Xhaka gives lifelong Arsenal fans the best gift after cancelled Wolves game

Granit Xhaka has offered an Arsenal fan and his wife the chance to watch the Gunners face Manchester City on New Year’s day after they planned to watch the game against Wolves before the Premier League postponed it.

Arsenal announced via Twitter yesterday that the EPL has called the game against Wolves off.

One fan, named Jack Robinson, reacted to their tweet and shared how he had booked a ticket for the match six months back and had wanted to attend it with his wife, only for it to get called off.

Xhaka saw the tweet and incredibly offered them the chance to watch the team play against City as reported by Football London.

According to the report, he messaged Robinson on Instagram saying:

“Hi Jack, I just got home from the game and I have seen your tweets that you and your wife were flying over from America for our game against Wolves.

“I could see you were upset about the game being cancelled as you had waited a long time to fly over to watch us. If you are still in London on the 1st Arsenal vs Manchester City game as my guest to thank you for your dedication to Arsenal. Would that be good for you?”

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This is an incredible gesture from Xhaka and shows he is a very kind individual.

The Swiss midfielder hasn’t convinced all the Arsenal fans with his performances for the club, they also stripped him of the captain’s armband in 2019.

However, he shows with his gesture that he is an excellent human and more fans will love him for it.

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  1. Amazing gesture from Xhaka, simply amazing. Extraordinary offer from him considering the disgusting comments some people posted about his wife and child.

    Kind acts of generosity and charity from players get overlooked too often. They are people too, and at times we are blinded to their humanity and view them solely as a product of their performances.

    I confess I am guilty of that simplicity on too many occasions.

    I may criticize his performances, but I have learned something of his character from this article. The kindness and sincerity in his reply is remarkable.

    1. Durand No not amazing at all. It is a very kind gesture but to call it “amazing” is to express surprise and I PERSONALLY AM NEVER SURPRISED AT MANY RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS BY HUNANS FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE, INCLUDING FOOTBALLERS.

      Why should any fan consider that great act of kindness to be “amazing”!?

      It is inspiring certainly and a lovely thing to do but to be accurate with words, NOT amazing at all.

      1. Jon,
        I thought I explained that in my first paragraph. It is correct in it’s proper context, I’ll explain it for you.

        I am “surprised” at his outreach, after he gave the finger to booing fans, and considering how some fans treated him and his family.

        His proposal was a “surprise” to me.

        It was “amazing” to me as I explained and properly phrased.

        It is irrelevant whether you are “surprised” or not, only relevant that I, the writer am surprised.

        On further contextual review you will see that I am indeed correct.

        1. Durand i think jons thoughts are becoming more and more irrelevant as he seems to be just concerned about insulting people as well as disregarding peoples opinion as he does. So what if you think its amazing!!!! Thats your opinion!!!!!!

          1. I appreciate being corrected when I’m incorrect, that’s how we learn.

            Jon chose to be pedantic on this occasion, so I merely corrected him so he could learn.

            No insult to him intended, I’m sure he understands my attempt to be precise with my words.

            1. Durand, nobody and i mean nobody is precise with words. You say it as it comes. If someone wants to be pedantic over trivial things instead of seeing the bigger picture, thats rude. This site is about opinions thats all that matters, a few gramma or spelling mistakes dont matter a jot. Its YOUR opinion that counts.

        2. Durand I realise you as a USA citizen use some words in different meaning from we Brits.

          But on “amazing” you are incorreect and I AM CORRECT. Amaze means to overwhelm with wonder, to be astonished.

          That is why I challenged your misuse of it. In your first para, which you claim gives it context, second sentence, you are correct to say it is an extraordinary gesture considering what some were previously saying about his family.

          But that is irrelevant to how you misused the word “amazing”.
          Unless you can truthfully state that you were overwhelmed with woder or awe, then you are misusing that word. IF YOU WERE THUS “OVERWHELMED” , then you must have led a very sheltered life not to realise that many very rich players are extremely generous and can be very public spirited.

          I doubt that TRULY amazes you at all. I think, that as I do and many others doubtless will, you thought it a magnificent and generous act.

          No argument from me on that but I like to protect our rich langaue from those who misuse it.

          1. Whats with the agenda jon fox . We know you disagree with durand on most things and dislike xhaka, so no need to pull him up on such trivial things . Because it makes you look like a proper knob , best keep your opinions about football or something you actually have relevant opinions about , like being a sad depressing old stick in the mud .

  2. Perhaps some of our “fans” will now realise that players do read what is being said?

    Of course, for some that doesn’t change a thing, as they will go on abusing players and fellow fans from behind their desks – keypad warriors who cannot even be bothered to attend matches, even when they live just a stones throw from the ground.

    Imagine how this gesture makes the fan feel – truly amazed I would suggest.

    Well done Xhaka and shame on those who continually abuse him.

  3. Xhaka showed an act of human kindness to the American couple. I’m glad it was reported on JA as a means of reminding us all that whether you rate the man as a footballer or not, he did, at a personal level, act in the best possible way and brought some Christmas cheer

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