Xhaka wants you to watch them in training and judge if they work hard enough

Granit Xhaka wants Arsenal fans to have access to the players’ training so that they can see how hard the team works to deliver good results to them.

The former Arsenal captain knows what it means to be criticised by the fans, having been on the receiving end of some from a section of the Gooners since he joined the club.

The team is being rebuilt under Mikel Arteta, but is not perfect yet, and they missed out on a place in the Champions League late last season.

They have continued to work hard to help the club return to the top four, but sometimes it feels like the fans are not appreciative of the efforts they put into the game.

The midfielder now wants fans to come and watch them in training and judge.

He said, as quoted by The Daily Mail: The people who do not see us in the training, for example, do not see how hard we are working in training. They see us only in the 90 minutes. Everyone has a good and bad day.

‘That is why I spoke with the club as well about ”why can’t we bring the fans maybe once a week so they can see us how we train?”

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Fans want the absolute maximum performance from their team, and they will keep asking for more.

Sometimes, we truly do not appreciate how hard these players work because we just want to win.

Perhaps when we have access to their training, we will understand better.

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A happy Arteta would have liked a couple more goals against Palace. Wouldn’t we all!

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  1. I would imagine every player for every team in every league in the world trains hard it’s what happens on the pitch that counts .
    I did read about 5 articles on the Mail online (wouldn’t usually)all yestareday with Xhaka as the mouth piece for the club ,it was to do with this silly documentary series ,seemed more like advertising more than an interview .
    My read anyway .

    1. U can kip imagining but xhaka is an experience professional player that has trained with several coaches and he is telling u for a fact that they trained hard, Not imagining.

      1. Did I disagree with that quote buddy ?
        No I said that’s the norm for pretty much every team going .
        His interview was for the purpose of all or nothing or what we will see in it .
        Nothing news worthy and nothing special .

    2. Dk, For once we see eye to eye.

      I thought the Amazon Prime series interesting in a way but I question what actual relevance it has to what is happening now.
      ON XHAKA, MY VIEW REMAINS THAT HE IS A NOW A 7TH SEASON LONG LIABILITY. When the series was filmed he was only a 6th seaon long liability.

      No doubt almost all players, Xhaka included, do work hard.

      “So what though” is my view “! To work at their hardest all the time is the very least I expect from players who are multi millionaires before their 25th birthday in most cases. Working hard is then simply honouring the obscenely ludicrous contracts they expect and are stupidly offered. It is simply giving we fans SOMETHING BACK.


  2. Someone will just sit in his home and be typing nonsense.
    Arteta this Arteta that. Nt giving credit to the the coach and players for their efforts and growth. Someone even said Arteta doesn’t have plan B, which coach in the world doesn’t hav plan B.

    Ramsdale about Arteta switching tactics and plan B. he said. “The whole week we were working on a press because they (Southampton) were supposed to play three at the back, but as soon as we got in the changing rooms, they were playing 4-2-2-2.

    “He (Arteta) changed it and said the strikers will jump and then the wingers, full backs etc. And we played the ball out and scored the goal, but he had the plan B ready for us, told us 45 minutes before kick-off, and what he said was bang on..”

    1. Mikel “you lose the ball you run “Arteta

      101 of fantastic management there mate .

      Might want to look over a few old videos from proper managers on what a team talk looks like (plenty on YouTube )not some scripted documentary series where everything is made to look good .
      Naivety at its best

    2. @Savage
      You need to get outta ya feelins and stop bein so butthurt every time someone criticises “The Coach”. He, like any player or board member, even the owner, are not above criticism…IJS

          1. OBTW mental head
            Fifa 23 is out 27 sep just in time for the World Cup and you can give us your expertise on that 😂😂
            Look forward to you telling us what line up as worked on it and going forward what Arteta should do METAL !!

  3. Even Arteta was unhappy with a certain training session during an important stretch.

    “When the cat is away the mice will play.”

    Arteta said as much regarding some players performances in training, their lack of seriousness.

    This explains in part some of the S#@t performances we have seen; lacking intensity, urgency, professionalism.

    He should send players home who aren’t training up to standards.
    1. Immediately send them home
    2. Fine them 1/4 weeks wages
    3. Automatic benching for next match

    They are paid enormous sums of money, some more in a week than many people make in a year.

    Where is the captain to kick the slackers into shape? Pull them aside and scold or give them a boot.

    This in part I guess is the “mentality” Arteta is struggling to change.

  4. One good thing about MA is that he is a strict disciplinarian to the core and he wont or rather shouldnt tolerate laxity in training. He should tell the players clearly that hard work in training is the least what he expects of them and results on the pitch will speak for themselves once all players apply themselves to the Arsenal cause.

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