Xhaka showing Arsenal the way to EPL title success?

We all know that Arsenal can be brilliant and give any other team on the planet a run for their money, but we are also too well aware that in recent years we have not done it on a consistent enough basis to mount a strong enough challenge for the Premier League trophy.

We have had issues in big games against our EPL rivals and we have had times when we win those clashes only to let ourselves down in supposedly easier games. Sometimes it has just been a matter of having bad periods during a season but if Arsenal are to have a chance of being crowned champions of England next May we have to avoid these issues as much as possible.

Arsene Wenger seems determined to not let this happen and the Frenchman has been quick to remind the players about all this and he has done well to bring them back to earth after praising them for a good performance, but he can only do so much.

Once the team is out on the pitch we need men out there who will ensure that everyone is pulling their weight and trying their best to get the right result, so the comments from new Gunner Granit Xhaka reported by Sky Sports this week are very good for us fans to hear, as they make it seem like the midfielder has exactly the right attitude for the marathon of a league campaign.

The Swiss star said, “I’m happy that I’ve scored those two goals – don’t expect me to give that every week – but what’s most important is that the team play and perform well and that we reach our objectives.

“We obviously want to have a consistently good season and show the fans that we’re going to give absolutely everything in every game.

“Of course to do that we’re going to need a bit of luck along the way but we’re really going to give our all to have a successful season.

“It’s probably too early to say but we’re having a really positive phase and that’s something that we’re happy with.

“We need to do the same against Burnley on Sunday, we need to approach the game in the same way and make sure we go into the international break still in this positive phase.”

As long as the rest of the Arsenal players think the same way there should be no problem getting the win we need at Burnley. And if they can do it against the Clarets and keep focus throughout the season, will Arsenal be real contenders this time?


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  1. Wenger has done well in the CM I think, Coquelin still starting and Xhaka having to earn his spot seems to have given Coquelin a boost, I swear he has gotten better in his offensive duties and the competition could very well be the reason.

    ElNeny, Xhaka, Coquelin… 3 tough tacklers who will help our attackers flourish, all 3 of them neat passers as well.

    Hopefully this will force Ramsey to step up and be consistently at his best when fit again.

    It feels like we have more of a determined and gritty CM who can still play the possession game, been a bit too long for us fans but our future looks good with those 3 all being young still. I do hope Xhakas leadership qualities will keep ramsey in check as that could be a frightening partnership if both on form.

  2. ALL our players need a positive attitude mentally and perform positively physically
    1. Great work ethic
    2. Positive attitude towards what we can achieve
    3. Playing as a team
    4. Consistency. Quality and work ethic should remain at a high level
    5. Have fun out there. Be in a happy but professional state of mind

  3. I will like Perez to start tomorrow. We need to integrate him with the first team players ASAP

    Perez Ozil Walcott
    Xhaka Cazorla
    Monreal Koscielny Mustafi Bellerin

  4. I’m glad he said don’t expect me to score like that every week. I think he mentioned that because of our fans being silly in telling Xhaka to shoot whenever he was 35 40 yards out. For one thing you are preparing the GK, it’s supposed to catch the keeper off guard, well it helps when it does. Next he had the ball directly under his feet, that would be impossible even for R Carlos, they’d be better off either saying it when he is coming forward to meet the ball or else just let the lad play the game how he wants it to be played.

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