Xhaka: Arsenal need to give it their all to succeed this year

Granit Xhaka has claimed that Arsenal need to show they are willing to give it their all this year to try and end a 13-year spell of not winning the league.

The Swiss international joined from Borussia Monchengladbach this summer, and is already making an impression on Gunners fans, as well as being touted as a potential Arsenal captain in the future.

Xhaka has scored two long-range efforts in recent weeks, and look likely to hang onto his first-team role from midweek, with Francis Coquelin still ruled out with injury.

Despite only arriving in recent months, he is already talking up a potential title charge, but believes luck will be needed to get them there this season.

For now however, he is simply hoping his side can continue their positive form against Burnley, as they look to go into the international break on a high.

He said: ‘It’s probably too early to say but we’re having a really positive phase and that’s something that we’re happy with.

‘We need to do the same against Burnley on Sunday, we need to approach the game in the same way and make sure we go into the international break still in this positive phase.’

He added: ‘We obviously want to have a consistently good season and show the fans that we’re going to give absolutely everything in every game.

‘Of course to do that we’re going to need a bit of luck along the way but we’re really going to give our all to have a successful season.’

How much luck do we need to bridge the gap at the top of the table? Are we contenders this year?

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  1. Xhaka is already talking like a seasoned Arsenal veteran. I think he is going to make a BIG difference to our fortunes this season.

  2. Definitely a future captain maybe even next season. Unless Coquelin recovers and puts him back on the bench.

    How good is it to have two such players fighting for one place?

  3. It’s very disturbing to read that Santi hasn’t been offered a new contract yet his current deal runs out in June next year,with him being a deep lying midfielder he could play for Arsenal until the age of 36 barring injuries

    1. Ireckon Xhaka will grow to be just as good as Santi.
      And how many more years will we get out of him?

      1. @Admin
        As good as Santi ? Santi is a genius , it will be great if that happen .

        Thank goodness Robert Pires who went to Villarreal and called Mr Wenger telling him about this magician he plays with that has got unbelievable quality.

        Santi is poetry in motion . Small little man but u can’t come near him. He got injured and we collapsed as a team last season. Kante , matic n fabregers couldn’t even come near him.
        cazorla is the brain of our team. People who even suggest that Cazorla be dropped , don’t see the game at all. Give this man a contract Arsene quick quick quick.
        I don’t care if Santi gets injured , put him on the same wages as Ozil and Sanchez. He shouldn’t be even a penny lesser than them .
        Santi is our brain . Very important player

        1. In the modern day football Santi is the closest thing to Xavi n iniesta at dictating play, if not level

    2. Santi shouldn’t just be given s new contract . He should be up there with Ozil Sanchez and Theo ,
      This guy got injured and we looked clueless at times on the pitch.

      I am want him up there with ozil Sanchez . The best news will be and announcements by the club saying all three players have signed.
      Truth be told, we shall not sign any player better than this three players . Ozil and Sanchez will cost £100,000,000 in the present market.

      1. I think Ozil we’d get fifty, maybe more depending who wanted him. For Alexis I’m thinking 60 to 70, giving the prices strikers are going for these days you’d probably say forget about the sixty. And there’s some clubs that if they had had these players you’d probably need to come with quite a bit more money than those prices.

  4. Xhaka has s great attitude and would be a top player for the club. But he has to work harder than we think. That Coquelin energ and harassment means he starts most games.
    I can’t believe am saying this but if xhaka was £34 million then I won’t sell coquelin for anything less than £50 millions .

    U see what ozil did to Ngolo Kante? Coq would have blocked him. Coq is the most underrated player at the club and he will press the entire opposition . Am so glad Coq is fit. I first heard Coquelin was out till 2017. I almost collapsed .

    Having Coq n xhaka . Young n quality . What a time to be alive. Hopefully Ramsey comes back from injury soon.

    November will be tough so it’s important to hv everyone back so we have a better November instead of collapsing .

  5. I was thinking on this future captain business the other day and I think it won’t be too long before we get one that will at least be a proper captain when compared to some who we’ve put up with throughout the years. The thing is though if you were to ask me right now who do I see that captain being, my answer would be Mustafi. I heard another pundit touch on the subject, saying between he and Kos it is Mustafi giving the instruction, and Kos leading by example. I’ve also heard many people say that they see Xhaka being our future captain all day long. I think it’s still very early to tell for sure and I’m not disputing anything, but I believe it will be Mustafi. Also while I’m on the subject, I’ve seen more than a couple players this season pointing players toward something before giving out instruction, we’ll need this for sure.

  6. I think Wenger thinks that he doesn’t need Santi because we have so many younger players in Xhaka, Coquelin, Eleney, Wilshere, Ramsey

    I hope this isn’t true because quality should determine whether you keep someone and Cazorla is still the best in his position. Cazorla and Ozil are our best central midfielders

    It would be bonkers to let Cazorla go
    This isn’t an Arteta/Flamini situation
    Cazorla is fantastic

    Please give Cazorla another contract

  7. if someone really appreciates santi is has to be mr wenger for sure!!the guy loves this type of players remember what he said about ozil a while back”if you love football you love ozil”im not worried about it i think that as soon as we sign alexia&ozil santi will be the next one in line in getting a new improved contract i,d like to think that if well managed if you could play for us for another 3 years at least look at tr7 injuries were his problem otherwise he still had the quality to play for us in his last years!

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