Year 2020 Premier League table shows how well Arsenal have played under Arteta

Arsenal has become a better team since Mikel Arteta became their manager. That statement in itself might not do enough justice to how improved the Gunners have become under the Spaniard.

Managing Arsenal is Mikel Arteta’s first job as a manager, he had been an assistant manager to Pep Guardiola since he hung up his boot in 2016 before coming to Arsenal.

The Gunners are still struggling to finish this season in a European place, but they are in good shape now.

Ahead of their match against Leicester City, Arteta’s team is on a run of four straight wins in all competitions and three straight wins in the Premier League.

They are just six points off the top five and beating the Foxes could see them leapfrog Wolves into the 6th position if other results also go their way.

Sun Sports just computed the Premier League table from the 1st of January this year and using that table alone, the Gunners would be in the Champions League spot.

The Gunners have played 13 Premier League games this year, and they have won seven of those games, losing two and picking up four draws.

These stats mean that they are the third most in-form team since the turn of the year and only Liverpool and Manchester City has collected more league points this year.


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  1. Same point as city, what a good start to his career, funny as people want mouriho and Anceloti over him, you guys can see the handwriting now.

  2. When he took over, the team was at No.10 on the log. Now we are No.7. Does that that warrant the kind of praises that is heaped on Arteta? The biggest problem with Arteta is to treat players differently

    1. I agree
      I like him and see an identity but great start ?
      He drew at Cherries and at home to Sheffield United
      Lost at home to.Chelsea
      Lost to Brighton
      Nothing different happened when we went to.City
      Oh and he got knocked out by Olympiakos
      So let’s calm down with all this …great start

      1. Dan
        I wasn’t expecting miracles from Arteta and I think he has fared pretty well. We were heading to Championship under Emery

      2. Okay, all you’ve said is right. So u think Mr Mikel Arteta will just come on the scene and wave a magic wand? I know for now that we are no where close to being top class or even elite, but I raise my hands up for Arteta, he’s done a great job especially coming at a time like this when he came to Arsenal FC was going down the drain. Even when pep came, for a time Man city still lost to Arsenal. The Chelsea and Olympiacos match was because the guys were gassed out, and tired plus they had a large run of fixtures so looking at the table, I must say that Arteta has started in a great way cos we don’t deserve to be 12th on the table with our performances, but Arteta has been able to take us up which I say is great

    2. Top Gunner
      I’m confused. In what way has Arteta treated players differently? He gave them all a clean slate

  3. I think Arteta’s major job was to stop leaking goals and he has done pretty well in that department. Although We no more have the same flair we used to going forward.

    I think with time we will be improving on that front as well once we have a stable defence.

    The draws we had early season will eventually prove costly for a champions league place next season But let’s hope that results go our way.

  4. Here’s a breakdown of arsenal with emery/ljungberg and with arteta

    E/L: 23 pts in 18 match 1.3
    A: 26 pts in 15 match 1.7

    Goal scored
    E/L: 24 in 18 1.3
    A : 25 in 15 1.7

    Goal conceded
    E\L: 27 in 18 1.5
    A : 14 in 15 0.9

    Obviously we can all SEE how the team is more solid and compact and playing more like a unit instead of 11 men But it needs to translate into numbers to be worth something.

  5. Arteta needs time,he has not yet gone in the transfer please let the board prove him that it has some set goals for the project and spend a lot in buying a strong midfielder and central defender.renew Auba’s contract plus lac and arsenal will get away to win trophies even next season if they do that.if arsenal can buy party,upecano and under and sell ozil.Then we can celebrate next season

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