Xhaka might remain at Arsenal after Mourinho finds transfer alternative

In what might be a boost to Arsenal’s summer plans, Jose Mourinho appears to be giving up on signing Arsenal midfielder, Granit Xhaka.

Xhaka has emerged as a top target for Roma this summer after they hired Mourinho as their latest manager.

Xhaka is one of Arsenal’s most important players and he has played a key role in everything they have achieved under Mikel Arteta.

The Gunners will continue rebuilding their squad this summer and that might involve them selling some of their current stars.

Everyone seems to have a price and Roma has been in talks with the Gunners over landing Xhaka.

Arsenal is digging their heels in and they don’t want to allow him to leave for a low fee.

Their hesitation could see him miss out on the transfer as Corriere dello Sport via Sport Witness reports that Roma is now monitoring Aston Villa midfielder, Douglas Luiz as an alternative to the Swiss star.

The report says Roma is serious about signing him and if they continue to struggle to get a move for Xhaka done, they will turn to Luiz.

Manchester City has a buy-back clause in his deal totalling 30m euros, but Villa values him at between 35m to 40m euros.

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  1. I hope this is not true. We will be staying the same if we keep Xhaka, yet need change to improve. That’s fairly accepted. Personally I hope Xhaka leaves during the summer.

  2. Depends on what MA makes out of it and where and how he wants to play Xhaka if he stays.

  3. yeah, Roma cant afford Xhaka, then naturally, theyre going to spend £20m more to get Luiz —–> lol

    1. It appears rationality goes out the window where Arsenal transfers are concerned. Arsenal buying – player price high; Arsenal selling – player price low!

  4. I might annoy a few people with this, but if I were in charge of transfers at another team and I wanted to buy an arsenal player, I’d just underbid on one the fans have turned on because when arsenal fans turn on a player, he’s worth less than zero. They are willing to pay 30-40 for Luiz. Question. If arsenal moved to get Luiz as a replacement for Xhaka. Would you be excited? Personally, no. I don’t see how that would be an improvement and as such, I think the 20m difference in valuation is unfair.

    1. You have no clue on how football game is played… At every team he played he was the key player.

      1. Yp, if he was as good as you say, how come we were the only mugs to pay 35 mil for him and why at the moment when he is available only inter want to pay 12 mil for this “key” player. There are no other teams interested and we cant move him on because he isnt “key” as you put it at all. And i do know about football thank you.

  5. No one is going to pay our asking price for Xhaka, so we would be wise to strike a deal with anyone willing to give us cold, hard cash for him…this might require some creativity on our part, but him returning to the fold will be an absolute shite show…if we can’t finagle something that includes both cash and a player add-on, we should try giving them Xhaka and some cash for Pelligrini…they probably don’t take us seriously considering the last time we conducted business with them we basically handed them their second highest scorer for some pocket lint and a bag of pennies

  6. When Arsenal decided to bring in Xhaka, Arsen Wenger had a different approach of the game, comparing what Arteta does. Fans got angry with Xhaka as the after games shows(Ian Wright &Co.) were making some defamating comments towards Xhaka. But, hey just name a player at Arsenal who can play his positon. Ian Wright ate his own crap at those games where Xhaka was injured, as he admited that Xhaka is a key player at Arsenal.
    I am not a fan of Xhaka`s attitude but he has some amazing skills.

  7. Just name one player at Arsenal who can do Xhaka`s job?
    The smartest player who can connect the defenders with midfielders, just take a look at those games that he was injured…

  8. If he wants to go that badly let him pay the difference between Roma and Arsenal asking price deal done

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