Xhaka reportedly tells Arsenal to find an agreement “I want to go to Roma”

It would appear that Granit Xhaka has made up his mind that he wants to join Jose Mourinho at Roma, if reports in the Corriere Dello Sport can be believed….

The headline reads in English (vis Google translate): Xhaka convinced by Mourinho: “I want to go to Roma”
The Swiss “regista” [defensive playmaker] has asked Arsenal to be sold to the Giallorossi: Tiago Pinto is preparing to conclude the deal

We all know that Xhaka himself told reporters at the beginning of this saga that he wasn’t going to discuss anything about his future until after the rumours, so I am a little unsure if this report is true, but they do go into some detail.

They say that Xhaka has a nailed on agreement with Tiago Pinto for a 4-year contract at 2.5 million per season, facilitated by the “Decreto Crescita”, which is a new Italian law to boost their economy, that allows foreigners moving to Italy to only pay 50% tax for the first two years in the country.

This law will be a great incentive for top players to go to big Italian clubs like Roma.

The report also says that Arsenal are holding out for 20million Euros plus add-ons for the Swiss captain, which means Arsenal are prepared to take a loss on him, but surely the Gunners will need to bring in a whole new midfield if Xhaka gets his wish to leave?

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  1. If they really want him, either they offer a fair price or offer Pellgerini (1 yr left, linked to liverpool and Sp*rs) in a swap + cash deal (from Arsenal) or a player that Arsenal wants not just fringe players.

  2. 20 mil for a super star like Xhaka? Surely according to some, there should be no problem shifting him on at that price. Seems like people outside Arsenal realise that far too much for a Donkey.

    1. Forget Roma for Xhaka! He would be far more suited to Blackpool beach, alongside the other donkeys, giving rides to little kids. This useless slowcoach donkey has held us back for over five years already. We cannot afford to let him ever wear our shirt again. Simple as that!

  3. 50% tax for the first two years? Is that 50% of earnings or half the tax he would normally pay, as I believe the highest rate in U.K. is 46%? Does seem an incentive to me. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    1. It means he will only pay tax on 50% of his income….

      From the European Parliament Files: “On 30 April 2019, the Italian Government approved its Decreto Crescita on urgent measures for economic growth. This decree provides that, as of 1 January 2020, any employee, self-employed professional or entrepreneur who becomes an Italian tax resident and commits to remain an Italian tax resident working in the Italian territory for the subsequent two years, regardless of role or qualification, will be subject to Italian income tax on only 50% of their income.”

      1. No wonder Italy is so broke! They have had more governments since World War Two than I have had hot dinners.

        Great people in Italy, magnificent country and culture but diabolical and corrupt political folk.

  4. There’s a legal way for him to do that. It’s called a transfer request.
    There’s no point in Arsenal making a loss on him if there’s no legal pressure to do so. He still has a long contract and we can use him.

  5. Can someone please explain how a player under contract to Arsenal has come to an agreement over personal terms with a club that Arsenal havent agreed a transfer fee with?
    Surely if this is true it clearly shows that Roma have made an illegal approach to a player under contract to another club thus breaking the rules laid out by UEFA and FIFA.
    Oh and as for his “demand” we come to an agreement because he wants to leave he’s 3 yrs into a 5 yr contract so in no postion to demand anything!!

    1. If Arsenal has agreed with his agent he can go, then personal term could be discussed and then a fee has to be agreed. Nothing is binding but talks have to be had before anything is signed. I understand that he is free to go for 20 mil.

      1. Not sure that any club would tell an agent that he is free to discuss with a club theyve not agreed to sell their player to lol

        1. Brian, he is free to go if 20 mil is payed, conversation has to be had before any move is ratified, thats how it works.

    2. Dude this is Mourinho. Rem. want he did with Ashley Cole don’t be surprised if he has already done the same with xhaka. 20m would be a joke even if he is not needed

  6. Not so long ago pretty much every person on this site was clamouring for Arsenal to get rid of Xhaka. He was persuaded, against his his better judgement at the time, to stay. It seems rather perverse that some are saying he should honour his contract. I do not see Xhaka as the worst player in the squad but his value is certainly not £20 million, nowhere near. Stating the obvious, we need someone much better. Those players that most think are better than Xhaka are in the £30-40 m bracket but will come to nothing. In the present financial climate those sums are, in my opinion, totally unrealistic for Arsenal at this time. Also,it should be recognised that top players, who are prepared to move, will be looking to play in clubs which currently offer European football. So Xhka is not going to be replaced as easily as we think.

  7. It’s up for Roma to pay. The 13mill for him is far too low. Italian clubs love to play the poverty game. Juve does the same thing. Stump up the cash, sell some players and get the 20mill together if they want him. When English clubs want a player suddenly the price increases by an extra 10mill. It should not lower just because this club is italian.

    1. And we want you gone too Granit. Tell mourinho to put more pressure on Roma board 🤷‍♂️

  8. Before agreeing on this transfer, please, where is the replacement or who is replacing him, don’t get it twisted, l want Xhaka out but must be replaced with a fast, mobile, holding midfielder.

  9. Always am watching a arsenal march because of xhaka i need you in arsenal please stay with one contract

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