Yes Wenger can be annoying but he has done great things for Arsenal

Let’s Stop Kicking Arsene Wenger by CS

I’m not an AKB or AOB Cheerleader, and I believe all genuine Arsenal fans want the best for the Club. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and everyone’s right to hold an opinion should be respected by everyone else, even if you disagree with it.

Let’s stop attacking the Boss. He’s still being beaten with the ‘8 Years without a Trophy’ stick, even though we’ve just won Back to Back FA Cups. Okay, the FA Cup is not considered a BIG Trophy now – because there’s little or no ‘money in it’. Not so many years ago, winning the FA Cup would give a Club’s fans – even a BIG Club’s fans the footballing equivalent of a Multiple Orgasm.

Let’s look at the 8 Year thing.
FA Cup win in 2005
Emirates Financial Constraints kick in
Year 1 – 2006 Champions League Final 2006 – 15 Minutes from winning the European Cup.
Year 2 – 2007 League Cup Final
Year 3 – 2008 ECL Quarter Final – League Cup Semi Final – EPL 3rd After leading the Premiership since the previous September until Eduardo had his Leg broken at Birmingham – with a REALLY young Team.
Year 4 – 2009 ECL Semi Final – EPL 3rd – FA Cup Semi Final
Year 5 – 2010 League Cup Final – ECL Last 16 – EPL 4th
Year 6 – 2011 ECL Last 16 – EPL 3rd
Year 7 – 2012- EPL 3rd
Year 8 2013 – EPL 4th and we Led the EPL for 27 Weeks of the Season
Emirates Financial Constraints ease off
FA Cup win in 2014
FA Cup win in 2015
People talk about the 8 Season wait for a Trophy – but we had our share of Finals and Semi’s.
And as soon as the Emirates Financial Constraints eased – we won Back to Back FA Cups.

Arsene Wenger is derided and ridiculed by large sections of the Media AND a reasonable percentage of Arsenal Fans for ‘winning’ the ‘Wenger Trophy’ – ECL Qualification Every Year. ECL Qualification and UEFA Money has paid off the Lion’s share of The Emirates Stadium Debt – if we hadn’t qualified for the ECL every year – especially in the 8 Financially constrained years – ARSENAL – THE ARSENAL – the Club we ALL Love and Support – would be Bankrupt by Now.
Yes – he’s made Mistakes – he does some things that annoy the hell out of all of us – but he’s done a hell of a lot of great things for this Club.

Arsene Wenger – who at that time, could have gone to Real Madrid or Barcelona, and virtually named his price – stayed with the Club, when ALL the Players he brought to the Club, and made World Class Players out of AT the Club JUMPED Ship – No Loyalty from them.!!!!

He will retire one day, and that day is getting closer – as the old saying goes: Be VERY Careful what you wish for.

Chris Scannell

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  1. yea yea just winning us the title again and the champions league and see him become d greatest coach ever.,……. Wenger is just too stubborn is the problem.we have a very strong chance of winning it this season (bpl) but if Wenger had gotten two outfield players in d summer (a fwd and cdm) we would have been sitting at d peak with at least 9 points off the rest d rest by now.but alas his egocentric stubbornness and blind loyalty to some average players in d team is giving us heart aches.however I still see us winning d league this season only that we’ll b doing it in a cinderella story way

    1. Not buying Suarez and keeping faith with super lamp post would be right up their for me…financially speaking off course!

      1. Me damnnnn gonna be pissed if the trophy doesn’t make to the emirates at the end of the season. Excuse me, when would Arsene lead us to ePL glory if not now? Now more the ever we have the chance, this is the perfect season to win this. See, I’m tired of lame excuses from Arsene and his cousins, no EPL this season, he should relocate to old people’s home.

        PS: if a player is not good enof, he’s just not good enof. Screw sentiments, bench or sell him.

  2. Wenger has done well but the truth is he can do better. He can do better with tactics and transfers. Failures to secure the signings of players such as Cahill, Suarez and Hazard were unacceptable in my opinion. And how does one explain the signing of Sanogo or of Kallstrom? Why does Wenger insist to play Ramsey on the wings when he hasn’t the burst of pace required of that position? Why does Mertesacker continue playing ahead of Gabriel? Why was Arteta our DM for so many years (incidentally, Coquelin was only recalled due to an injury to Arteta). Like I said Wenger has done well, but you do feel that he could have done a LOT better.

    1. Smh….. When he should not convert a player, he would; when he should convert a player, he wouldn’t. Why not just go ahead and make Flamini a striker.

      I won’t be surprised if Elneny plays on the flanks in his first game. Jeeeezzzzz!!!! What de heck was Per doing in that game? Henceforth Gab starts and that’s it. Damn it. And to think Theo was our captain??? Whatever, people!!! He was crap.

  3. Good article… Wenger has done well but He can do better before he steps down when he wants to resign from coaching job…

    All I want this season is to win the league.. We have got a big chance of winning it so I really hope we take the chances.

    I’ll go over the moon if we win the champions league but that’s a big task for now as we have Barcelona to tackle.

    EPL, FA cup is reachable…

    UCL…let’s see what happens against Barcelona.

    1. To be honest and realistic, I think we should focus on the EPL, it should be our primary target this season.

  4. I feel we have been through
    this topic 40 trillion times before.
    We all have different perspectives
    so we all end up believing
    in our own opinion.
    Right now I am focused on this season
    where we have a great chance of winning the EPL.
    Southampton next.
    But before that a chance to see Elneny against Burnley.
    Chambers Gabriel Kos Gibbs
    Elneny Ramsey
    Chamberlain Sanchez Adelaide

  5. Spot on!
    “Annoying” is the key word here! ???

    A bit like an old relative, who keeps on telling you the same old stories, over and over again! .. As if, it was the first time that they were telling you ????

    Seriously, Wenger needs to pop a blue pill before picking his starting 11 ?

  6. His choices, his favoritsm, his careless decisions, his blind faith, his narrow mindedness , his tactical ineptness is the killjoy of his entire success

    A very LiL gap seperates wenger from being the greatest

  7. great things like what exactly?
    at the start of his career he inherited the best back 4 + gk in the league… won 2 league titles
    later on i admit he was able to sign good defenders and cdm to build arguably one of the best team in europe at that time…but even with that team he underachieved….. that team was more than good enough to win atleast 1 UCL but he couldn’t even guide them past the quarters. -_-

    in 2005 he sold our leader and one of the best mid of his generation to make way for fabre… we went from a mid beast in form of vieira to a back stabbing p*ssy in fabre…for what?!
    He turned our team of men playing direct football into a group of diminutive sis*ies playing tika taka football for no good reason (it has improved a bit under ozil) … (avg height of 2003-04 mid 184.6 cm…. present day mid 176cm)

    ever since gilberto has gone he hasn’t signed a proper cdm…. he has never been able to build a proper defense…
    This is our best chance to win the league and if he doesn’t win it this time he has to be sacked

    3 EPL titles in 19 years!! WHAT A LEGEND!!! -_-
    Wenger will probably go down in history as one of the most overrated manager of all time.

    PS: plz don’t bring up the stadium excuse. its high time we

    1. Don’t bring up the stadium, well that’s a bit difficult when it all coincides with that time and people like you are the real deluded one’s and you my friend are a very ungrateful person ..not to mention disrespectful. He built a team that no man will ever forget because they achieved what no team has ever achieved and all you can remember is not beating barca when we went down to ten men.

      1. OLO ….to borrow a timely analogy…it would be like the egyptians saying we are so great coz we were a dominant world power 4000 years ago and we built the pyramids and no one has done that since so stop complaining about the crap that followed…

  8. spot on mate.totally agree with u Wenger’s always been like that flash back to 14-15 yrs ago u see him bring in KANU just 4 mins to go while chasing a game only for KANU to deliver a stunning performance within that short time and then u ask y not bring him in 15 mins ago.hmmmmph! typical wenger

  9. If people want their opinion to count well then they should be respectful of the people they are speaking with, and of course they should be respectful of AFC and A Wenger, if they cannot put their opinion across without doing that well then no their opinion does not count. Never liked that saying, everyone’s opinions matter. Well actually no they cant all matter, it reminds me of that old saying beauty is on the inside ..well no physical beauty’s not, it’s only a play on words.

  10. I am an ever grateful Arsenal supporter for Wengers work for the Arsenal football club.
    Unfortunately I feel his time is up and he must make way for a new,younger coach.
    Mistakes will be made, see Man u.Chelsea, Liverpool Real Madrid etc but that for the board to sort out.lts called progress.

  11. There is too much power vested in one man at Arsenal, and all to frequently he makes ridiculous decisions without being called to account. That is my biggest issue with AW at the moment, too many people including AW himself think he is the club, he is not. Arsenal has and will exist for many years befor and after Wenger, and his legacy will depend upon his decisions going forward. He could quite easily go beyond his sell by date and end up tarnishing his management of the club. If he stays on 5 more years and keeps missing top 4 no one will care about any of his othe achievements. He will have made the club a laughing stock.

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