Yes, Arsenal lost, but we have still have had an excellent week

We lose, we move on!

Despite losing 1-0 in the home leg to Olympiakos, it was quite a successful week for our boys! They managed to get the job done rather convincingly in Greece last week and fought to the end against Spurs to take home all three points and gain back North London pride.

It was clear to see that the boys were lacking intensity, pace and energy in the game yesterday but given the heroics they performed in the last two games it was no doubt they were flat, tired and failed to score.

I guess as they have progressed to the next round and finished the job in the first game, they can be forgiven as they ended up giving fans a good week in a rather poor season, and they also gave fans a reason to smile after beating Spurs, which is always nice no matter where we are in a season! Add on to that that it was Mourinho’s Spurs and it makes the win even more special! 😉

There is no doubt though that they will have to push on and do so much better in the remaining games of the season in both the Premier League and the Europa League, otherwise it could really end up being a disappointing season if we finish below expectations in the league and do not get the Europa League trophy at the end of the season.

There is still a way to go and no doubt there will be more twists and turns in the league, although I don’t think we will do enough to finish in the top six I do think once again our only route in to the Champions League is by winning the Europa League and if we keep going game by game then I don’t see why we can’t become champions.

After all, European success is due for our boys! Here’s hoping hey Gooners?


Shenel Osman

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