Yes! Arsenal finally blasts his Arsenal flops

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans and other people in the football world looking in will blame Arsene Wenger for any and all problems that affect the club, and to a certain extent they are right because the bick does top with the boss and Wenger has more power at Arsenal than most managers are allowed.

Having said that, I have often felt that the Frenchman has been let down by the players. These are players that are always protected and backed by their manager and so they owe him at least a proper amount of effort when he picks them.

I am not saying that I want Wenger to be more like Jose Mourinho or Louis van Gaal and rule over the squad with a rod of iron, but sometimes I think people need a kick up the arse and after the latest shambles against Olympiacos followed the flat games against West Ham, Liverpool, Zagreb and Chelsea, now is certainly one of those times.

Thankfully, according to a Daily Mail report, Wenger agrees and has done just that by giving them a piece of his mind at the training ground this week.

The prof left them in no doubt that he was furious about the lack of effort, passion and attitude in the latest Champions League debacle. About time I reckon but will it get the response against Manchester United that Arsenal fans and Wenger want to see?

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  1. The fans have let out their frustrations on the team’s mediocrity many times with no real improvement. I don’t expect any from the players, they are used to how they are trained 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. we’ve heard ‘we’re gonna bounce back’ what 3 times already an its barely october loooool
      mertesacker is my biggest concern for this game.

      lets see what these lads are made of.
      bottle jobs cower in the corner, winners come out fighting

  2. Its one thing giving the players a tongue lashing but will AW persist on selecting his favorites even when they not performing…

    1. And that my friend is the key question. And the answer no doubt will be YES!!

      As far as I am concerned the source of the problem is of course WENGER. Not the players, not the fans and not the board. Why are people still not understanding its WENGER and WENGER only who is responsible for us even having this conversation. A conversation we have been having for the last 7 years

      WENGER OUT!!

      1. Ferguson could win the EPL and UCL with current squad 🙁 🙁
        Wenger can’t impart urgency and winning mentality into the team..he is the problem
        Wenger needs to go 🙁 🙁 🙁

        1. Bullcrap my friend… Fergie has 27 years at United and only won the CL twice, he was the most overrated manager in Europe. Had all the money and backing in all that time, the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, City, Liverpool etc could not match his transfer budget for a long time, din’t have to worry about anything other than strengthening his squads each summer and January..

        2. I have been wengers biggest defender, me and my dad always having heated arguments for the past 8 seasons, he can’t stand wenger.. I stopped defending wenger last season because he is looking after himself and does not care what anyone says, I stopped caring last season when he still refused to address our problems. This summer I just about gave up on him, everything was there for him to do something but still let his ego and arrogance get the best of him.

  3. Selecting his favorite players thing is rubbish. He has preferred players alright and so does every tom and dick. He dropped Ramsey or rested him and he is the ultimate favorite with you lot ..didn’t help though.

    He plays Ramsey whenever he can because Ramsey is simply one of our best players and would move if little game time. The reason he is not in middle is because of Cazorla and because when he was last playing there you lot had him for breakfast saying stuff like we are better when he gets injured along with JW and has no discipline. The discipline or lack of I agreed with but you can’t just go back on all that as you witness defeats, no high ground to be had.

    1. agree re ramsey: had a goal called offside. he’s close. and i love his energy. used to favor ox, but ox is going thru a worse patch. hope they both come good. ramsey has come close to scoring several times and i hope he doesnt give up.

  4. Does he expect the players to perform miracles?? You get what you pay for,these players have failed on the big stage time and time again, they were never going to turn into world class players overnight and a clever manager would have realized this and replaced them long ago.But the stubborn manager that wenger is will persist with them until they drop dead,the same way he persisted with diaby thinking he is the next Vieira.Wenger out!

    1. Nope. No one does. But we can expect them to work their bones proportionally with the salary they get. But enough of it, I am past that. In the end is only Europe game where Arsenal were most of the time clowns throughout the history. Extremely entertaining but never past that stage. Look at the bright side : if Wenger has as objective UCL presence then he will have to finish AT LEAST 3rd. When you must fight for 3rd place inevitably you will fight for the title.

      1. Budd what you are saying is rubbish,you don’t fight for 3rd place and win title.You should not only aim but prepare your team to win the title,if you don’t you might be able to settle for 2nd or 3rd. Let me ask you a question,did you think this team was ready to compete at the highest level ? At the start of this season when Wenger didn’t add any outfield player I said and I still hold to it that Arsenal my team will struggle to even come out of the group stage of the UCL and they will be struggling to even finish 4th in the Premier League this year,call me naieve. Who is to be blamed for what’s happening now?the players? No! Its Wenger because he is stubborn,arrogant,self centered and mean,just imagine if the £200m pound was his what would have happened. Part of the present problem is that Wenger takes blame for nothing but ever pointing elsewhere. He need to go because he has been doing this for the past four or five years and getting away with it. He is the reason Fabregas and others left when they did because for 2 years he ask Wenger for help and all he did was promises and mark my words,the same thing is going to happen at the end of this season again,players will leave because of frustration and Wenger. Time for him to go because he no longer has the desire to win.

    2. antiwenger: “these players have failed on the big stage time and time again”:
      sanchez: copa america winner & major contributor.
      ozil: WC winner.
      rest of team: FA cup last 2 years.
      yes, they f**k up bigtime from time to time, but they have not failed on the big stage again and again: they are infuriatingly inconsistent and also poorly disciplined. at this point, i blame wenger 50% for that, and the players 50%.

  5. This disgusting feeling I have, yet it’s realistic: we’re likely to lose against MUFC. Our players talk too much,everyone of them, particularly after a defeat. According to Arsene, there’s no one out there that would have improved the team.

    PS: what do you guys think of Porto? Chelsea were like cake to them.

    1. my mind tells me a draw or MU win. but i hope still that the players will wake up and concentrate and give their all for 90mins (not 89, not 60). if we give our all, we win.

  6. Arsenal looked most
    dangerous on the break.
    Ox Theo and Sanchez
    streaming forward.
    Kinda think we will see Giroud start v Man U.
    Olivier will be stewing the last few days
    and will come out firing.

    1. hes not a sought of stewing come flying out the blocks player.
      he is effective but as a sub maybe

      its hard cos he defends set plays very well and mertesacker is a liability for sunday, so we could use him…but theo means we break at pace an he has been scoring


    2. giroud is always trying his hardest. his problem is not trying . its that he just does not have the level of artifice, forward-thinking or speed of the old RVP, aguero and world class forwards.

  7. i am really worried about this manure game.I have a terrible feeling they will beat us
    cazorla and ozil dont fire against the big teams and the worst thing is that they start together
    #fingers crossed

    1. its pretty obvious they will beat us….

      Wenger can be too stubborn to change his tactics and players….

      a Draw would be a big bonus for us….

      1. it is NOT obvious they will beat us. we can play well when we concentrate. if we concentrate 90 mins, we win.

    2. Should drop ozil, move santi in his position, Ramsey alongside coq and ox on wing. Mesut ozil is only good when others around him are having a good day. I will be surprised if ozil wins us the match.

    3. Should drop ozil, move santi in his position, Ramsey alongside coq and ox on wing. Mesut ozil is only good when others around him are having a good day.

  8. Wenger should blame himself for being a specialist in failure and greed. Who brings all these average players to the club and refuses to spend rop dollar on world class players? him. He’s the one who does not do tactics and he’s the only manager who constantly gets exposed for being a football dinosaur by younger managers. He’s the only one to blame for all this mediocrity that has befallen Arsenal,the sooner he realizes his decline the better for all of us. We need change not some manager who was successful ten years ago… Wenger out.

  9. Why is everyone acting so surprised? I hear people saying we have world class players in Ozil and Sanchez who should take us to the next level, I can understand it a bit, but lets be honest Ozil and Sanchez were rejects from the Top 2 clubs in world football (Barcelona, Madrid). Ozil is labelled world class with nothing to show for it, he has been a joke but still people go on about his Madrid times when the likes of Ronaldo made him look better than he is..

    Sanchez I love but he too is not world class until he can work on his passing and link up, he is the worst passer out of all of our attackers, for a player of his ability he is frustrating, he has refused to vary his game, all he does is run with the ball and cut inside, if he can work on his passing, link up (he dwells on the ball too much when we counter and kills our attacks), if he can sort that out he will be world class to me, he is a very very good, top player but not world class. And I am his biggest fan, not been excited about a signing like i was with him, last time i was that excited was when we signed Hleb and Rosicky..

    So we have 2 players that were deemed not good enough at the very top and we expect them to work miracles. In big games Sanchez is ineffective himself. Let not even talk about Ozil in big games, might as well play with 10 men as it would make little difference.

    Thats where we are.

    1. I really wonder what some people class as world class, i would be the first to say we do not need ozil, but in reference to sanchez as not being worldclass is ridiculous.

      My idea of world class refers to the ability of an individual, to score goals in tight situations, win games on his own, put fear in the opponents heart, win championships or cups and give off a certain charisma.

      You tellme which one he has not done or does not have

    2. Ozil is having trouble with the physical demand of PL.

      After his La Liga and Bundesliga settle in, he will settle in PSG with the Ligue 1 tempo.

      Just like Di Maria that is finding his best form again in PSG.

  10. I’ll be surprised if Van Gaal loses this game. All he needs to do is just making a phone call to Slaven Bielic the Hammers coach.

  11. So we want our players to be motivated and we ourselves are not motivated enough for the Man Utd game? Very well….

  12. Our midfield is all about creativity, no strength and power. Caz and ozil in MD we will keep playing well without result. Why should AW change Rambo position now after he had given a world class performance in cm. Same applied to arteta he was doing well as a cm but AW change him to a DM now is as if arteta never existed. Why should AW continue changing players position after the have proven themselves. Rambo, Walcott, Caz, arteta. AW bring my Rambo back to his position u can play Caz on the rw instead since u need ozil and Caz on the pitch

  13. Too many times AW let down by his players’ poor form.

    Sometimes harsh hairdryer treatment is needed to wake their ignorance.

    Wenger’s being too father figures all the time to his players, sometimes it might not work,

    that’s the reason why too much soft nice guys in current crops so AW can easily manage.

    But FACT is a team will always needs HARDMEN in their team to fight the bullies like costa and to be a leader when things gone wrong and in big pressure.

  14. My line-up for Sunday:



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