Xhaka is having a medical in Germany ahead of moving to Bayer Leverkusen

According to reports, Arsenal has reached an agreement to sell Granit Xhaka to Bayer Leverkusen. The completion of Arsenal’s move for Declan Rice is said to be the reason for the delay in finalising Xhaka’s transfer.

Xhaka is reportedly keen to return to Germany, where he was initially signed by Arsenal. A report from Bild suggests that the move is now progressing.

Arsenal has secured an agreement to bring Rice to their squad, pending a medical examination and finalising the paperwork. As per the report, Xhaka has been granted permission to undergo a medical at Leverkusen. He was spotted in Cologne, Germany, reportedly having a medical examination today.

This development strongly indicates that the transfer is imminent, and Bayer Leverkusen may soon announce the acquisition of Xhaka’s signature. Meanwhile, Arsenal continues to work towards completing their move for Declan Rice.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Xhaka has served us well and remains a player we probably still need, but the midfielder is leaving at the right time, as we have signed a capable replacement.

However, his departure means we have to rethink the decision to also sell Thomas Partey because losing two of them this summer will hurt.

They were the backbone of the team last season and our new signings must hit the ground running immediately after they join the group, otherwise we may struggle.

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  1. If the transfer goes through, I will miss his commitment, tenacity, leadership and downright pigheadiness.

    I can’t remember another player who made me hold my breath everytime he went in for a tackle (except for Eddie Clamp for us oldies!!).

    While never earning the title “Legend” he should be remembered with great fondness by the fans.

    Thanks for the memories Granit and good luck in Germany.

      1. That’s true Andrew!!
        Just reading his autobiography recommended by Herr Drier and some of the players he mentions, bring back some great memories.
        Can’t believe some of the antics he got up to after leaving football, but, from what I’ve read so far, he’s telling it as it is, warts and all.

        Writing this, I’ve just thought of another cruncher who Peter mentions in his book, our one and only left back Billy McCullough!!

    1. Indeed ken1945. It is confirmed he has left now and I do feel saddened by the loss of a player who alway gave everything and more for the club. I wish him all the best and thank him for his excellent service!

  2. Thanks for your service Granite man. OT; Steve Round has left Arsenal by mutual consent.

  3. Cheers Xhaka! Thanks for the passion you’ve always shown despite being played out of position for years! All the best…

  4. Auf wiedersehen Granit, und danke für die erimnerungen. Vile glück für die zukunft.

      1. Ahh, sorry, Deutsche is my second language.

        My original post said; Good bye Granit and thank you for the memories. Good luck for the future.

  5. “Am done with Arsenal, there was a contract on the table from another club, talk to wife Leonita, and we decided to leave,”

    To say his seven years at the club have been eventful would be an understatement.
    No player in my opinion has greater epitomized the turbulence in Arsenal recent fortunes than the swiss international.

    One of Xhaka outstanding attributes throughout his career, has been his availability, legend has it he’s the only player to make overv 50 appearances under each of the last three permanent Arsenal managers, not always perfect but always present.

    A natural born leader with a remarkable understanding of the game resulting in his excellent positioning, is really a trait not seen often, want to wish Xhaka and his family’s well.

  6. Terrible under Wenger and Emery, so huge respect goes to MA for getting some real quality performances from Xhaka.

    One of the greatest comebacks of all time?

    Good luck Granit for the future.

    1. He played 4 years under Arteta and he was just as awful,last season was moved up field out of harms way “greatest comebacks of all time ?”
      No he played we last season but still the same player .

      1. He still had some hot headed moments under MA, but a huge improvement in his performances overall.

        E.g. I remember under AW and UE, the amount of times Xhaka would be deep, play a risky square pass, often blind, and have it intercepted, getting us into huge trouble, yet MA eradicated this.

        To put it simply, almost everyone wanted him gone before MA arrived, yet now many are sad to see him go, whether personally, or his importance in the side, or both.

        1. Not sure how he could have been a huge improvement under Arteta as we finished 8-8-5 before last season when he played under the other 2 managers league position was better ,so your logic makes no sense as he was the main midfielder for the last 7 seasons
          Under Wenger and Emery we didn’t finish below 6th but when Arteta came in it was 8th it was only last season that he was moved more forward as we had no other options ,but it did t get us anywhere,no trophies won and still the same player ,
          Wish him well but hopefully now we can move forward from a player who was very limited.

          1. My logic is makes no sense? Do you not realise what you’ve just said?Your reasoning is ridiculous!

            It’s a team game, yet because of our league positions being worse under MA, therefore EVERY individual must have been worse under MA. You also indicate that Xhaka’s the sole reason behind our league positions?

            So using your own insane logic – Ozil was better under UE than AW, because Wenger left us in 6th, whereas UE finished 5th.

            To educate you on team sports. You can have rubbish players in good teams, and good players in rubbish teams.

            Xhaka was definitely worse before MA arrived, and if you’ve been watching Arsenal since he joined, you would agree.

  7. When Arteta took over he offered a clean slate and Xhaka, who I could have metaphorically speaking, throttled at times, turned his Arsenal career around under him.

    I didn’t think there would be a way back for Granit but he showed tremendous character and I wish him and his family well for the future now that his signing has been confirmed.

  8. I’m sure his Christian name is really “Granite” as he has proved to be indestructible during his time at Arsenal.Whether you appreciated him or not, he was virtually always available for selection and ironically, I thought last season was his best in an Arsenal shirt.I wish him all the best for the future.

  9. Best of luck to him – he will be settled at leverkusen for weeks before we sign Rice.
    Personally I would prefer Partey to leave – he does not have the energy for a premiership season

    1. What happened when xhaka was in Parteys position? Red cards all the time and wastefulness on the ball he was and still is shit as a dm. That’s why he is goin he is the worst of the midfielders By a mile.

      1. He lacked both the speed and physicality for a defensive midfielder which Wenger and Emery failed to recognise – MA saw his potential as a No 8 which is why he has turned it around.
        Partey is surplus if we eventually sign Rice – we will be short of a No 8 but I have a feeling thats why we signed Havertz for – could be wrong though 😐

  10. OMG, we are selling players what’s going on in our club? I’m worried can we handle being a selling club, and winning the CL 🙂

        1. Yes, I was, but it’s great that everything seems to move in the right direction for Arsenal FC

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