Xhaka on the upcoming Crystal Palace game “We will be ready”

Granit Xhaka has had a rollercoaster of a ride since joining Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, but he is still here and preparing to start his seventh season in the famous Red & White colours of Arsenal.

It certainly sounds like the Swiss international is feeling much more optimistic about the coming season with all our new arrivals, and he is very keen not to go through the same disappointment that we all felt at the end of the last campaign, and he is determined that that will change this time around.

He told Arsenal.com: “Yeah, in the end we didn’t achieve what we wanted. We had everything in our hands. That’s why we were very, very disappointed of course but it’s over, we can’t change anything, what we can change is the future and the future started in the pre-season, which included those new signings who are doing a very good job already, very good with their team-mates, very open, very humble. They know what they want and we try to help them and I’m looking forward to start the season.”

We have had an amazing pre-season, which has hopefully increased our confidence for the real business that starts this Friday night away at Selhurst Park, and Xhaka is confident that the Arsenal fans will see a completely different attitude from the players compared to when we were soundly beaten by the Eagles towards the end of last season. “The signings that we made give us something more than winning,” he continued. “they give us the mentality of how to win and the quality, of course. It’s like a puzzle, you need the quality, of course, but if it doesn’t fit in with the team, it’s very difficult to achieve something. The signings all fit very well in the team, year by year we get much better. It’s easier to speak than to do it, for sure, but I have a very good feeling that we will be ready for the start against Crystal Palace away and let’s see and hope that we can achieve the goals that we have.”

We know that Patrick Vieira will also have his Palace players ready to counter Arteta’s tactics, but hopefully we will be able to break them down as quickly and as easily as we did against Chelsea and Sevilla.

Fingers crossed!



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  1. Interesting words “very humble” and about fitting in with the team. I wonder who he had in mind?

    I suspect Aubameyang is one.

    I also noticed the body language of Pepe in the goal celebrations vs Sevilla. He came up and went through the motions with a half-hearted one-arm hug/bump – but no smile, no eye contact, then off he goes.

    I think he’s just wilted inside, withdrawn into himself a bit. There may be a decent player in there, but he needs to let that guy shine through – somehow.

    1. IDKWIC, My personal view of Pepe is that he has not the basic toughness of character and sheer will to make a top class Prem career , that is so vital to any player .

      He has some talent but seems content to drift. A more dynamic character would have been rightly banging MA’s door down to either play or be let go.

      But he just drifts through life and THAT,IMO, is the basic problem he has and will always have.
      I think MA sees that clearly and that is , in large part, why he is not in MA’S PLANS. Rightly too, IMO!

      1. You’re probably right. I’ve always thought there was a really good player there somewhere, but whether it’s application, mindset, or some other character flaw in him that is stopping him from reaching his potential, I don’t know. Remember, he was the French league’s second top goalscorer, the season before we bought him.

  2. Xhaka, we love you so much and your pressing style that pushes the attack line going for goals. We pray that this season should see you with completely NEW Temperaments on the pitch. With that Referees would not have reason to victimise AFC with Red Cards. Then we can always get our three points home and away.

  3. Vieira thinks he has a handle on how to beat Arsenal, but for me, the key is for us to be at them from the get go. Against Brighton at home last season we started lethargically, and it was no surprise that we conceded when we did. I also agree that Saliba should start, but something tells me he won’t.

  4. this was said before Newcastle game as well. Actions speak louder than words. Let’s get off to a strong start and get 3 points from a traditionally tough fixture for us lately.

  5. We expect less talks and more works this season.

    Xhaka should put his words into actions. We can’t afford to drop unnecessary point this season.

  6. A year before joining us Thomas Partey once said he would like to play in a team with Xhaka.
    At the time of saying those famous words I had Thomas Partey and Verratti as the two best players in their midfield position.

    Not blessed with blistering pace and notorious for rash and ridiculous decision Xhaka leadership and team player attitude is nothing short of amazing.

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