break their winning. Sanchez needs to show up and score against man city otherwise he will be judge on that. Hope Pep won’t contact him before the game and he must stop give him love hugs to confuse him . Look at Oxlain for Liverpool how he costed us? That we do not need it to Sanchez otherwise if he does not perform on man city Wenger will bench him. Why Wenger keeps on subbing Lacazette that is not good at all. The goal Sead scored it came from him through back heel to Ozil to Sead. He works so hard for the team

    All the best for the team , let us support them.

  4. But why do we always have to wait until we’re losing, or the second half, or the second leg (if in Europe) before we start showing some fighting spirit? A good manager would get the players fighting for victory from the very start of games!

    1. True . He would but he doesn’t , so he isn’t good. It really is that simple, as you and I certainly know full well.

  5. We nid FIGHT in the teams above us and as long as that is not happening their is no fight in these team.. City and spuds next lets see that … Stand to be corrected but not beaten spuds in the last 5/6 games and i even dont consider them a big team

  6. It is nice to win but the Everton and Swansea games show nothing. Both are relegation candidates. We crumbled against Watford 2 weeks ago and Xhaka himself has proved that in the tough games he goes most missing. We would be a much better team without this spineless jelly of a player. Cocquelin or Wilshire over Xhaka every time.

  7. If I were Xhaka , and therefore lucky to be paid so much for so little, I would shut up about “how good at comebacks the team is”, since it is in no way any thanks to him that we came back. But that we were down in the first place WAS very much his fault. He is like an old granny, stranded half way across a busy road with fast traffic coming both ways; an accident waiting to happen. A more mistake ridden costly purchase for player I can’t ever remember!

  8. kolasinac Is the real fire in the team. Henry was the last after Vieira left us.

    It is seriously individual fighting spirit rather than collective team spirit that saved us for those last few matches.

    Some of the players are seriously still below par. They should take up responsibility rather than hiding behind kolasinac.

    Stand up and be counted.

  9. Too much negativity…….pessimistic………..Arsenal has not peaked yet……the guys and technical team we have now ……is all we have till the next transfers………SO FOLKS LET’S GET BEHIND THE TEAM……..CRITICISE WHEN THEY ARE BAD……….BUT PLEASE DO NOT CRUSH THEM…………..They are humans first then professionals second………..go too hard on them and you are possibly crushing their confidence………….at the end of the day we still have a long ways to May…………SUPPORT THE TEAM……

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