Xhaka wants to win the Europa League – “Something is growing here”

Xhaka believes Arsenal have everything to win Europa League

Arsenal are in the United States of America preparing for the upcoming season that is ahead of them.

The Gunners will be fighting in four fronts: a Champions League finish in the league, winning their first major European trophy in the shape of Europa League, and fighting to claim their hands on either of the FA Cup or the EFL Cup.

Winning all four seems highly unlikely but achieving two out of those four would me more than enough to call this season a success.

Arsenal have already acquired proven talent in the shape of Man City duo Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, while also adding 22-year-old Portuguese league winner in Fabio Vieira.

However, it doesn’t look like the North London outfit will draw a line there. I fully expect the club’s hierarchy to push for a winger at least.

That would put Arsenal in a great position for next season. And former Arsenal captain Granit Xhaka believes the current squad that manager Mikel Arteta at his disposal have everything to succeed this season.

“I was one time in a Europa League final [in 2019], one time the semifinal [in 2018] of the Europa League,” he told ESPN. “We are again in the Europa League, and this is for me something we can achieve.”

The belief that the Swiss has is very clear with the words. He has full trust in himself and his colleagues that they can land a berth in the Champions League.

The 29-year-old continued, “To take the trophy in the Europa League would be very, very special, I think. First of all, you go back to the Champions League. Secondly, to win the Europa League trophy is in my opinion is amazing. And to be part of the top in the Premier League. This is something that I call ‘to achieve.’”

Xhaka then indirectly stated that the squad needed more time to develop, and that they now might be ready for the challenge that lies ahead of them.

“I can see something is growing here. Sometimes you need more time than the people want, but I have a feeling that we are in a good way. Last season, we were very close to achieving something and this season, let’s start and after we can speak again after 38 games.”

He concluded the interview by saying, “Hopefully we are where we want to be.”

A top four finish coupled with glory at the European stage would be an amazing achievement.

We were so close to claiming a Champions League spot last season, as Xhaka stated. Now, this young team have one more year of development under their belts. It is now time to show the world that The Arsenal are back!

Yash Bisht

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  1. I know exactly what Arsenal MOST need to have a hope of winning the comps Xhaka talks about.
    It involves the EXIT of ONE PARTICULAR PLAYER!
    No prizes for guessing who!

    1. Im assuming not the one player that was probably our most consistent and best player last year?

      1. @hothed,

        I sincerely pray you’re not meaning Xhaka. It can’t be as he was anything but consistent during the first part of the season.

      2. Best player? Did you watch the season through rose tinted glasses or have you forgotten the red card vs City away for a stupid tackle, and then the conceeded penalty vs City again at home, when we were bossing the game. Xhaka gave City the impetus in both games. And where was he when we needed him vs Tottenham and Newcastle away. Xhaka sure does have a cult following.

      3. Maybe of the central midfielders you could say that, given partey was injured a lot, lokonga wasn’t quite ready and elneny didn’t play until the last few games, and if you exclude odegaard, who was far better and more consistent (despite not actually being overly consistent).
        I think you’re only remembering a short period if you think xhaka was so great last season. Our biggest weakness was in midfield in many games – not just because of xhaka, but he couldn’t do much about it.
        Cedric was consistently pretty good last season – I’d say he performed at least as well as xhaka overall.

  2. The club has a proud heritage.
    We have the best supprters in the league.
    The gaffer has our full support.
    The team has a blend of youth and experience.
    We are not far away.
    We can challenge this season..
    We are in a good place.
    We are building some thing special.
    The team is coming together.
    The spirit is good.
    We learned a lot last season.
    We are not afraid.
    We have set our goals very high.
    This will be the year.
    We have not come to make up the numbers.
    We will hit the ground running.
    Only the best will do.
    Its time we returned to the top table.
    Everyone will shed blood for the badge.
    We have been in the shadows too long.
    Carp dem or sneeze the day.

  3. Xhaka, then help us win the Europa league. We are tired of big encouraging talk. Lets put all that big talk into action.

    Let’s do it..

  4. Xhaka may not be your favorite player but believe me he’s that type of player who doesn’t like losing…. and again Xhaka play with all his heart …. just that he can’t offer what he don’t have but.. believe me he give his best to this great club

  5. The same xhaka that has been consistently poor wants to win the europa league next season?

    He should find another club in another league, his style of play does not suit the epl IMO.

    This guy talks too much, the apprentice should hire him as the club spoke man instead.

    1. So which option do you have ? He likes the club, he seems committed. He is not a superstar 80m midfielder but he is a great leader. Yes he did a couple stupid things last year but who never do any ?

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