YES! Arsenal OFFICIALLY moving quickly to grab Saints star

It looks like Arsene Wenger wants to get at least one of his Arsenal transfers of the summer over and done with as quickly as possible. On the same day that it is being reported that PSV Eindhoven have confirmed an agreement for the winger Memphis Depay, sources from Southampton have told ESPN that the Gunners have made the first official move for the transfer of Morgan Schneiderlin.

The transfer window in England may not open officially until June 9th, but transfers between clubs from the same association can be done as soon as the season ends and there is nothing to stop clubs and players talking over the possible terms of a move before signing the papers.

The transfer of the French central midfielder to the Emirates, where he will join his international team mates Laurent Koscielny, Olivier Giroud and Mathieu Debuchy, hardly comes as a surprise because there has been a torrent of Arsenal transfer rumours about the move ever since last summer.

It is nice to know, however, that Arsene Wenger really is planning to bring this talented and Premier League proven player to north London and I cannot see anything standing in his way. Southampton have told Schneiderlin that they would let him leave for the right price after blocking his transfer away last summer and the player has revealed that he wants Champions League football.

This sounds like a done deal to me. How about you?

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    1. ESPN at least has some credibility so its good news, but I still take it lightly. But better than Metro or Daily Mail saying this.

        1. Kissass and Leo sitting in a tree “K” “I” “S” “S” “I” “N” “G”.

  1. Get it done quick and spare the fans the usual trauma of transfer window. Wenger did bring in Sanchez on time but stop there. We need someone that will put on his toes in addition.

  2. Wenger is known of pointing at good players for other clubs but if that has happened,then he might be serious because we need D.MIDFIELDER.

  3. Getting Schneiderlin means
    we have two stoppers.
    We see how important
    Coqu has been. We need two for the long season.
    That position which has plagued the team
    and inflamed the fans has finally been sorted
    But seriously why did we f#ck round so long?
    Two Premierships went begging.
    Any way “if” its true great.
    But nothing confirmed
    so will leave the lemonade on ice 🙂

  4. But that’s it coz wenger has been along admirer of morgan.just waiting to welcome him to emirates come in the summer.

  5. If Scherilidin stays fit and no injuries…..Coq will be sitting on the bench for a long time…. and play in FA, League Cup and handful appearance in the league

    1. Don’t agree – Schneiderlin can play box to box so good variety and depth across both those midfield roles if it’s true

      1. I hate d “Box to box” shit. He’s either a dM or he doesn’t come. Period!!!

      2. Then Ramsay and Carzola will be sitting on the bench for a long time and its good bye Wilshere

    2. I’m actually growing more and more skeptical if you’ve ever even watched Arsenal play…

  6. I thought we got Memphis. Bummer. Schneiderlin is also fantastic. Hope his injury is minor!

    1. Wouldn’t get your hopes up on Depay man.. United bound for sure IMO, Simply because of Van Gaal.
      For some reason, despite the fact that United will spend 100’s of millions in the market I don’t think they’ll be all that threatening to us. They were saying the same things all last season and they brought in Di Maria and Falcao but neither have been utilized at all. If they pile in more big names I think it’s going to be the same thing.. A team full of big names lacking any real balance.

      1. Thats a bit of overconfidence. Manchester united big players will come good and stop behaving as if we have achieved something big this season. Its shame we call this our best season, that shows how less ambitious we are. We should challenge for the tittle and try to win it. Otherwise we will just keep on criticizing other teams while teams like united will overtake with us ease. LVG is already looking to win major trophies next season his intent is there to be seen. Wenger so far has not shown anything like that. Finishing 2nd is good but let us not be content with it. If we think next season will be so easy then sorry guys we may be in for a surprise.

        1. This ‘intent’ i’m assuming you’re referring to his spending?
          Like spending 200mil and buying one of the previous seasons most dangerous players on the planet in Di Maria and not finding a consistent role for him in the first team??
          Don’t just say ‘oh their players will come good and they’ll overtake with ease’ based on what?? If all your basing it on is spending well the window hasn’t even opened and we’ve still got a trophy to win

          1. There are strong indication that both Gundogan and Hummels may also join them. Tell me one thing if we are that better than them why are we not leading the race. I can bet people like you will say gundogan and hummels are also overrated the moment a united or city sign them. Di Maria may not have worked but he is a world class player. Look at Ozil, people kept on saying he is shit but at the end of the day class prevails. I was just looking at ADM’s stats and even in his poor season he is the second highest in assists list this season in premier league. Yes we can all pray that di maria flops again but deep inside everyone knows the boys quality.

            1. Erghh and there’s a strong indication that we’re in for Schneiderlin!? you know?? the proven PL performer who’s the blueprint of exactly what we need?? Do me a favour and watch his individual highlights vs Chelsea. He was absolutely phenomenal.

              No, Gundagan and Hummels are brilliant players. But we have 4 CB’s and attack minded mid’s galore

            2. We have no space for gundogan and as for Hummels, sure many would claim he is needed but he has been taken apart by the pundits, lawro, Hansen and co. Aside from that since Gabriel being brought in and chambers also looking good there what is the point.

              We have a go at mertasacker now and again but he is reliable and if he fails we have Gabriel and chambers as back up but he will not fail. What’s the point in getting Hummels.

              Finally I agree that Di maria will come good. He is three times the player of Young. If he decides to stay he will be a force. Depay will not in my opinion hit the ground running and falcao is a flop and will remain so, sorry but he isn’t the same player any more.

              United’s LVG will not learn. He will play players out of position. He will use fancy formations and strategies and he will start to rub everyone up the wrong way.

  7. I wont say anything till it is confirmed but I dont know about other but I am seriously gutted we have not even tried to get Depay. I have followed the lad and he is a gem. a 21 year old winger who can score goals for fun. Yes it may be only dutch league but most of his goals were quality. The boy is built so huge and is perfect for premier league. The frustrating part is he just cost them 22 millions.

    Again Manchester United showing when it comes to attracting promising players they are better than other English clubs even though they are below us.

    1. ‘Again Manchester United showing when it comes to attracting promising players they are better than other English clubs even though they are below us.’

      No… There is no evidence to even suggest we were interested in the first place. Van Gaal’s coached him in the national squad. If he was going anywhere it was always going to be United for that reason.
      IMO there’s far bigger targets to have than Depay.. I rate Ox higher as well.

      1. I know we all support arsenal but can we try to hide our hypocrisy. SO depay signs for united, so now he is no longer a great player. Sorry to hurt your feeling but OX is not even close to depay. Let us stop living in bubble . Depay is a 21 year old kid who is considered hottest property by many legends of the game. Even the great dennis bergkamp admitted depay is something special. Van basten also said the same. He was named top 3 youngster in football now and OX was nowhere in that list but yeah all of them are fools. I have seen the kid in action and I dont rave on every kid I see but he has huge potential to become one of the greatest players.

        1. Ohhh dutch players rate him?? backing him?? shocker…
          Ok.. Maybe the Ox comment is a little bit bias.. And i’m basing that on affection for a current player, but i truly believe he will go on to become an amazing player for us, i’ll retract the ox comment because it’s really not what i was trying to say at all.
          I never said he wasn’t a good player, and i’m aware he’s a great player. Just merely there are far bigger targets if we’re looking for an attacking player.
          My point is that basing your evaluation of our clubs ambition based on one player is absolute madness

          1. Its not one player or just money. I rate wenger but I want to see more intent. Let us not fool ourselves and say we will win the league next season just because we finish 2nd. I am stating the obvious and saying league will become even tougher. Just finishing 2nd or 3rd or 4th each season doesnt not show your intent. Each season we say the same that next year we will win. There should be an end to it. Manchester united have realized that if they dont win the league in next 2 seasons or if they finish out of top 4 they may lose the domination. We have constantly been fighting for top 4 bar this season but never we showed any intent to win major trophies.

            Look I dont care about depay or bale or any other player but truth is we need to sign quality players if we have to win the title. Note I said WIN and not challenge. We need to do better in champions league and not just fill number. These are some harsh truths.

            1. They would be harsh truths if it comes to the end of the window and we haven’t signed anyone. But as i said ‘THE WINDOW HASN’T EVEN OPENED!!’
              We’ve still got a lot of business to do on the pitch.. As I pointed out, you know winning a trophy!? And 90% of players and clubs will be thinking the same thing and still focused on this season. PSV is obviously an outlier as their league is already wrapped up.
              The fact that we haven’t signed anyone in May says nothing, absolutely nothing! couldn’t say less if it tried. You are basing the clubs ambition purely on your assumptions, no facts at all.

              1. It has been harsh truth for past 7 years. The problem with us at the end of each season we forget how bad we were in previous years that we hide our flaws. I bet 70% of our fan base wont even remember that we were 6th in the table during feb. Yes we have bounced back well but that does not mean anything for next season. Teams will get stronger and we have to do the same.

                1. yes and that would have been another extremely valid criticism this season.
                  However, Coquelin and Gabriel have been introduced to the squad, Bellerin and Monreal are looking amazing fullbacks and our results with their inclusion has been up there with the best form in Europe. Also, with Giroud back and leading the line the only game we have failed to score was Chelsea.
                  ‘Does not mean anything for next season’ … yes, yes it does

        2. You talked like ManUre has find out new “Christiano Ronaldo”. We’ll see how good this “Depay” is.

  8. Morgan Schneiderlin
    Paulo Dybala
    Nabil Fekir
    Aymen Abdennour

    There’s Wengers list…

    1. Fekir’s an interesting one… He did mention that he’s the kind of player who wants to play week in week out or he’s not happy. Potential red light.
      The kid is class though.. Just hard to picture where he’d fit in to the team

      1. RW or switch with Alexis, no reason to keep playing Ramsey out there. The rest are pretty obvious where they would slot in…

        1. Ramsey’s recent performances on the right beg to differ. When he’s scoring and passing the way he has been plenty of reason to keep him there. His activity also makes him a marking nightmare especially with our other midfielders popping up all over the place.
          He would also be competing with Ox, Jack, Walcott, Welbz, Gnabry and Rosicky as it stands.. Possibly Silva and Campbell as well. As much promise as Fekir has shown it has been the french league… I’m not disputing that he wouldn’t make a genuine challenge for a first team place but in no way would it be guaranteed.

  9. He would be a good addition, what is to like about him, he can also play more advance, which has mad arsenal midfield selection even more crowded, but let us wait and see.i am not worried about who is coming in, but who may be leaving. Can we challenge without any major addition, i think so, once we stay injure free any team can be beaten. What is evident all our key plaers have been developing chemistry, its basically left now to man management and tactics

  10. we need someone thats is a pure DM….not box to box or field to field or winger next…

  11. When are we going to start strengthening our squad???

    Utd signs Depay and more to come…

    Chelsea has sign a talented young Brazilian…..

    City soon…

  12. Buying expensive players is not the problem but finding the right balance for the team,it then takes a tactical coach to get it right and let me shock you Van Gaal is no longer that coach. Observe his formation,tactics and substitutions against West Brom you will be shock ! Buying Depay is excellent but who are they targeting to take the mattle when Carrick is injure? I prefer Maureen and 2015 Wenger to him,because both coaches study the strenght and weakness of their opositions before and during game,a good example is arsenal vs chelsea in emirates where both coaches cancel each other out in the second half. L van Gaal said he knew Man utd will lose to Everton during warm up. What did he do? Absolutetly NOTHING! Do u think Maureen and 2015 Wenger will just fold their hands? I dont see Van Gaal staying in Man Utd beyond December,Club football is now way differant from country football that needs only occassional technical impetus during competition proper

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