YES Arsenal DO need a new goalkeeper!


Hello there homies. Good day to you all and please put down your pitch forks. I am just messing with you. I felt you could all use a mild heart attack to keep you occupied until our next game with Swansea! Lol. Anyway, on to the topic of today, I believe we all agree that we have a solid squad already. But we will still look for one or two additions in the summer just like everyone else. Coquelin needs a backup. No arguments there. Giroud may or may not need additional competition. It all depends on how Wenger feels about Welbeck and Walcot as striking backups especially seeing that we have a decent amount of versatile offensive players. However, it is in goal that I believe we will DEFINITELY need to buy. Arsenal needs a new goal keeper but not to replace David Ospina. The new goal keeper in question will be replacing Wojciech Szczesny. Just in case you have not worked it out, Szczesny will not stay beyond this season.

Media pundits have been banging on for a while now that Arsenal needs a new goal keeper, but for the wrong reasons. They think David Ospina is not good enough, simply because well, nothing coming from Arsenal is ever good enough for them. And that is the problem with talking points. They rarely get updated. Yes there was a time we needed a new Number One because we had the mediocre Almunia and Fabianski as our only options. But fast forward to 2015 and we have a guy named David Ospina, a world class Colombian international we bought in the summer after his phenomenal World cup exploits.

Surprisingly, many continue to doubt Ospina’s class and I put this down to the fact that he did not start the season as Number one. So he is somehow taking the rap for Szczesny’s failings. The laziness of media pundits isn’t helping matters either because if they did their research, they would realize that Ospina is as good as it gets. He was outstanding for Colombia in the World cup and has been in equally splendid form for the Gunners. I mean, check out his stats. In the 14 appearances he has made for us, we have only lost once – against Tottenham – and Ospina was amazing in that game. We just failed to get our tactics right and invited a colossal amount of pressure on ourselves causing the defeat so Ospina was bombarded nonstop for ninety minutes. I remember that game very well because it was against our enemies down the road. Ospina made save after save and eventually cracked and conceded the goal that made us lose the game. That is the only blemish in an otherwise impeccable Premier league record.

Ospina has since kept seven clean sheets and has 10 wins. Many think we should ditch him for a ‘top goalie’ like Manchester United’s David De Gea, but if De Gea still looks good to most after shipping three goals against Everton and losing his last three games, their argument doesn’t hold water. Even the almighty Manuel Neur shipped in seven goals against Madrid in last year’s Champions league and yet to some, he is god. David Ospina is as good as it gets. End of story.

However, there is the small matter of his current back up in the name of Wojciech Szczesny. If we are one Ospina injury away from being stuck with Szczesny, I think we can all agree that we are not out of the woods yet as far as the goal keeping department is concerned. At the back of our minds, Szczesny is okay as Number Two, as long as he is not playing! But whenever Wenger picks him to play, we all begin to sweat. Szczesny is good but even good these days is not good enough. Consistency is what makes the difference and Szczesny has been anything but consistent. His poor positioning and attention lapses continue to trail him whenever he is in goal. A world class save every now and then is not enough. If he cannot do that week in week out, he remains a weak link in the team.

Chelsea just won the league. Their consistency is what put them above the rest. I am sure many will want to keep Szczesny for sentimental reasons, after all, he is still young and he has been a Gunner since he was sixteen. But let me ask you a question. Imagine that next season, we are tied with Chelsea on points with one game to go and news breaks that Ospina has a broken finger. Will anybody here be okay if Szczesny’s inadequacies cost us that last game needed to clinch the title? I think not. If we want to win the title, we must man up and do what needs to be done. Every position needs two solid players. We don’t have that in goal yet.

But I am confident that all of this will be sorted in the summer because for starters, Szczesny and his dad are too arrogant to admit that Ospina is the better keeper. It is no coincidence that we have looked invincible in 2015 since Szczesny was benched – but then stats mean nothing to some. So young Wojer will not sit on the bench beyond this season, which makes replacing him an easy decision.

We need a new goalie but Peter Cech is not the one. For a start, Mourinho will not sell us dog poo and even if we magically pull off that transfer, Cech himself will not trade one blue bench for a red one – and Ospina does not deserve the bench either. Saying that Ospina should be benched is like saying Sanchez should be benched because Ronaldo and Messi are upgrades. That may be logical but Sanchez does not deserve that kind of treatment and neither does Ospina. Peace.

Uche Edochie


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    1. sometimes i get bittered and pray Cech signs for another team and casillas renews at Real… Just so we could stick with what we really have…… We don’t seem to know the value of what we got until we Lose it…. Barca sold valdes (then world class) just to get Ter stegen and Bravo …. Are these new recuits and better than Ospina? ……. Think wisely

      1. Cech and Casillas are world class…..we cant miss out on them…..

        we have already missed out on Caeser, Mvilla, Capoue, Sissoko, Cabaye, Mbigwa, Fellani, Cahill, Baines etc…..

        1. Non of those guys we missed out on are quality players they are all decent and wouldn’t get in our xll

          As for casillas he has been dodgy for a couple years now and he came out and said he is staying.

          Cech is world class and in my opinion better than coutois it’s just that Chelsea are thinking about the future. The young keeper has had a satisfying season but I don’t see anything too special. Of the goals Chelsea conseeded this season only 2 have been from high shots. This suggest that timo is weak at diving for shots.

    2. All the GKs we have are fine…competition is all they need 2stay at their best.
      Look at barca with vakdes (most mechanical goal keeper i know of) but how much did they achieve with him??????? closest n may b best example r the invincibles with lehman (never convinced me) as a goal keeper n we go on a whole season unbeaten….what am i saying here? all we need is the right force up front n we can challenge 4any thing did u watch what happened 2boateng?????? but hes a good defender just as nuer is the best goal keeper currently but what happened 2him against barca?
      We need dybala, lacazette n may b that southampton midfielder schner…

      1. I understand what your saying but for me it’s consistency we need to keep up

        From working out the average goals per 90min our starting 11 would score in a season based on this years overall performance we have the potential to score 82 goals . That’s allot of goals when considering Chelsea won with an average working out to be 71 this season with more or less a steady xll

        We’re we need to improve is defensivly over the course of a season. However this doesn’t necessary calls for signing in that department when considering ospina starts the season and we have a fit and steady backline now shield by coqulan. The emergence of bellerin will also mean healthy compertition across the back line.

        The most important signing will be a dm because we have no plan b for coqulan who is emense. This doesn’t even have to be a big name just someone who operates in similar efficiency as coqulan and if he is a good passer that helps aswell.

    3. My problem is that wenger wont sign any players this summer and we end up back into 4 th place I kid you not Chelsea, Man Utd and City will spend this summer and i dont think what we have is enough to win us a title next sea season.

  1. Only if we can get cech ant rotate him with ospina, I agree our current backup gk makes me a little scared, I don’t trust schezny in goal….

    1. i dont trust him on the bench either

      he needs to leave together with Martinez

      1. Neither do I…I don’t trust him on the bench…we need a new gk to warm the bench.

  2. “cheLski cleared to sign Dybala in the next few days” ….. Source- METRO,

    i’m definitely having the Last Laugh..

    1. Are you basing this on the fact that he didn’t cost enough, so doesn’t represent the world class superstar you think we should always buy?

      If not, was is your motivation for saying he isn’t good enough?

      1. he never answers… it’s because he concedes too many goals on FIFA. needs someone they rate higher so he can beat his little friends..
        Haha he also doesn’t know how to handle Giroud properly on the game.. (LT Baby!! Beeeeast mode!!) Falcao and Balo are obviously better!

  3. Aliko Dangote is a tycoon and diehard GUNNER. He is with £15Billion richer than Arsenal and stakeholders of Arsenal. He wanted to buy Arsenal and has great ambition for the club but the last time he bid Usmanov and Kroenke rejected his bid. I just wish his dream becomes true.

    1. No thanks. He can stay in Africa with his money, don’t want him anywhere near Arsenal.

      What do people still not understand about allowing these super wealthy guys buy your club? You lose all sense of pride, history and integrity

      I would rather we fail to win another trophy the right way instead of being classed as “just another City/Chelsea”

      1. Exactly… And we did double our transfer record a few years back.. Haven’t exactly been penny-pinchin!

  4. Aliko Dangote is a tycoon and diehard GUNNER. He is worth £15 Billion richer than Arsenal and stakeholders of Arsenal. He wanted to buy Arsenal and has great ambition for the club but the last time he bid Usmanov and Kroenke rejected his bid. I just wish his dream becomes true.

  5. and they all banging in goals and carrying their respective teams to greater height right?…….*clapping*……cept for cahill (whom his team mates are making to Look like world class),when was the Last time you heard of m’villa, ceasar,capoue, sissoko,mbigwa, fellaini, baines, cabaye?…..u see, your delusion and infatuations can be decietful

  6. A lot of decent points in that article, mate.

    I cannot for the life of me understand why you would think that Cech is not an upgrade though. He’s one of the best keepers on the planet. No doubts. If we punt Szcz and bring in Cech it would hugely improve our number 1 options. We then have 2 keepers that everyone would be happy with. On top of that, Ospina would learn tons from the experienced Cech.

    Signing Cech would be the signing of the summer. He would single handedly win us a number of point over the course of the season and be the signing of the summer for us. Regardless of who else comes in. I would love to think we could pull this one off.

    If in doubt, ask yourself this, when was the last time you watched Cech playing and said he had a stinker?

    Then remember how many years and games you have watched this guy play. He is a colossus between the sticks.

    1. @Gorgo ………..keep dreaming pal….you have a very Long sleep ahead of you

      1. Are you actually going to put any substance behind your post or will it remain empty and devoid of anything worth paying attention to?

        1. substance?………..ah! Tired of putting in more substance…..i’d let u put that in yourself

          1. Dude, your responses are fairly staggering in their lack of intellect. I’ll keep playing along until you prove yourself beyond all hope. Why don’t you start by attempting to respond to the points I made, that you disagree with, in a gentlemanly manner? Then we could perhaps have a discussion around them?

            Does that seem like a jolly good plan, old boy?

    2. SO in the last year Cech has played 6 games and makes around 1.13 saves a game. Ospina makes around 1.93 saves a game suggesting he is doing more to protect the Arsenal goal. In Cech’s last season he made 2.26 saves per goal compared to Ospina’s 3.38 meaning Ospina lets fewer chances get into his goal.

      The reason we can’t name a game Cech has played badly in is because we are not Chelsea fans and he hasn’t played hardly this year. I can think of plenty of times Cech has not been brace enough in 50-50 situations that have lead to goals against Chelsea, though his shot stopping has rarely been questioned.

      I will not argue that Cech is not a great player BUT he is a player who wants first team action. Cech is not so much better than Ospina (and is worse according to stats) that he warrants replacing the guy so he will NOT come to Arsenal to sit on the bench. I doubt Casillas would either. Ospina is still reasonably young for a goalkeeper with room to improve and develop his game. I don’t think he’s out of the VERY top draw but then there are only ever 4 or 5 of those around and they are currently at our rivals. Cech is not among them and hasn’t been for a few years – he’s a great keeper but his absolute dominance has decreased as he’s aged, his ability has sloped off and he took a huge step back after his head injury.

      IF Szczes leaves we need to buy or promote Martinez. If we can get a quality older gk and loan Martinez – great. If not, then it’s not the end of the world. GKs are rarely injured and if we accept Ospina is our number 1 then whoever the number 2 is, they are rarely going to add large numbers of points to our total. A solid number 2 is needed – we don’t need to over fuss about the number 1 because we won’t buy better then our current.

      1. Good, reasoned post, man. Gets a ‘thumbs up’ from me.
        I think it’s fair to say that all players want first team action and Cech is no different. I also think it’s fair to say that he will know he would have to fight for his place against a more than capable keeper in Ospina (who I rate very highly, btw). As you have rightly pointed out, Ospina is young and still has room for improvement. I made that point earlier, in that I think having someone with the experience of Cech in the side would drastically improve his game. Just working alongside Cech in training would make him a better and rounded keeper, and that is, in my opinion, another reason why he would be a fantastic addition to the squad. I see Ospina long term as being our regular number 1 but he needs to be pushed and fight for his place, just like the rest of the squad. Maybe I’m asking for too much but I want 2 world class keepers to rely on should one pick up an injury. It’s a vitally important position. I think we are getting close as a team to seriously challenging for the league and I don’t want any chances being taken in the goalkeeping position. I dread to think of the backlash if we were right up there challenging, Ospina got injured, and we lost the league, or went out of the CL, through not having a good enough backup keeper (at the top level).
        Whilst I agree that after the head injury Cech deteriorated (who wouldn’t?) I’ve not seen any signs in the games I’ve watched him, over the last couple of seasons, that he is not a completely dominant keeper. In my opinion he’s still one of the best in the world. At this moment in time I’d also place him above Ospina but that’s just my opinion, and I can see you differ on that front, which is fair enough.
        This is all speculation but if I were Wenger and we had a sniff of getting Cech on board I would absolutely go all out to get him.

        1. If Cech turned up on our doorstep happy to be number 2 then fair enough BUT the whole reason he is leaving Chelsea is because he won’t have assurances…and he won’t at Arsenal either. You’re either dropping Ospina or you ain’t getting Cech – it’s not one or the other.

          In terms of keeper ability I don’t see a huge gap. It’s hard to judge a keeper who hasn’t played regularly in a year. Would it be nice to have Cech and Ospina as our two options? Yes. Would Cech displace Ospina? Under Wenger I HIGHLY doubt that. Would Ospina learn from Cech? Possibly. The bottom line is though Cech won’t be second fiddle to Ospina and Wenger wouldn’t buy Cech to replace Ospina. Therefore the deal is pointless to talk about.

          1. I think it’s safe to say if Wenger does buy him that he will replace Ospina as our number 1. I don’t think that’s much of a stretch.

            He’s leaving Chelsea because one of the very, very best keepers in the world is there. I think Cech would fancy his chances of proving himself to be better than Ospina.

  7. Wenger has said we don’t need a new goal keeper and I agree with him. We have Ospina as our No 1 and Szczesny or Martinez when he comes back next season as our No 2.

  8. perhaps u dunno….. Real reason cech wanna Leave chelski… HE’S PLAYING SECOND FIDDLE TO YOUNG COURTOIS…. Is that any different from sitting on the bench and only playing UCL and FA cup?

  9. Those saying dat we dont need a goalie need to take a look at neuer’s performance last night. He kept d game at 0-0 until 77 minutes thru some magnificient saves, saves wich neither of our keepers can make. He almost managed a draw for his team but barcas masterclass and bayerns terrible defense didnt help his case.
    #my point is, ospina will win us many games, most of dem against lower league teams. But will he win us d big matches against united city chelsea or barca bayern etc in europe? Not so sure

    1. Give him a chance next
      season is the only way
      to find out.
      Would be a real radical step to demote
      him after putting up such good stats.
      Ospina will be our number one
      the only question is will
      Szcz stay as number 2.

  10. substance?………..ah! Tired of putting in more substance…..i’d let u put that in yourself

  11. OoooooooooO0000spina is more than good enough. Of course if AW fancies bagging Neuer or alike then he is welcome.

    What we really need is MESSI! It was Messi who beat Bayern single handedly.

    That’s why IMO if Dybala has half of Messi’s potential/impact I say we would be mental (if we hold any ambition) not to try and secure his services.

  12. 1. Ospina just need to improve more on his handling.
    2. Getting Cech on board Arsenal will new good to show some form of intent and ambition towards challenging for the title. Especially when we are prying a world class player from Moanrinho side.
    3. Walcott’s stalling on new contract again? Sell him and get Dybala man!

  13. Personally I wont be congratulating Wenger or the team until we get a result against UTD at Old Trafford. They are on a poor form and playing absolutely horrendous at the back at times. If we don’t get a result against them I will be very disappointed.

  14. Anyone read Santi’s recent quotes!? He’s staying!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!
    Thought there was an off chance he’d return to Spain next season… So glad he’s staying, such a joy to watch. Love how he’s always smiling as well. Him and Ozil have actually formed that partnership that I dreamed of when Ozil first signed.. Give them another season playing together and it’s only going to get better

  15. Ospina was arguably the best keeper at the World Cup. Well the group stages at least. I think he let in the least amount of goals in group stages.

    Anyway, he truly earned the number 1 spot over Szczeny, so did Coquelin over Flamini, Bellerin over Chambers, Monreal over Gibbs

    He Is a top quality keeper and young enough to be World Class one day
    New GK is not necessary. Just another Top DM, another Top striker and perhaps a young LB

    1. imbula(Playing style similar to diaby minus the injuries)

      Lacazette (if theo goes then this man deserves the no.14 shirt)

      Jordan amouvi (French u21 ranked the best left back across Europe in the last

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