Yes – Arsenal Fans need to act NOW!

Arsenal is more important than Arsene by John Legend

Contrary to what our Big Gun and Admin have previously written, Arsenal Fans need to act and not sit until things get completely out of hand. I would love Arsene to step down but I would not mind him staying if he is ready to find his hunger and zeal of old. His motivating power is obviously draining. We are heading for the ruins at this rate.

We can count numerous ways to blame our manager. He is responsible for our woes. He is the same manager that refused to bolster our defense, he is the same manager that refused to bring in a DM. He is the same manager that refuses to substitute players when things can still be turned around.

Arsene was a great manager for, us, he won us trophies and made us marketable and attractive. I think he should have left when ovation was fairly loud, I mean after the FA Cup trophy. He is past his best, admit it. Suggesting that he is irreplaceable is not right. Cโ€™mon! There are managers that can make the crop of players we have play to their best.

There must be some way to make things right in our Dear Club. Rioting, Protesting and the rest may be too harsh but if no other thing can work, well then, lets have those.

I wrote an open letter to Arsene Wenger earlier this season and some people bashed me for it, we can all see how things are going now.

John Legend.

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    1. The only solution is to send wenger out and replace him with a young ambitoius manager and they are plenty.
      wenger is our only problem whoever believes in him is basing on the past.

    1. Now wouldn’t that’d be nice…
      But I will ask again… At the rate Wenger is going, does anyone around here seriously think we’ll avoid another heavy pounding like we endured against Liverpool, City, & Chelsea before this season ends?

  1. @ John Legend

    Things are already starting to be set in motion as far as social media is concerned. As @royalman mentioned in a previous article, Arsenal’s facebook page is filled with a lot of people saying ‘wenger out’ or writing letters to voice their dissatisfaction.

    1. I really hope something comes out of everything. If Arsene’s stubbornness vanishes as a result of everything, and he also finds some motivation in the process, we are okay for now.

  2. lets say we get a new manager in the name of klopp or simeone or joachim low or laudrup(i really wish we get laudrup though) the first action the new manager will take is make a list approach board and say ” if you want me to win the league or CL get me these players!” do you honestly think the board will grant his wish?! the board will be like ‘i can’t get you hummels but i can get kolo toure for free’. If wenger goes the whole board’s gotta go with him!

    1. @vijaygun,I am with you about Laudrup,people have to know that it s not easy to get big names,they are in high demand,more expensive and less loyal when things don t turn right.
      Laudrup is a young experienced coach who has a pretty effective style of play,good defending,quick passing and counter attack using fast wingers on the flank.i think given time and fund he could become our new legend following the illustrious but fast waning Arsene.

      1. FFS…
        Arsenal is the 5th richest club, loyal and patient board (to the manager), 5th biggest fan base and currently pay their manager the 4th highest wages. Arsenal is a managers dream we can do much better than clueless one season wonder laudrup.
        Even van gal was considering going to tottenham before united swooped in.
        And we should settle for laudrup…

        1. You may look down on him but like I said his style of play is pretty effective,the man is a former legend and he did not do so bad with Swansea.
          Please tell me about the big names coach,most win because they manage the best team with most expensive players(Mourino,Ancelloti etc)some like Klopp have highs and lows,Guardiola started as a nothing with a pretty strong team before to make himself a name,Pellegrini has a bad season with a very strong team,Simeone has no contest for Juv in Italy,Athletico Madrid had one great season let us watch this one now they lost Costa.
          Laudrup can be another Wenger,modest name building for himself a name and he would be easier to get as unfortunately it seems the time is counted for Wenger.
          The Laudrup Revolution

    2. “If you want me to win League or CL” least the manager would have the guts and ambition to say this..

  3. One thing is sure: Wenger wont make a sub until the 71th minute, he wont even if we are playing seriously bad. I can tell you from here, sitting in my room front of the computer he wont make a sub vs even if we are 2-0 down. Its 100% guaranteed. And he will go out with the same gameplan from QPR at home to Chelsea away. He is sooo-so predictable no wonder the likes of mourinho are beating him every time. I seriously think Mourinho thinks that the games against arsenal are one of the easiest. Sit back, hit the counter 2-3 times, plus clean sheet. simple. Wenger is a becoming bad joke..

  4. one thing is for sure.. there is some concern in which Arsenal is performing. I think its good, has to make players, staff, manager and board know what we think.

    OT: have a nice break guys. WE NEED IT.

  5. John Legend, you are living in a fantasy if you think fans are going to protest at the Emirates and hold up banners calling for Arsene’s head. Although we ALL agree the time is soon for him to depart or move up, doing it ‘your’ way is not the right way. Arsene Wenger is and will always be legend at this club but to want to sack him in such a demeaning manner half way though this season is simply not sensible and humane. Wenger was ready to retire just before we won the F.A cup, but then because of this success, he decided to stay on and I don’t recall ANY of you coming onto this forum and calling for his head during that time. Regardless, the fans and the board, and even Wenger himself know that he doesn’t have much longer as manager of AFC, and as someone else mentioned on this forum are probably in the process of finding a suitable replacement WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

    Sacking him right now would cause unrest, disruption and not to mention extreme difficulty trying to sign top players come January window. On top of that, which decent manager will we find in such short notice to lead us to victory and success? Sorry, but I do not want a quick fix. I want Pep Guardiola or someone who we know for damn sure will take it by the horns and drive us to success. Let us not be hasty in Wenger’s departure, let us plan it properly and do it RIGHT the first time.

    1. @Big Gun You @ny gunner and wenger in an alone room can do all the planning and make his retirement plans
      Nobody is stopping you

      We are fed up of this s##t
      We are doing what we feel is right

    2. You must be blind then, bec i can remember plenty of people calling for his head. There is nothing much a new manager could do any worse then Wenger right now. Wenger is the current culmunation of being a complete waste in the moment.

      By the way, Guardiola is not the right man for Arsenal. And no manager in the world downgrades himself from Bayern to Arsenal.

      There are many managers who are better then Wenger. This is what you people have to realise. Finding a new manager is easy, getting rid of Wenger is the hard part. In January he musst be off so a new manager can fix the team.

    3. Big gun although you are a wengerite you do sometimes speak common sense, eg getting rid jan is silly as the new manager would take time to bed in and this would make signing players harder, so I say wenger out at the end of the season even if he gets us 4th( not good enough) let the new manager have all pre season.


      And IMO we can take banners with wenger out if we want to THATS our Perogative

  6. Number one rule to end up changing the club: Dont be so fickle.

    Arsenal fans are like this, we can go 10 games losing every one of it, only to win the 5 last ones before the season ends, and then we end up being pleased with Wenger and Arsenal. ( at least we are in the 4th place, not like Spurs).

    Similar to Giroud, he is terrible through the game, misses chances after chances, but somehow in the end he scores a goal, and by surprise everything is forgiven, and he is a good player after all. ( Ignoring completly the chances he missed).

    During the transfer window. Expectation are high and fans are expecting world stars, they dont come, we get mad, and in the end they buy a player to cool us fans down. Fans say, at least we have bought Sanchez, or , better Welbeck as no one at all. ( forgetting completly that we miss a cb, dm ).

  7. look at Bayern Munich if you want to follow a club lead
    They built a stadium too just like we did

    But now they are top 3 teams In Europe and we are round of 16 champions

    It is simple Their board of directors are German legends and Bayern Munich fans who would never take money over success
    They set out a mission to become the best team in Europe

    In contrast to arsenal board whose board of directors dont give a f##k about club success and don’t care about the fans:-(

  8. I really don’t see why there was need to write an article on this. Just clicking reply to any of the comments by Big Gun should have been sufficient. I know the international break might reduce the quality of articles a bit, but I think we have sufficient topics to keep us going till our next game.

    – Arteta’s contract extension
    – Welbeck’s goal drought
    – Implications of Walcott’s England Call up
    – Recent comments made by Podolski and Rosicky
    – The resurgence of Oxlade-Chamberlain
    – The apparent lack of confidence in Hector Bellerin
    – Gnabry’s return from injury
    – Is our return to the 4-4-2 working?
    – Is the title race really out of our reach?

    etc etc etc. This article reads just like a personal spit-spat between two forum members :/

  9. Ks-Gunner

    I don’t think anyone has forgotten or missed that we have been asking for D/M or C/B’s and a striker last season, it is the very reason why so many supporters are asking for his resignation becouse it’s now been two seasons we are playing with shortage or players below par and as always those positions let us down, if he had just bolster those areas (which the whole world was shouting about even our enemies were telling us day and day out ) we wouldn’t be so angry with him and maybe we could of had extra silverwear in our display cabinet.

    1. We have landed successfully on a comet, but I still can’t use my apple products successfully on Just Arsenal is anyone else having problems from time to time?????? OH yar on the subject of football Podolski should stay ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Getting rid of Wenger now gives a new manager time to assess the current squad and then identify players he needs ready to buy in January.
    Delaying sacking Wenger will mean another transfer window where we fail to fill the positions we need and having to listen to the usual bs from Wenger about working hard on targets and we have diaby back !

    1. I think after 20 years we can wait another 6 months,

      I don’t think any deadest successfully and respected manager will leave their post in midd season, as long as we are in talks with a new manager and we take advice on who to buy it will all be ok, but we are all assuming Wanger is leaving…

      1. Wenger has already taken the club backwards after just over two months of the season god only knows what mess he will leave us in if he is allowed another six months !

        1. We know what’s going to happen, we are going to get knocked out of the CL then FA Cup end up third or fourth, beter then last year but it’s not good enough for a big club with money in the bank.

    2. As much as i hate Wenger , i dont want to seem him sacked. Not because I want to respect him in some ways, but because i respect Arsenal. We are Arsenal. We dont indulge in the monkey business of sacking. Board should tell him in the backroom to resign with dignity. He was ready to do so last season. I am sure this would not be a tough job for the board.

      1. Sensible answer. He does not deserve to be sacked especially half way through a season. If it even does end up getting to that, like you say the board will make sure he ends his managerial career at Arsenal with dignity and resign. There is no chance in hell he will ever get sacked.

  11. I told you guys they will pull out all the stops to protect Wenger. Here is just one good example. This article is written with the intention to divert from the real issues why we want Wenger out. Now I won’t mind him moving up to board level as long as he has nothing to do with managing the team. You see when things get serious at AFC you see people coming up with articles like these. Trying to buy Wenger more time. How much time does this man need? If this does not persuade fans, they will bully them at the Emirates stadium. People should be free to express themselves without intimidation. But there is a minority that want to control the fans.

  12. @big gun, respect man! I think you are 1 of the few here who is ready for debate other than abuse. Tell those that fail to use their brain properly that no decent coach would leave his club midway to join arsenal.

    1. We don’t need a coach to leave his club midway. Bouldie can take over until next summer ๐Ÿ˜‰ One thing that’s for sure, is that we’ll see a much more miserly Arsenal defence ๐Ÿ˜‰ When summer comes around, we can then begin to flirt with all the top, top coaches around the world that are open to join.

      1. That’s another option but we are Arsenal we like to think we are above other midd season sacking scum’s club, he should leave in his own accord.

  13. And people asking for sacking are forgetting that it would be the stupidiest thing to do. No world class manager will join us midway in the season. Let Wenger win 4th place trophy this year and then finding a new manager will be the right thing to do.

  14. In January 2013 a poll done by Arsenals biggest fan group the Blackscarf Movement showed an overwhelming 46% of fans wanted Wenger out. 5% Still believe he is the right man for the job. And 41% he should stay if he changes his approach and change. Well I wonder what that poll would look like now. The only thing standing between Arsenal and a new manager is the very small minority controlling the Blackscarfs.
    Ps did I mention the same poll showed that 96.5% believe the board is not running the team properly and want Usmanov to be given a place on the board.
    If it was not for the minority controlling the masses Wenger would have been gone. But the Bsm are protecting him.

  15. I think everyone deep down knows its time for Wenger to go. The players, the fans, the media, even other managers. Its just a little harder for some people to say goodbye.

  16. Look Wenger will never change how many times did he get ARSENAL won the FA Cup last year and he said there was more to come he had the chance in the summer transfer window to really strengthen the squad and he failed. On the last day when every other Manager was in his office
    Wenger was in Italy referring a match. What does this tell you? But in fairness he did say he would be active on deadline day and he was running up and down a football pitch.
    Wenger put 2 fingers up to the Arsenal Fans once again. Arsenal Fans COP ON the man will never change. Wenger out.

  17. Even Wenger’s biggest supporters probably wouldn’t complain too loudly if he walked away at the end of the season but Arsenal fans don’t have to “act now”. Love him or loathe him, his record for getting into the Champions League is second to none. And let’s face it, that is about all we can hope for this year (which doesn’t make a very strong case for him to stay on).

  18. If I can find “Wenger out” banner or poster or hand bill or flyer at d emirate stadium In our next game, that means we still want Wenger.

  19. I meant to say
    If I can’t find โ€œWenger outโ€ banner, poster, hand
    bill or flyer at d emirate stadium In our next game,
    that means we still want Wenger

  20. This man Wenger has turned arsenal to laughing stuck among other football fans, when arsenal is playing u can’t be so confident gunner ll win d game, arsenal can’t compete in d transfer market, arsenal mostly sign available, cheap and want away players, arsenal signs injury player. let arsenal score 10 – 0, it can still end 10 – 10, he Asene always act contrary to d majority, he lies too, he keeps issues away frm us fans, he also protects d board too much. Substitute only happens after 70th mins even if we r plaing badly, he keeps on using player that r out of form at d detriment of d club, he doesn’t believ in defence, he doesn’t like physical players, most of our players r like paper, he doesn’t motivate d team frm d touch line, instead he throws bottle water on groung to show his annoyance or battle with his Zipper, thank God for puma. He develop player instead of d club,

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