Yes Arsenal worked hard v Chelsea but that should be NORMAL

I am already worried about the next few games coming up for Arsenal, whereas I really should be feeling a lot more optimisitic after seeing the Gunners put on a much more spirited show against Chelsea at the weekend than we have seen so far this season.

The reason for my concern is the way that the Arsenal players like Aaron Ramsey, Shkodran Mustafi and Hector Bellerin have reacted to the draw at Stamford Bridge, because they all seem to me to be way too pleased with themselves for putting in the effort during just one game that really should be the minimum requirement of them every week.

To be honest I always raise an eyebrow when I hear one of the Arsenal players or Arsene Wenger talking about team spirit or fight or the togetherness in the dressing room, because it strikes me as though they are trying to convince themselves about the truth of their statements as much as they are the fans.

At least the German defender, in his interview reported on the Arsenal website, talked about the need for the Arsenal team to keep giving their all and using this as a platform to work from, but I am still a bit sick of hearing it instead of actually seeing it on the pitch every week.

Mustafi said, “Happy? No, because I would like to win games like today. But I think in the end it’s a fair point. I think we had some great opportunities and they had a few at the end. One point at their ground, you can live for that and try to build from this team performance. I think the team performance was spot on. Everyone gave everything and I think it’s really important that we keep going like this.

“It is high tempo. You get games like this, when you have two teams that are both going for the three points. You could see today that both teams did that. That’s what I love about playing in the Premier League because you can see that everyone is going to try and win, try and perform. I think in the end, even though we didn’t get the three points, we performed and now we can go with that into the next game.

“We are a team that are willing to learn. I think that we have to try and build from something and I think we can build form this performance today because we were really well organised when we didn’t have the ball. When we had the ball, we played some brilliant one-touch football. I think we can build from this. We played today against the champions of last season and if you play like this, I think you’ll get a lot of points. We can build from that.”

I and every other Arsenal fan would be delighted if they did, but are you like me in thinking that there is another game just around the corner where we get completely outworked and show no fight or desire?



  1. John says:

    I totally agree with you…….the give all hardwork should be the norm………….and I hope they continue with that consistently…………….this team can win the league title………….if they want to…….

  2. TH14atl says:

    What stood out to me was Mustafi saying that we prefer to win games like this. No one ever comes out and says that. Our British crew that always speak after a decent result/decent individual performance – Ramsey, Theo, etc. – always talk about how a result (usually a draw, a W that we fight back to achieve after a slow start) gives us confidence and the belief that we can kick on and challenge at the top, but nothing ever comes from those words.

    It’s the same song a dance every season – welbz puts some decent games together, misses glorious chances while still scoring a goal or 3, and then gets hurt. Ramsey has 6 poor games in a row, keeps getting in the lineup, puts one above average result together by his standards, folks get excited and fooled into thinking he’s back to “his best”, then he gets hurts. (Ox was the same cadence, but now he’s liverpool’s problem). Theo will score a goal or two, start talking again, and then get hurt (or be found out that he’s average….still).

    We keep getting results against Chelsea, which I’m pleased by, but doesn’t get me excited. A result against City, United, Liverpool, Tottenham, teams that constantly take points off us, that will excite me and show me that we’re going somewhere.

    1. jonfox says:

      TH11atl, You are clearly a real Arsenal fan, writing such obvious truths, which actually made me laugh out loud – with their acute accuracy and world weariness. On Mustafi, it has been said that he doesn not bond with the others and I think your comments show exactly why that is the case. To be honest , I weep when the usual suspects come on social media or TV and mouth the usual platitudes. Whenever Walcott says things like “we fought hard today”, to be honest I want to reach through the screen and strangle him! What on earth does this serial coaster and idler know about hard work! He wouldn’t recognise work if it bit him (and I wish it would , or preferably laid him low with a socking punch!) You are spot on that this team is a team of children in its attitudes; one decent performance and they talk like they have won the treble instead of just shutting up and resolving hard and internally to repeat it week after week, year after, year. But they don’t! let them leave social media to people like me and (presumably) you who have not a millionth of their talent but far more deep love for our club and concern for our club REALLY TRYING THEIR BEST. All the time! Eh Walcott?

      1. TH14atl says:

        I appreciate the shout Mr. Fox. I figured I’d get thumbed down more than up, but that’s alright.
        We just need more guys that lead by example. I think that’s what’s so great about Kolasinac, the man is a freakin monster and every can see it every single time he steps on the field. Makes folks want to jump in the foxhole with him and work their tails off alongside him.
        Hopefully more and more of these guys will speak less and work more, and when they do speak, don’t tell us the junk they think we want to hear, keep it real and get after it. COYG!!

    2. Luke bratzi says:

      It was because we played with 11 team players not 10 with Ozil when he loses the ball and waits for someone else to win it back to give to him again. Must admit though a Walcott on for Awobi last 20 with Sanchez would have made Cahill very bad, Bellerin somehow at times looks clumsy in passing, Koshelni better on right side and Mustafi looked settled. Ramsey played well and had good control at pace and in tight runs Zacka still not comfortable at defending 50-50 balls and goes to ground to easy. Elnenny I think is better in that roll. It’s also time now for Neilson to start now Welbeck out Lacesette needs also Wilshire to feed him Ozil on bench for Wilshire after 60mins. We hadn’t had the pleasure of a strong squad Like this where we can early in second half to change game for a win or to close out. I think we are in for some exiting times now the team knows that Sanchez can go in Jan and we will not be weakened by it. This could be the start of something big and I think Wenger knows it too. If he gets the games like this under his belt fans will be again singing his name that we haven’t heard in years. I’m Happy CB

  3. Sue says:

    Every team goes through a dodgy spell. Look at Liverpool the other week everyone was saying after how they battered us that they’ll win the league bla bla bla.. now they haven’t won in 3! Our dodgy spell came a bit sooner than I was expecting!! Get it out of the way now!
    No team can win every game! We even didn’t on our Invincible season. COYG

  4. jonfox says:


  5. Chuks says:

    that’s what am talking about,do the talking on d pitch not on social media.
    that’s the problem with Arsenal one good game they will all start running their mouth as if they have won d league.

  6. I told u… let support our team… our fans at the bridge got it spot on.. they took over the bridge… let us make emirate stadium a real fortress of support for our team… we can forgive or forget wenger.. but we can’t let go of arsenal for any reason…. please.. our team needs our support like never before it will do there confidence a lot of good… still a bit dissapointed we didn’t win.. it seems we have turn the table against Chelsea in recent time.. soon it will get to their head that arsenal gives them qualms.. we re creating mental block for Chelsea mark my words

  7. Ian says:

    Tired comment I know, but it was a great thing for the team that Ozil was not available. When he fails to press or defend or try to recover a ball that he just lost, it makes the others’ efforts less effective and results in a poor team defensive effort. He’s great against the poor teams that park the bus though.

  8. Ian wrights bruva says:

    We need to find consistency for sure but now two games on the bounce were we have kept clean sheets certainly something to build on, I think we were unlucky not to take all 3 points off chelski.

    1-0 to the Arsenal (before the assitant flagged it offside)

  9. COYG_CA says:

    Off topic, but looks like the Ox is following the same line at Liverspew as he did at AFC. AFC certainly aren’t missing him; he would not have been able to hang with the squad yesterday, that’s for sure. If and when he gets some decent minutes at his new club – oh, just heard he is going to start with 2nd/3rd team players in the Cup match coming up.

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