Granit Xhaka – “For anyone who’s interested: I’m vaccinated”

There has been speculation that Granit Xhaka would not be able to travel with the Arsenal squad for their tour of the USA due to his problem with Switzerland at the Euros when it was revealed that he was the only one in the Swiss team that had not been vaccinated.

But nowadays a lot of countries that will not allow anyone in that is not fully vaccinated, including the USA, but now Xhaka has given an interview to newsbeezer where he was asked about his publicity surrounding his Covid status, and he revealed: I believe that every person should decide for themselves whether they want to be vaccinated or not. When it became public that I was not vaccinated, I was surprised by the reaction of many people. Thank God I’m strong enough to handle it. I agree that we footballers need to be role models, but I don’t think that you can only be a role model if you’re vaccinated. And for anyone who’s interested: I’m vaccinated. But actually I don’t want to talk about Corona or vaccination anymore. I’m not a doctor, I’m not a politician, I’m a footballer.

So that should clear up any ongoing rumours about his Covid status, and should stop any further speculation….


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    1. Somewhat like articles and comments on here blaming Liverpool supporters for the agro at the CL final, who have now been totally vindicated by the French authorities who have also confirmed the police kettled the fans and tear gassed them for no reason. The story about there being tens of thousands of forged tickets also debunked. Locals were the stadium invaders and doing the fighting and robbing. Will we see apologies? I doubt it. Some people need to hang their heads in shame!

      1. I’ve been waiting for Dan to write an article responding to this Declan – will we see one?

        1. I doubt it, but if we do get one it will likely be countered with excuses for making such outrageous accusations.

      2. Declan, i did try to put some sort of perspective as to what went on that night in Paris, from the horses mouth and some people didn’t want to believe it and still think they know better. I have seen no apology either.

  1. Xhaka agrees “we need to be role models” hahaha this guy is a comedian,how many times has he been booked,sent off,done dirty fouls,etc etc and of course insulted AFC and the fans when he was unfortunately captain with his disgraceful actions.
    Mate,wake up you are certainly no role model !

    1. So you think the fans who abused him and threatened his family are role models as Arsenal fans? Never in a million years!!!!

      Why do certain fans believe they can say and do anything they want, but start crying and bubbling over with self righteous indignation, when they get it thrown back at them?

      I applaud Xhaka and Bellerin for being man enough to give as good as they got and, if you can’t stand the heat, then stay out of the kitchen.

      By your reckoning, every professional player who has committed fouls, been booked, or sent off can’t be classed as a role model?

      So where does that leave Patrick Vieria, Tony Adams, Dennis Bergkamp, David Beckham, Ronaldo, Messi etc etc etc?

      1. I should have added that Arsenal were so affected by his behaviour, they offered him a new contract – what a trouble maker he is!!!!

    2. @Stan Adams
      You guys have got to stop this unwarranted abuse and disrespect toward Xhaka.
      The venomous attitude some of you have had towards him all because you think he is average is unwarranted..

      The guy has been a hard worker for us, his hard work might not be good enough but that should never be a good enough reason to humiliate and continually disrespect him. He has never put our club into disrepute as for example Ozil etc.. Xhaka has been an honest hardworking, no nonsense excuses type of player.. He is above average talent-wise but should that warrant the pure disregard for him.

      Need to start using your balanced rationality and stop going by just your feelings / emotions when accessing situations.. Take the bias out first..

  2. No matter what I love Xhaka. Football is a game of contact and he plays with his heart. No doubting him

    1. emeka frederick, such a darn pity that your boy xhaka ,has never learned to play with his feet, as opposed to his heart, as you put it !.we shall never win anything with this slowly ticking timebomb in our team,he, as far as i am concerned, is the one reason that we are struggling,he is unable to play a forward pass, and, on top of that, he cannot tackle. so ,yeah, he plays with his heart, yeah right.

  3. Looked at some stats from “Tribuna” where they compared Xhaka, Pogba, Henderson, Gundogen and Kante last season as an average.
    Here they are in the order of the players as listed :

    90.2 – 83.0 – 87.3 – 91.7 – 86.5

    23.5 – 17.1 – 30.3 – 14.0 – 17.0

    11.0 – 9.7 – 8.0 – 17.2 – 9.2

    1.8 – 1.8 – 1.3 – 1.2 – 3.4

    7.3 – 7.1 – 8.9 – 9.5 – 8.2

    0.7 – 1.3 – 0.8 – 1.9 – 1.0

    I thought this gives an indication of what he actually does on the field of play and, interestingly, how Gundogen is miles ahead of everyone with those back passes – could that be down to the style of play Pep plays, where ball retention is the first objective?

    Mikel, of course, was understudy to Pep, so perhaps that’s where we see Xhaka following the instructions of the manager?

    Food for thought!?!?


    It has all the hallmark of a lie, to my keenly suspicious mind.
    IF he truly were vaccinated, he wouold not be reluctant to expand further on how many times and how long ago was his last jab.

    People who clam up, in my life experience, often, even usually, have something they would rather not reveal. THAT is what I believe is the TRUTH with Xhaka.

      1. That is accurate Sue, unless there is a medical exception which I don’t see why he would have this. Doesn’t make sense to call him a liar about this…

        1. Mr Fox has gone too far in his insults here. It is inappropriate to suggest that Xhaka is a liar unless one has good evidence to support this view. It is also unfair to refer to other fans as “gullible”.
          There are many who accept that Xhaka has certain weaknesses in his game. That does not mean his character should be impugned in the way some fans seem so keen to do.

      2. Sue P. My point actually IS that while Xhaka may be jabbed , it may be only once and I submit he is, for whatever reason(s), – thus arousing my suspicion , based on a life long study of our shared human condition- he plainly is unwilling to expand on that claimed vaccination and thus my opinion that he is hiding something.

        That is rather different Sue, from your briefer interpretation of what I actually and PRECISELY wrote. Wouldnt you agree?

    1. @Jon Fox” seems to have fallen into the same biased / angry and triggered trap as his opponents on here..

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