YES! Arsenal CAN sign Real Madrid star in January!

The Arsenal transfer target and Real Madrid and Germany international midfielder Sami Khedira will be one of the happiest players in the world about the current international break, because it means that at lest the 27-year old is likely to get to play some football.

It must have been frustrating for Khedira this season, as he has only started one game for Real Madrid. I’m not sure why Carlo Ancelotti is not playing the German after insisting that he would rather see him leave at the end of his contract next summer than sell him.

It seems as though the Madrid boss has been trying to strong arm his player into signing a new deal to stay in La Liga, but reports suggest that Khedira is not keen because of his lack of playing opportunities, so it was expected there would be an almighty scramble to sign him on a free, with Liverpool and Chelsea set to challenge the Gunners.

But Arsene Wenger has been handed a huge boost in his hopes of beating our EPL rivals to the central midfielder, after Ancelotti softened his stance and suggested that Khedira could leave, although he also suggested that his player might want to stay at Madrid, according to a Daily Star report.

The Italian said, “There are indications that he might leave, but I think he wants to stay here.”

I doubt it Carlo, if you are not playing him and he has not made any indication of wanting to discuss a new deal. So maybe Ancelotti’s strange decision to bring Khedira on as a sub in just one Champions League games, thereby making him cup tied, probably meant to put Arsenal off making a January transfer bid, may now just mean that Madrid will get even less for him.

With Chelsea and Liverpool apparently wanting to wait until the summer, Arsenal could be set to swoop and beat our rivals, bag a bargain and solve the midfield problem in one hit.

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  1. ranger says:

    another injury……………

    1. KickAssFan says:

      Diaby: Extra table, plz! I’m expecting a friend.

  2. muffdiver says:

    this is great news….diaby gets lonely

  3. Ljungberg's Cool Red Hair says:

    Please khedira no.

    Good player but his bones are made of glass

    we cant afford another injury prone player

    1. KickAssFan says:

      @Ljungber, relax pal! We signed an injured player once, this is nothing.

      1. G-Force says:

        hahahahaha – made my day!

  4. ranger says:

    now pod is going in jan what the hell with wenger he destroyed so many players
    and one thing i cannot understand why santi played every game for 90 min
    he is out of form but still our old monk gave him chance in front of pod and rosciky

  5. Greg says:

    Very good yes, but too injury prone! I would really prefer jeffrey kondogbia! Great skill, quick, strong on the ball, and aggressive! Coyg!

  6. muffdiver says:

    seen the chilean newspapers/forums, alexis sanchez is getting alot of stick for joining us.
    bit early isnt it? he’s been here couple months ffs give him a season at least!!
    didnt realise he was huge in chile- im talking rooney in england big

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      Can’t blame his fans, if we had a player that was shit and lazy with a stupid agent we would all be screaming blue murder on here.
      His fans see Arsenal as a shit lazy team with a stupid manager that wastes all of Sanchez’s good work.
      Fair’s fair…

  7. Skandalouz says:

    Grzegorz Krychowiak (if Morgan Schneiderlin is unavailable) please.

  8. KickAssFan says:

    I know it’s not so good a thing that he seems to be the only star in the sky for us, but that isn’t a bad thing cuz we do terribly appreciate him.

    1. KickAssFan says:

      In reply to Muff, talking about Sanchez

    2. Big Gun says:

      But you will bite the hand of the man who bought him in the first place.

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Bang! Bang! It’s Big_gun!!!

      2. SaveArsenal says:

        A number of managers wanted Sanchez, it was no ninja style wonder stroke from Wenger.
        Remember his wife wanted to live in London not the bin dipper capital so he signed for us.

        Big gun firing shots using the crease of Wenger’s butt for a sight…

        1. Big Gun says:

          Just like they said RvP wasn’t going to leave because his wife enjoyed living in London. You shouldn’t base your ‘facts’ on assumptions…the point is there WERE other clubs interested in Sanchez, especially after the WC, and it was Wenger who was able to nab him. He deserves credit for it because in my opinion Sanchez is one of the best players in the world.

  9. Andrew AFC says:

    Reus doesn’t want to join us because he wants to win trophies.

    1. mr lean says:

      And Sanchez will be gone in the summer the way things are going.

  10. mark says:

    Too little too late, even IF we did sign him. Wenger is an obstinate out of date caricature of a manager. We are screwed until he does the decent thing and resigns….IMHO.

  11. Big Gun says:

    Listen up people. This going on about ‘AKB’s’ is ridiculous. We are all agreeing that Wenger’s time is coming to an end, the only difference is how and when. Most of you want him gone RIGHT NOW. Please just sit down and think about it for a second. Him getting sacked half way through the season would be disastrous for us, it would disrupt the team and cause more problems than anything else. I urge all of you to exercise some patience and give the man until January to bring in another player or two, and if he does this, let us give him till the end of the season. It really is not a lot to ask for someone who has given us 20 long years of service and done considerably well in that time. Have a heart and give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. mr lean says:

      His time has come to an end and he is living on borrowed time !

    2. Andrew AFC says:

      @Big Gun
      He needs to move upstairs as I have already said today. That’s a thank you but as far as waiting until January, I want someone new in so they can try and mould the team they want.

    3. G-Force says:

      @ Big Gun

      Enough of this ‘have a heart’ preaching like you have also done in the previous article mate. You make him sound like some poor soul doing charity work when he is living in a mansion, earning £8 million per annum.

      As I said, let me guess – if he doesn’t buy in Jan, you switch back to anti-wenger and if he does, you feel high and mighty and come on the forums to heap praise on your false shepherd.

      Your kind is too predictable.

    4. KickAssFan says:

      @Big_gun, I have faith u’ll soon get urself. It’s ok, pal, these things take time. #recovery

    5. SaveArsenal says:

      @Big Gun
      How could it be disastrous for us?
      An ever increasing number of players are disillusioned with him and would be invigorated by an new manager.
      Bould could take full control of the defense.
      Players would be played in position.
      Tactical moves would return to our game.
      Defensive reinforcements would be made; Wrighty has publicly said that he 100% knows Wenger has ignored Bould’s defensive recommendations on positioning and players.
      I firmly believe the team would improve quickly, what needs to be done is plain to see by everyone but Wenger.

  12. Big Gun says:

    As for Khedira, too old and injury prone. Bender or Schneiderlin will do. I wouldn’t even mind Song back.

    1. Thando says:

      Schneiderlin is still pushing for a move to a big club

      1. mr lean says:

        We have to buy him over khedira

      2. SaveArsenal says:

        You do realise Southampton are above us in the table?
        Schinderlin would actually be moving down to Wenger…

      3. goldfish27 says:

        @Thando do you think Arsenal is that big club he wants to move to….Wenger has turned us to a middle Club….his time is up..he should resign or the fans will chase him out..

    2. Tas says:

      Big Gun
      it’s not about who is awalable any more but sadly who will come to us, we have further been labeled the team with no ambition for trophies, AW should drop his stuberness and go all out guns blazing in the January transfer window ower pay if nececery to bring in the best players money can buy and get someone to assist him with fresh ideas and tactics.

  13. Thando says:

    Now rosicky too is putting wenger underpressure he wants to play

  14. mr lean says:

    Wenger gave the title to Man U when he sold them RVP,he has given the title to Chelsea this year by not signing cesc.please Wenger give us a title next year by resigning.

  15. ergs says:

    The simple facts are our manager thinks the title race is over he also knows that Chelsea are miles better then us.
    Yet he also knows why the title race is over and why the gap between us is so big so early on in the season.
    having thought about everything above the obvious truth is the squad he has assembled doesn’t match up to the well balanced age maturity power and quality of Chelsea.
    Wenger may say he didn’t realise this would be the case but looking at both sides on paper at the start of the season it was obvious we were inferior.
    Will he address it in the summer……. Doubt it.
    I don’t see where our side not club as the club is in a healthy state is going forward under Wenger.

  16. mr lean says:

    According to Ray parlour Wenger will sign 2-3 player in January.his chief scout was at the west ham v villa game on Saturday.

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      They were there to watch Jenkinson 🙂

      1. mr lean says:

        That sums up Wenger sending the chief scout to watch our own player !

  17. Twig says:

    If we faced Madrid with this team in the Quarter Finals of the champions league, will you be confident?

    ____________Podolski Sanchez
    Oxlade-Chamberlain Cazorla Diame Walcott
    _____Gibbs Koscielny Hummels Chambers

    1. SaveArsenal says:

      No, Chambers isn’t a right back.

  18. Andrew AFC says:

    TC everyone, I have got to cook.

    1. mr lean says:

      You back in delia mode again mate !

    2. Twig says:

      You must be starving. No wonder your comments have been so OFF. LoL. Just kidding 🙂

      1. Andrew AFC says:

        Lets be having you, anyone for fillet, chips, peas, mushrooms and tomatoes.

  19. Matt says:

    Either Victor Wanyama, William Carvalho or Sami Khedira and I’ll be a happy man. Then Hummels or Pique at centre-back and I’ll be even happier.

  20. TCHD says:


    What will happen when we block the Switch Board of AFC? What will we exactly do lol? Explain to me please.

    Thanks mate

    1. Andrew AFC says:

      It’s a cheep form of protesting where everyone can get involved.

  21. Cashleycol says:

    Pi…… What??? That guy is useless… Wait till he plays for Arsenal. Khedira is not far from average for me… That Schneiderlin boy is far much better,, and in defence….. I hate to say it but Vlaar n Reid are not far from Playing Monreal,,, but still wud be reasonable buys… Monreal seems like an under 12 playing with big boys…..

  22. waslim says:

    I read Ramires might be available. I would prefer him to our current CDMs

    1. Twig says:

      Chelsea won’t sell Ramires to us – FACT. And he’s not exactly a DM.

  23. Dennis says:

    How’s khedira an upgrade to our current squad? He’s injury prone, he’s not a tough nosed, tough tackling, physically intimidating type of player (which is what we need). Our problem is on the defensive end and logic dictates we need a few tough guys to shore up our back-line. We need 2CBS, 2DMS and a RB

    1. HA559 says:

      At most I think we need 2 CB 1 DMF and and get Jenkinson back.
      Realistically Wenger, if he does buy anyone in January it will be just the one CB.
      Probably even sell Podolski and someone else on the cheap to fund the move as well.

      Wenger logic no 4;

      Loans out Jenkinson so he can get experience meaning getting his 3rd season of PL experience. But his position in Arsenal is taken by player with 1 season premier league experience, Chambers.

      1. Dennis says:

        Oh i know, there’s no way on earth wenger would actually buy what we need b/c he knows that would put expectations to win the league high which also means if he doesn’t win the league he would be put to the sword.

  24. fred cowardly says:

    Too injury prone?????

    He has only had injuries from 2013-14
    Before that he played 7 years with Madrid and Stuttgart averaging 35 games per season.
    he played the whole world cup except the final

    Comparing him to Diaby is ridiculous and lazy. Look up his statistics. He just had a bad couple of seasons. Who hasn’t? Ramsey was out for a full season, Walcott, RVP had injuries.

    He is excellent quality and with our fitness coach he will be fine. Injury prone by ass

  25. fred cowardly says:

    Made out of glass?
    So before 2013 he wasn’t made out of glass playing years for Madrid and Stuttgart and NOW he is made of glass. Walcott was out for over 1 season. Is Walcott made out of glass? Ramsey was out for a season. Is Ramsey made out of glass.
    he has had on/off injuries 2013-14. He is no diaby ffs.

  26. mr lean says:

    Shad Forsyth has already said he needs a year due to the mess our current fitness coaching has left the club in

  27. Signing players is just part of Wenger faults, playing them in the right position is another, zero tactics is his biggest fault, he has no new ideas, you can give him Chelsea and he will manage to miss the Title….just read that sacking him in mid season will disrupt the team, well I believe we have been disrupted for the last 9 seasons, things might get worse but down the road investing wisely on a new Manger and players will bring us joy down the road.

  28. seatofthesoul says:

    Are most of you seriously saying you would not want Khedira? That has truly done it for me that Arsenal fans are on this site are just as deluded as they proclaim Wenger to be.

    The reason Khedira is a target (besides being a world class footballer) is he will cost next to nothing. Schneirdelin will go for £25 million+, same price as the other names you’ve called for.

    Khedira is perfect for us, if I had to compare him to a player it would probably be Busquets. Both have great positional awareness, interceptions and can set off attacks with incisive passing.

    I didn’t forget the argument “but he’s not a proper DM”, he’s a world class footballer, if Wenger asked him to play deeper then he would; and comfortably.

    Khedira is a winner, he has a winner’s mentality, and has performed and succeeded on the biggest stages. Do you think maybe on a big CL night that Schneirdelin might be overawed by the occasion?

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