Xhaka backs Aubameyang to bounce back “better than before”

The Arsenal midfielder Granit Xhaka is definitely a ‘Marmite’ player when discussed by Gooners, especially since he was stripped of his captaincy a couple of years ago after giving Arsenal fans ‘the bird’.

He was also dropped by Unai Emery and he was scheduled to leave the Emirates before Mikel Arteta took over and persuaded the Swiss international to stay and fight for his place back in the team.

Xhaka did stay, and is now one of the first names on Arteta’s team sheet when he is fit enough to play, and he believes that Aubameyang can do the same thing when he returns to the squad. Xhaka told the Athletic: “I have been in this situation and know how Auba is feeling.

“Mine is a different story with different problems but maybe sometimes this is not a step back but a step forward.

“I think Auba is strong enough and has enough experience to come back and be better than before.

“It doesn’t have to bring you down. You have to be positive and believe you can turn it around. And I believe Auba can do that.”

Xhaka also admits that he thinks that the ‘Group of Captains’ is a far more modern way to run the team, and of course Arteta regards him to be in that bracket: “The idea of a captain and vice-captain is old school. I don’t believe it’s enough to have only two or three leaders in the squad.

“It’s much better if you involve more players in the leadership group because everyone brings a different opinion.

“Alex Lacazette is our captain and at the moment he is the right man. He’s a very important person on and off the pitch.

“He’s a lovely boy, he has a lot of respect from the other players and a lot of experience. You need a player like this.”

So, our ex-outcast is backing Auba to come back stronger. Do you think the Gabon hitman can even win back his place in the team when he returns from AFCON?

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  1. Difference with xhaka and auba was that regardless of what we think of xhaka as a player he has a fighting spirit and there’s no doubt that he gives his all whereas Auba just seems too laid back and comfortable and it comes across like he doesn’t care. I think its too late and the Auba of 2 seasons ago is finished

    1. Yep, I believe Auba has played his last game for Arsenal, it is now whether we can get him off the huge wages which could free the money up potential transfers

  2. “I think Auba is strong enough and has enough experience to come backand be better than before”.

    Granit Xhaka speaking about the recently deposed (for lack of effort and effectiveness) captain, Auba.

    Even by Xhakas standards of misjudgement, which in the field are legendary for their foolishness, this laughable misjudgement makes many of his red card tackles look well judged by comparison.


  3. If you think xhaka is daft @jon fox, why don’t you try to do what he does and let’s see how you fair. I admit Xhaka can be annoying sometimes but the comment above is a little too much. We need to learn how to tune down our opinions without unbiased emotions

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