Xhaka makes the headlines again and made me chuckle by swearing on live TV

Xhaka makes the headlines again!

There is no denying that over the years Granit Xhaka has hit the headlines for a number of things, some not so positive and some positive.

Xhaka was known as the outspoken character, who had sometimes let his temper get the better of him, was not scared to stand up for himself, his family, and for what he believes in, and managed to rack up a few red cards in his time.

But by doing all of this previously, which he can argue was his passion for the game, he ended up on the receiving end from fans, pundits and anyone who had a voice really, me included. At times who hasn’t criticised him for his rash play, decision making and general attitude to the game and the fans? But my opinion of him has now changed for the better.

And Mr Now-reliable at the moment, who has turned things around on the pitch going from zero to hero in recent times with the fans and the club and even the footballing world, has picked himself up, dusted himself off and is slowly showing us all what he is capable of, yet over the weekend he did something that showed he is only human.

He was a bit of every Arsenal fan on the weekend with his statement of basically saying that the fans and everything at the club is “f*****g unbelievable” at the moment.

I think Xhaka can be forgiven for swearing on live television but it did give me a little chuckle because that is how the buzz around the club is right now.

Although some people will no doubt say we “over celebrated” a win and we “haven’t yet won the league” and although that may be true we are doing a pretty good job of maintaining what needs to be done if we are to win the league!

What this team is doing is amazing and as Granit said, unbelievable (without the swearing of course!).

But there is no doubt beating Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea all in the space of a few weeks just goes to show that if we didn’t know it already, this team means business.

And long may it continue!

Heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman



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  1. I am very happy for Xhaka..
    Giroud and Xhaka were the most scapegoated, abused and disrespected individuals I have seen as an Arsenal fan.

    The guys are honest individual that got on with it even if they are not the most shiny, social media celebrity gods like some. But I have never questioned their commitment and trying. They are not as talented as the big name cult heroes but they have always played to the best of their ability.

    Was so happy for Giroud when he left and achieved what he achieved away from Arsenal.

    And I am very pleased for Xhaka this season for not being the target / scapegoat for all our problems..

    1. You don’t remember Gus Ceasar then?, fair play to Xhaka who would have thought a year on Arsenal fans would be singing his name, he would score against Spurs, playing intelligent football, what a difference a year makes, he deserves at this rate Arsenal player of the season. I was one of his critics but I would happily eat humble pie to see how good he has become for Arsenal. Ian Wright was spot on about Xhaka

  2. The team progress has been highly promising and hopefully we can dominate EPL again by the end of this season. Once that happens, maybe Kroenke will be looking for a buyer as FSG have been doing

    I believe an EPL football club owner can only make a lot of profit after he sells the club. I just hope Kroenke will never sell to a state-run sovereign-wealth company, such as Qatar Sports Investment who owns PSG

    1. gai. if you relly THINK about what you wrote , you would surely realise that IF ” we dominate again by he end of this season” Kroenke would hav elittle reason to wish to sell.

      We are in a minority of a tiny few clubs world wide, that have SUCH A GLOBAL BASE and loyal, even though critical following, of countless millions of global fans, that Kroenke will be unlikely , extremely so, in that situation , to ever consider selling us.
      I HAVE LITTLE TIME FOR KROENKE SENIOR, but I have come to hope, with a degree , just a DEGREE of real expectation, that JOSH is a different animal from Daddy K.
      PERHAPS I am being naive, but I DO NOT BELIEVE SO, IN TRUTH.

      1. Jon, FSG are looking for a way out from Liverpool, which is a club that:

        – Is relatively more popular and lucrative than Arsenal
        – Have bigger fan base than ours
        – Just won EPL and UCL a few years ago
        – Could possibly win UCL again this season

        If FSG put Liverpool up for sale in their current good condition, I bet Kroenke will also do it once he won a major trophy

        1. @GAI yes, strangely I just posted on this subject ( in the Unai Emery thread as an “OT” comment).

          Excuse me if if just copy/paste it here to save time – it suggests an explanation as well as agreeing with your thoughts:

          “The comments from Klopp suggest that Henry has given up trying to compete with clubs that are financed by a state – domestically Manchester City (Abu Dhabi) and now Newcastle (Saudi Arabia), in Europe Paris St-Germain (Qatar).

          I suspect the new financial rules replacing FFP influenced it as well, since they exempt gifts to clubs from counting towards limitations.

          That will mean business people who loan money to clubs will be unable to compete with countries who give money to them.

          And all that makes me wonder if Kroenke is thinking the same way. Getting out now would make sense while the club can be sold for £3-£4bn, before the state-financed teams take over, as they inevitably will.”

        2. It beats me why you would assume kroenke would be looking to sell if ended up winning the league. It is even more absurd to think your conjectures are based on the fact that fsg are trying to sell Liverpool after just winning a number of major trophies. Yes this is the best time to sell Liverpool, from a business point of view as their recent success on the field would have given them a high valuation but I would like to think there many more reasons behind the sale.If arsenal were to win the league and there wasn’t any other mitigation, I don’t think the kroenkes would be selling.

      2. Jon Fox
        I think there has been a marked change since Josh Kroenke has taken a more active role with the club.

        Several years ago Josh has spoken about his “long term plan” which seems well underway and productive.

        He also spoke about wanting Arsenal back at the top and competing for trophies again. He has backed that up with massive Summer investments, patience and faith in Arteta as manager, and a willingness to listen to those more experienced in football matters than himself.

        I am pleasantly surprised at his involvement, and appreciate him staying true to his word and comments as we are seeing with our club currently.

        He seems to understand the balance between the business and sports side of the club, and I am pleased he is currently active and involved at our club. Not something I thought I would be saying about the Kroenke’s and Arsenal.

        1. Durand I do but only to an extent, see your own positive view point.

          I agree that, on the FACE OF IT, Josh seems far more keen thanStan. But Josh is still a Kroenke, brought up to care about personal and business riches. I accept that he SEEMS to have a more real interest in football than does Stan . But I am more sceptical than you seem to be about he real reason he seems keen . Yes, he is definitely also a more socially pleasant and accomplished animal than Stan.

          But when push come to shove, I have far less complete faith in Josh as our true saviour than you appear to have. I have less faith inhim being the ultimate decison maker, where money is concerned , compared to Stan.

          I HOPE YOU ARE RIGHT, I REALLY DO. Part of me wants to also believe and in a way I DO partly believe . When my head and my heart are at odds though, I tend to listen to my head, hence my PARTLY sceptical view.

          1. Fair comments Jon, no one truly knows the inner workings of Josh’s mind.

            I am only going by what he has said, and the actions he has taken afterwards. He is the heir apparent to KSE, and I think not only with the success of their NBA Denver Nuggets team, but the resurgence of our Arsenal Josh has shown himself ambitious and knowledgeable.

            This is no guarantee of future success, but Josh has taken steps that Stan has been reluctant to make. I think he is showing himself capable, and faced with our choices, A better owner than his father; unlikely they will sell the Arsenal franchise.

  3. Xaka gets too emotional and can spoil everything. If Arteta can suppress that emotional side of him, he can do even better. He knows he can get a red card for friction with other players but keeps on doing it. Why can’t he hold back for a few seconds when something gets on his nerves?

  4. It was on Bein sports channel. And he said “ The atmosphere is f@&€ing unbelievable”… 😂😂😂😂

  5. I am, in general, opposed to the deliberate use of filthy language on a public forum And BT is a public forum. However, I also passionately believe in not overreacting to minor offences and not punishing mere mistakes made because of natural and welcome enthuisiasm.
    I believe that almost ALL Gooners have come to admire and respect the commitment, passion drive and courage that XHAKA has brought to his role of REAL, though not the official, club captain.

    Now that he is playing vastly better and being regularly effective, instead of harming our chances , the natural hypocrite in me (and in so many others too) freely admits I have totally changed my mind. It is not wrong to change ones mind in the light of changed evidende but it is wise.

    In politics, when politicians change their mind and their policy, they are overwhelmingly pillaried for “U TURNING”. Those who stupidly accuse them of doing so are unthinking folk, mostly, and they should instead recognise that to change your mind when the evidence changes, is wise and not foolhardy at all.

    My friends, we all make mistakes; that is natural and human. But what is really silly is to go on making the SAME mistake, when the evidence changes, instead of having the wit to admit you were wrong.

    I would however be hugely embarrassed if I HAD NOT THE WIT AND INTELLECT TO ADMIT MY ERROR.

  6. I thought the bloke embarrassed himself yet again. He has a screw loose and cant control himself. Stick to playing football to the best of your abilities please and cut the crap out. Did he think it was clever?

  7. I liked when Jorginho was getting annoyed with Xhaka who was getting the arsenal fans hyped up in the last minutes of the game. The way he just brushed his arm away was so funny. I don’t know why Jorginho was so upset.

  8. I’m pretty sure Arsenal is the top team in the EPL at the moment because Arsenal fans (especially the away fans, God bless them) are the top fans in the EPL at the moment. And Xhaka is channeling that energy and passion into the whole team.

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