Xhaka saga prompting Arsenal target into summer transfer?

Leicester City’s N’Golo Kante is one of the hottest properties in English football currently, and he has supposedly set his sights on a move to Arsenal.

The 25 year-old has been strongly linked with both Manchester City and us in recent months, and new reports claim that Pep Guardiola has opted against his signature, leaving the Gunners at the front of the queue.

The recently promoted France international is now claimed to have ‘decided’ to join Arsenal this summer, which may have been helped along the way by the recent Xhaka circus.

Granit Xhaka of Borussia Monchengladback plays in a very similar role to the Frenchman, and is also strongly linked with a move to the Emirates. He was seen hugging a number of his coaches at the end of their last match of the term, and is believed to be extremely close to a switch to Arsenal.

Guardiola’s new supposed stance paired with the likelihood that Xhaka is close to signing may have both forced Kante to pursue his move, although there is no certainty that we are not trying to sign both midfield targets.

Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta are both leaving the club, which could free up space for the pair to come in, but Francis Coquelin and Mohamed Elneny are the current first-choice for a starting role in North-London, and accommodating the quartet could be tough.

The Egyptian is fast becoming a fans favourite since joining in January, and will be quite hard to shift I would have thought, while Coquelin has not enjoyed his best year, and could find it hard to earn a regular starting role next season.

Did Xhaka’s recent actions persuade Kante to change his stance? Or do you think City pulled out the race forcing his hand? Maybe it is all just speculation…

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  1. Greg says:

    I wouldn’t mind us singing either xhaka or kante!

  2. Greg says:

    Kante is indeed a very good midfield engine!

  3. Dennis says:

    Xhaka/Mahrez/Stones/Higuain or Lackazette or Morata. If we can get these players signed and avoid long term injuries we can compete for the title next year.

    1. Robertthegooner says:

      Lacacette didn’t even make it on the French Euro 2016 Team

  4. BOD says:

    Personally I would prefer Xhaka as he is more of physical presence not saying Kante isn’t but I just think Xhaka gives us something we don’t have with his long range passing he looks like a young Alonso and it may help stop the overpassing of the ball at times hell we saw how well some nice long-range passing can be with leicester this season. Kante would be a fantanstic addition also but is just an upgrade on Coquelin. Don’t get me wrong I think Kante would be an excellent addition I just think Xhaka would be a better one.

  5. JAmerican says:

    I actually think we need a wide forward as well as a striker. Griezmann would be a dream but Mahrez is more realistic.

    1. SUNNY13 says:

      I think Kante I would prefer over Xhaka, because
      1. we need a destroyer in the middle to protect the back 4 and Kante is the destroyer
      2. Kante is tested in PL where is Xhaka is not yet tested in PL
      3. With Kante in the middle and protecting the back 4, Cazorla /Wilshare can play freely from deep without too much concern of defending.
      4. Kante I think will be a bit cheaper also
      5. With Kante, you are talking about a player who has just won the PL title and was nominated for PFA

  6. butters says:

    Kante reminds me of Ramires of Chelsea. Such an engine, powerful player even though his physique is nothing like Cantona. That work rate and energy is what arsenal need into midfield. Partner with Ramsey, Arsenal have two tireless engine in midfield

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      You were on track to a perfect comment until you mentioned Ramsey.

      1. SUNNY13 says:

        Exactly how on earth you mentioned Ramsey. He is truly overrated. Cazerlo is the supremo. he should be partner with some one like Kante. Even elmeny is better than ramsey

    2. Iffybright says:

      yes, kante is a horse, very similar to Ramirez…Ramsey is very useless…

    3. muda says:

      Ramsey 4th choice to partner Kante in my opinion
      Behind Santi, El-neny and Wilshere.

  7. arsenalkid1970 says:

    Just buy both and play both. Bottom line big teams don’t have this feeling for players. If someone is better then get them and FQ needs someone in front of him to get the best from the lad so why not for next season bench him and see what’s nuts he has winning his place back. Bit pissed with this crap over AS wanting to go. If it’s the case sell him abroad with catch in tbe contract stating he can’t play for an EPL team. No player is bigger then Arsenal.

  8. tissiam says:

    i really like kante but i believe we need a real beast ,we have been lacking a physical presence in the midfield,xhaka is 1,85m&82kg versus kante 1,69m&68kg,im tired of seeing us getting blown apart by most teams in the pl!!

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