Xhaka criticised for swapping Arsenal for Bayer Leverkusen

Granit Xhaka’s move from Arsenal to Bayer Leverkusen has come as a surprise to many Arsenal fans.

Since joining Arsenal, Xhaka has been a key player for the club, and his importance grew further under the management of Mikel Arteta.

Despite the trust placed in him by Arteta, Xhaka has made the decision to join Bayer Leverkusen, where he will be reunited with former player and current manager Xabi Alonso. Arsenal now feels confident that they have adequately replaced him with the signings of Declan Rice and Kai Havertz.

However, not everyone is pleased with Xhaka’s choice to leave the Emirates for Leverkusen. Blick journalist Christian Finkbeiner criticized the midfielder in his column, suggesting that the arrival of Rice could have presented a new challenge for Xhaka to conquer, particularly with one year remaining on his contract. Instead, Finkbeiner contends that Xhaka has opted to “resign as a club legend with a standing ovation.”

This indicates that there are differing opinions among fans and pundits regarding Xhaka’s departure from Arsenal and the timing of his decision.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Xhaka would not get another long-term deal at Arsenal, so it is smart that he has agreed to leave the club now.

After a superb season, there might not be a better time for him to leave and he would now play in a league with less intensity and fewer expectations.

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  1. His personal choice, lets respect it. He was no leech demanding 350K for a goal and an assist per season. He gave his best although there are bench marks for our club. No fuss, no drama, came out of the bad patch very well, so lets wish him and his family the very best, and if we get to see him again at the Emirates, lets cheer him once the final whistle is blown once more.

  2. Thanks for the memories, Xhaka, but no thanks. Xhaka and Arsenal legend shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. If that’s his best, I wouldnt want to see his worst. Because he gave us one good season in seven years, having thrown the armband and basically having told our fans to shove off and keep jogging. He contributed to our Champions League by being complicit to the 10-2 aggregate defeat to Bayern Munich which was our arguably our most humiliating European defeat. Then, other than our title challenge last season (which he helped bottle) he couldn’t help us get back into the Champions League. And then there is the brainless red cards with his rush of blood to his head and his seeing red the mist due to a complete lack of mental disciple.
    Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira, Adams, etc. are Arsenal Legends. But Xhaka? Don’t make me laugh.
    We are the Arsenal. Let’s have some standards, people.
    Xhaka never was and never will be an Arsenal legend.

    1. What are you smoking at? Arsenal players in 1979 most regarded as legends because they won 1979 FA cup. Xhaka won FA cup twice with us. He has already been a legend to us whether you like it or not.

    2. Bro thank you people dont understand this Guy is toxic thats why didnt win shit with him at the club. Man he always been the bad now he was okay and the guy is a legend no legend throws an armband and the shirt. Bye bye xhaka forgotten not missed in my book

        1. I was just correcting you on your false claim that “we didn’t win shit with him at the club”.

          For me, no sports person is a legend/hero. I save those terms for people that save lives.

          Btw, seeing as I was the only son in my family, I’m not your bro ☺

    3. Gunner Esquire, so by going on your logic concerning what isn’t a club legend, neither Ian Wright and Patrick Vieira aren’t legends.

  3. Totally respect his decision to return to Germany with also much consideration to his wife and family. We already have his replacement in Kai Havertz and let’s hope he can improve on Xhaka’s decent goals and assists of last season. Anyway, good luck Xhaka in the next chapter of your career.

  4. He finished on a high after 7 years service. Why a German journalist should think that at 30ish Xhaka needs to be challenged further at Arsenal I don’t understand. He and Arteta would have discussed the future and I think that wouldn’t have featured GX an awful lot. Family is also important so good luck to them on their return to Germany

  5. The timely departure of Granite Xhaka has resulted in a truly beautiful story, that only could be better had we wrestle away that big jug from the Citizens.

    Want to wish you and your young family health and happiness

  6. Every person has their ups qmd downs in life. Granit is no different, but criticizing him now is not the way to go. After the turnaround, we’ve seen a player that fought for the shirt with everything. you could see he was sorry and wanted to five back and really did. I’m sure the decision to leave was not just his and we should respect that. He’s now a legend among Arsenal fans and we will definitely miss him. Wishing him and family all the best hope to see him back at the Emirates in the future maybe as a Manager one day.

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