Xhaka leaving Arsenal has been greatly exaggerated

People need to get a grip, Xhaka’s comments are good for Arsenal. When a player gives an interview it is never a surprise that all sort of outlandish interpretations of what was said is published by the media and that is exactly what has happened with Granit Xhaka.

Apparently, his comments have cast doubt on his long-term future with us and that is just one of the more moderate responses.

First, let’s read what the Switzerland international actually said. ‘I’m very ambitious, I want to take the next step,’ he said. ‘Arsenal does not have to be the last stop.’

Bang, he is leaving us, he wants to sign for a super team somewhere, he wants to earn millions and win every trophy under the sun. OK, I am being a little dramatic but come on, of course, Arsenal does not have to be the last stop, but that in no way means he wants to leave any time soon.

Of course, he is very ambitious, would we want a player that is not ambitious? Every player has ambitions, every player wants to win trophies, what he is saying is mind-blowingly obvious.

Let’s look at some facts, he only signed a five-year contract extension last year and that was when we were only in the Europa League and struggling to get into top-four contention.

Now we are definitely in with a chance of Champions League football and success in the Europa League, point is this, since he signed his huge contract extension things have gotten better at the Emirates and he knows that, why would he sign such an extension if he did not believe we would improve and get more competitive.

I simply do not believe that Xhaka is looking to leave us, I feel his comments have been misinterpreted and that all he was doing was highlighting how ambitious he is, and there is no reason why he cannot achieve all that he wants with us.


    1. Yes Sue. watching from Jamaica and to think he was ours and we let him go. Yet alone he playing for Germany

        1. He wanted to go since there was a good offer from Bayern, Arsenal were forced to sell him

          It’s useless to regret the past, better watch Nelson and Saka. I hope there would be a fierce competition between them

          1. …and we stole Guendouzi (so to speak) at £8 or so. Gnabry needed game time, which we couldn’t offer him at the time (he was still nobody then per se), though showing glimpses.
            Nothing to regret.

        2. Just watched it ;sky sports app :gnarbry scores a wonder goal ,wasn’t bad tbh but it wasn’t a wonder goal , thought he had scored from the half way line the way that notification popped up , yea odd how we only got 5 mil for him ,or let him go at all .could have been playing on that left side for us now .

          1. You left me no place to reply, but don’t worry I found you :)…. so whos better at beating a man? you said the same thing you said in your other post just added that you watched football for 30 years are you sure? By the way watching is not an accomplishment, doesn’t mean you get the beautiful game, quite obvious to me when you dodge your own question matrix style 😉

            Again I think we are polar opposites as fans, you still went back to the race after that long rant just shows you the respect you have for fellow gooners so have no problem giving you stick now and in the future, heads up!!!.. and like a five years old you still didn’t get it , and what did I learn from you other than how you voted or which race you hated most?

            Yep nothing thanks man…you sure did take like a big boy lol don’t care if your bitter about it, you sound like a RD to me , and worse your football knowledge is lacking or more like non existent!!!! So Answer the question who’s better at beating a man currently at the club? That’s the reason you are here no ? That’s how all this started before mentioning race over and over again ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

            So paraphrased: Again I don’t care about your other views, its a football forum, who’s better ? I’ll debate football with anyone even if you have a poster of Nigel Farage on your wall 😉

            1. Lol wow Dan, you see right there! That’s why your first account got blocked mate. I thought this debate ended last night but keep shoveling, who knows you might end up hitting gold.
              And I wasn’t kissing her a&$, I was just impressed at how you jumped in hoping Phil would help you double up on Sal, and she still left with your marbles in a doggy bag, making a firm argument with facts in the process and all the while smiling and winking at you. Takes a big man to admit they were wrong, you might be big or rather old but Sal made sure you left that argument as smooth as a Ken doll huh, so I understand. You may use different accounts and names, but the ugly in you always seems to shine through

  1. Cannot blame the Gunners or ex-Gunners when they said something like that

    Fabregas, Van Persie, Hleb, Cole and Henry left Arsenal for another major trophy, so I expect the relatively lower-paid and hated Gunners like Xhaka might want to leave faster than the legends

    He is no Pirlo, Vieira or Cazorla anyway, hence Arsenal should sell him if there is a good offer. I expect the next deep-lying playmaker to be able to dictate the tempo, create more through balls and not wasting a lot of long shots

    1. Tbh, Vieira did none of those… Because he wasn’t a deep lying playmaker. Just because a playmaker plays closer to the defenders than strikers means that he automatically assumes the role of “deep lying playmaker” without the other players/system needed for him to do so. Heard many people on here say that Santi played that role under Wenger. He didn’t. Yes, he did set our tempo and kept us fluid but it was always primarily Ozil’s job to create. How many defence splitting passes did Santi complete whenever he had to play deep with Ramsey or Arteta(not mentioning Coq cause he actually did his job). Also not sure if you’ve been watching recently but Xhaka has been keeping us moving(ironically) in midfield whenever Torriera decides he doesn’t need a wondergoal and Ramsey tries to show what we’ll be missing

      1. well exactly…

        but unfortunately most fans think they know better when their fifa19 team became champ or listen to the media making stuff up

  2. Damn!

    To be fair, he’s really improved as the season has gone on. At the beginning, it was usual Xhaka, giving the ball away in dangerous areas, but he seems to have sorted that out. That being said, I’d still sell if we got a great offer for him in the summer.

  3. I dont expect him staying that long, he’s jess getting his feets in the right place after years of many inconstitence display, we’ll sell him at gain if he wishes to leave, n investing the money on much better player than him.

  4. This is what fans like to hear, ambition, so I don’t know if it’s a case of him trying to say the right things or if he fully believes these quotes. If we make the improvements, and Xhaka is ambitious, then it’s a match. He knows that we’re aiming to get back up amongst the pigeons, so in this sense it was the right thing for him to say. I also believe that some top European clubs would like Xhaka, his attitude, his character, and with how quick he gets the ball into forwards feet, also he’s a ruff and tumble player and you need that in central players. It seems it was not a waste of 30 odd mil after-all, it took some time, he always had something about him, but he’s much more polished now.

    I wonder if a similar happenstance can produce with Mustafi, similar price, arrived at the same time, and Mustafi has had spells were he has looked productive. Concentration at times, with a decision, a bit like with Xhaka last season, that’s where he needs to improve. He is great aerially, he’s one of our best at winning high challenges, and our set piece defending has improved with the help of himself. I don’t know if he can polish himself up and become the player that we need him to be back there, but I would love to see it happen. The prem can take some time in getting used to, some bloom early and some bloom later in their career. Allot of people are writing him off, as was done of Xhaka, Koscielny, Ozil, Iwobi, and Arsenal’s top four hopes only a couple months back. Pudding, as they say, will tell soon enough. He might be playing for his future, he needs to realize.

  5. This honest Xhaka reply and the instant “eternal damnation” which our accursed social media age brings down upon those who, perhaps naively, open their hearts to all, shows the enormous and unfair pressure brought on all who play at top level in this age. It would be such a shame if yet another player learns through bitter social media curses, the necessity of saying nothing but bland cliches. Ironically , PLAYERS GET UNFAIRLY BLAMED FOR THAT TOO. THEY CANNOT WIN . The tyranny of instant judgement, even without full knowledge of context, is deeply nasty.

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