Xhaka speaks out on Arsenal move – Get in!

As usual, an Arsenal transfer deal seems to take forever to the impatient fans waiting for official confirmation of our first deal of the summer.

Everyone and his dog in the media is aware that the Gunners have been deep in negotiations with Borussia Munchengladbach about the move of Granit Xhaka to the Emirates this summer, but as usual there is not a peep out of any Arsenal sources as to whether the talks have been a success or not.

Luckily Gladbach themselves have confirmed there is an offer for the talented defensive midfielder, and today the player himself has been talking about the possibility of becoming a Gunner in the near future. Speaking at a press conference following the announcement of the Swiss national squad for Euro 2016, Xhaka was quizzed about his proposed move to Arsenal and he’s quoted by Swiss newspaper Blick as saying:

“As of today I am Gladbach. But London is beautiful city – and Arsenal is an awesome club “.

So I don’t think he could have made it any clearer that he is looking forward to joining us after the Euros, and it is also good for us Gooners that we will be able to watch him in action for his country before he actually joins up with the Arsenal squad for the new season.

After this quote from Xhaka there is no way the deal could fall through now surely?


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  1. Looks like it. Just praying no other clubs come in and swoop him up… Xhaka addition will be a good start in the window

    1. How good is this Xhaka? Any one to compare him with? Have no idea who he is if you can help.

      1. I was a bit confused earlier when news started circulating that we were in for Kante & Xhaka. I imagined both as similar guys. However, Xhaka fits into the mould of deep lying playmaker/ defensive mid. Kante needs no explanation. He is not world class, but definitely above average.

        The thing what made me want him more was not actually because he is good etc. but because he is a commanding tall player. He has had 3 red cards last season. So its easy to assume he is a bit rough. AND I LIKE THAT. We have too many goody shoes players, combine that with some below 6” height players midfield, you will get bullied more often than not. Not everyone has the magic of Cazorla to move like him. Sometimes brushing players aside can be also good. 😉

          1. He is world class in his position- it’s just not the most eye catching position that generates star power.

              1. Nice little vid that gives an idea of his game www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=jX98Ov_uJS8

    2. Hope Xhaka comes.

      Off topic: Did anyone see Carzolas Kid and his skills. This kid has better ball control than Walcott and his only 5 years old. Sign him Wenger, Sign him now.

  2. No way the deal could fall through? With Arsenal, you can’t conclude. Higuain a couple of years back that the father even confirm? $1 can bottle it. Trust Wenger. Please Xhaka tell Wenger you must come to Arsenal. I will be happy if we can bring him in.

    1. Higuain for me is the one that really got away, soon as he landed in a country which plays totally contrasting football from what he was used to ..he starts banging the nets like he grew up there. I think he would’ve done the same over in our league – English league is more open, Italian is defensive. People might say what about Falcao or Di Maria, but Falcao got a serious injury, and he only blossomed later in life so you could say he went back to his old levels. Di Maria hated Manchester, missed everything from friends, home, football style, weather, you need happy players. And why Higuain and not Suarez the real one that got away. Simples, liv broke the actual law in doing what they done. They knew just about every top club wanted Suarez, only reason they got to hold onto him for one more season is because Barcelona had to wait a season before pouncing. He was never going to be aloud stay in England, and esp at Arsenal.

      1. Higuain’s stats since moving to Italy: 17(24), 18(29), 36(38). The figures in brackets represent goals in all competition, while the unbracketed figures are league goals. In all fairness Higuain was at best average in his first two seasons in Italy. This season he has been exceptional though. Those stats make any move for Higuain a risky affair. He is a player who needs time to bed in, and two seasons of bedding in could be far too long especially at Arsenal where fans are generally impatient. His price tag also makes two years of bedding too long.

  3. I think we’ll get Xhaka.

    But my fear is the news is becoming loud in the media and trust Wenger with his deals. They ain’t so loud. Moreover’, Xhaka is saying ‘Arsenal come get mi’. Reminds mi of not just Higuain but Aurier of Psg saga.

    Hopefully, we get the deal done Asap as He’ll be a good addition. I watch bundesliga as well and this guy is a good player. So much experience @ such a young age.

  4. Well i’m not speculating or saying anything bout Xhaka……..

    Until i see him all smiles (the Arsenal way) while training with sanchez , ozil and the rest of the 1st team.

  5. Only strikers signing will cheer me up … I had enough of our strikers, cannot take it anymore …

  6. Gladbach are the one’s making this signing seem so drawn out. It happens with allot of clubs when dealing with Arsenal. We are one of the nine from ten clubs that will try to get the best deal possible, almost everyone is like this except for a club like manc who goes and just gets a De Bruyne. Arsenal being interested in players peaks other interest, and Gladbach are doing their damndest to make this the case. Every little update is getting out there, some clubs would appreciate a solid offer, just two mil under a thirty five mil buy out. Usually a club will start much lower than that, I think they should of had the decency to keep things confidential seeing as we didn’t low ball them. If they had kept things more discreet well then we would just be wondering on which rumours are true.

  7. Arsenal Fc always money pinching when trying to sign a recognised good quality player

    1. More like million pinching. To put it in context, a million pounds extra on a transfer equates to about an extra pound on every home PL ticket.

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