Yes Wenger is arrogant and annoying but so are the Arsenal Fans!

Arsenal Fans are arrogant and deserve nothing.‏ by Galen

Arsenal have definitely got the most arrogant Fans in Europe. Fans all of a sudden think that the players must sell their soul to the club while at the same time we think we are morally superior to other football clubs. Why should our players sell their soul to the club when we have shown no ambition of being a club that wants to be the best club in the world. Building a new stadium and filling it with average players doesn’t make us the best club in the world. Bayern built a new stadium and so did Juventus. But they understood that to be winners you need to buy winners.

Last night I was lucky enough to go to Anfield and yes that was an atmosphere. Liverpool have fallen so low but their fans have never abandoned their team. That is how you support your football club. At Arsenal we believe we are better than other football clubs. We have spectators coming to the Emirates and expecting Magic to happen. The least bad pass on the pitch and you start feeling the nervousness all over the stadium. Pure arrogance from the entire football club.

At Arsenal we are waiting for the big boys to come to the Emirates before we start supporting our team. When Bayern and Barcelona comes to town then the fans are all on point. When Spurs or Manchester come to town the fans are ready. But wait a minute? What about Swansea? What about Southampton? What about West Ham? Where is it written that we must beat this teams? The fans give the players nothing and so they deserve nothing. I rather we have 10,000 fans at the Emirates than having an extra 53,000 clowns in the stadium.

Look at Aston Villa. yes Aston Villa that team from Birmingham. They use to be one of the best teams in England challenging and winning European cups, which is something we have never done in our long history. Where are they now? Football changes and it is not the divine right of Arsenal football club to be at the top.

We act as if we are chosen race that is suppose to dominate world football. I don’t even want to talk about Wenger or Gazidis and Stan. They are clearly arrogant? Wait, we spend £15 million in the 2015/2016 season signing Cech and a reserve midfielder who is of mid table quality. That is a clear sign of arrogance. The manager and the board deserve all the critics they are getting but so do the fans.

You don’t select what games to sing and what games to be in CINEMA mode. If you don’t want to support the team just better stay at home and let 10,000 people do their jobs. Top teams support their clubs regardless of the situation. We boo our players more than any club I know.

RVP, Cesc, Nasri and Henry etc all left the club. They also have one thing in common. They all left and won proper trophies. Why should they be loyal to the club? Why should they stay and cope with the lack of ambition that runs in the entire club? Who’s next? Sanchez, Ozil, Cazorla ? They will get better wages, better support and more successes at about 7 better clubs than Arsenal.

Yes we pay the most expensive tickets. Yes we have spent about a Decade at our new stadium. Yes we do deserve better. But does that mean we boo the team at every opportunity? Does that mean we start singing only when we are losing? Does that mean we should stop acting like a 12th man on the pitch? Does that mean we should support our team only when the big boys come to town? I want everyone to remember that 3 points against Swansea and West ham is the same as 3 points against Manchester City.

What do we expect from Giroud and Welbeck really? One came for £10 mill and the other came for £16 million. Has Welbeck ever scored 10 league goals a season in his existence? Giroud has given all what a 10 mill player should.

The manager and the board needs to do more. Especially in terms of investments. But so do the fans. We have all been very very arrogant as a football club. I even hear fans saying that winning the 3rd FA cup on a row is not good enough. We went 10 years and couldn’t win a Carling cup. All of a sudden the FA cup is not good enough? We are a bunch of clowns and that includes me. A change in mentality is needed from top to bottom.
Galen Sona.

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  1. Yes, we all want Wenger to step down at the end of this season. But all my Gooner friends should zoom out of this whole situation and look at the whole picture. It all starts from the board above who have been awarding such mediocrity for decades now.

    We all need to unite and protest against the board ’cause if Wenger leaves and they do get Simeone or Koeman or Joachim then I figure those managers will stoop down to the dexterity of the board unless any one of them has his own agenda to expedite.

    And for that to happen only the fans are at risk because we invest emotionally and they reap financially.

    1. What?… Do you actually believe that the Board tell wenger what to do? ? ? ?

      Is that why some of the board members have come out and said that we blah blah blah amounts of money to spend on player’s? … Basically, pointing their fingers at Wenger!

      Wenger has more control at Arsenal fc than people think.

  2. Fans like me have been quiet, loyal and supportive from the very beginning of the “transition period”. During that time Wenger has over-achieved and we accepted that winning the title was not the main goal with the limited budget we had. But when he announced there was no more debt in 2013, he made it clear that Arsenal were no longer restricted by financial limitations and were able to compete with the bigger clubs. Between then and now, we have had the opportunity to build a squad capable of challenging on all fronts, but the manager has refused to use the resources at his disposal which resulted us in failing to challenge for the PL twice. If we fail to win this year it would be the third time and for the same reason, not because Wenger was limited by money but because he keeps believing in the spending policies we depended on during our transition years. Wenger and the board keep insisting to fans that we’re in the elite circle and have the ability to compete with the top clubs but time after time they’ve proven themselves wrong and made themselves look like hypocrites. Failing to replace RVP, refusing to improve the severely average squad members on the team, suffering humiliating defeats every season for the last 3 seasons and on top of that making fans pay the highest ticket prices. The manager and the board have continued to lie to us and refuse to change their ways which is why many of us have begun to turn on Wenger and the club. The manager has done a lot for us but it’s clear he can’t adapt to the modern era of football, his tactics are always predictable, his ability to motivate the team is fading each year and the transfer policies he uses allow our rivals and other European teams to attract the players we need. For a club aiming to win the title and challenge for the CL we still look like a club only good enough to make top 4, this is evident with the fact Tottenham and Leicester have been better than us and the fact we have failed to take the opportunity to win the league with our rivals all in transition. Either Wenger must go, or Kroenke must go, or the board must pressure the manager to do better by refusing to back him publicly.

  3. Good article and fair points raised. But how would you have the fans express their frustration at the lack of ambition by the owner and manager and would your method lead to change.

    I think most of us are tired of the repeating cycle.

    I would support Arsenal even if we were 6th or 8th (which we have been many time the last 12 years) and even If Wenger had wasted 50 million on Falcao. I would also support the club if we singed Pep and he turned out not to be able to succeed in the PL.

    The problem is there is no change of any kind and getting ecited about CL football for next season gets a little old after 12 years.

    It would be best for my interest in the club if we finished 5 or 6th this season. At least I could watch if management would finally replace Wenger or I could get excited to see if Wenger would invest in order to get us back to the top 4.

    At the moment I have seen it all too often to really get excited about the future of this club. I guess I have to wait until Wenger decides he wants to retire before the future of this club will change in any direction.

    1. Familiarity breeds contempt!

      Year after year just participating without any real movement. Our football isn’t even that good anymore..

      Cheering on average £140k a week players ain’t easy.

      1. Hahaha ?. .. Yes… Walcott has definitely been pacing himself so that he is fit and available for England during the European championship.

        He will start performing now. .. but don’t expect him to get involved with the tackling side of things, he wouldn’t want to pick up any injuries at this stage of the season.

        His already singing his favourite song:
        Meat pie, sausage roll…. come on England. . Score a goal!

    2. @Jansen
      I agree with your points. I am as angry as everyone. But please lets stop showing our anger during games. How about after the game? The least mistake made by a player and you have got 60,000 fans grumbling. How about support our team when we play West broom at home? Instead of just waiting for Barcelona to come home before we start singing.

      1. @Galen, I agree that showing anger during games is not very helpful and might lower the level of play of insecure players. Whilst loud support will spur them on. To me the only valid excuse to boo the team during a game is if it is clear they are not giving 110%.

        Expressing dissatisfaction after games is probably not the most effective since Wenger always leaves immediately after each game. Banners is not a bad way (but are taken away if they are critical of the manager) or boycotting the first 5 or 10 minutes of a game is also quite effective IMO.

        It’s a pity we don’t seem to have the atmosphere at Emirates that we had at Highbury. It should be a bit intimidating for visiting teams to play at Emirates.

    1. @ Ugabooga
      Fair enough. I am comparing the way we support the team during games and the way other clubs support their team. We assume we must beat a team like Swansea. The stadium is so quiet and comfortable for the opposition team. Lets do our Jobs and support our team. I guess most fans on here have never been to the Emirates. But even on Tv you can tell we have the worst support in the league. That’s because we assume we must beat this teams and that’s arrogance.

      1. Galen, stop blaming the fans.

        With ridiculous prices for entry most local fans can’t afford to go week in week out to support their team. The know I cant!

        The bigger clubs in the PL have all suffered due to an increase in football tourism and corporate entertainment for for prawn sandwich brigade. No where more so than at the emirates. Observers who don’t have any connection with the team but just goi t games because they can (afford to).

        Also, we aren’t the ones paid 6 figure weekly salaries to ‘sell the brand’ so forgive us if we would like to have our spirits raised by our team and not always the other other around.

        Arsenal is a far cry from the spirit of munitions workers getting together for a release and love of the game and Is unrecognisable as a global brand that chooses chooses to invest in what matters most: football an success on the field!

  4. Galen you are drunk again 🙂
    Your article is all over the place
    a complete shambolic ramble.
    However I understand mate.
    Your an Arsenal fan who is paralyzed
    by the “4th place Arsenal conundrum”
    It’s easier to fathom rubik’s cube with you eye brow.
    Our Manager and CEO talk in riddles, while the players
    promise spectacular performances yet miss goals
    from 2 yards but never miss their 90 k pay cheque on Thursday.
    We understand Galen ..keep drinking mate 🙂
    Arsenal are on track to win the EPL for sure……. one day 🙂

    1. @ Davidnz
      Am drunk? lol . Well I won’t change any argument i made above. I said the manager and the club are clearly arrogant in their investments and lack of ambition . No need talking about them. I don’t know if you have ever visited the emirates stadium. But we have 53,000 extra fans in the stadium who are all on Cinema mode. We have a duty to push the team but we don’t.

      Lets do our Job and only criticize the team after the game. During games you can feel the frustration and that even make our players to make more mistakes, cause the become scared to play. I repeat again we cannot chose which game to support and sing and which game to just chill. 3 points against Swansea is the same as 3 points against city.

      1. You are forgetting that most of them fan’s who are in cinema mode are of the higher class… too busy munching on their prawn sandwiches

        This isn’t Highbury! … where everyone could afford to go and make some noise in support of their team!

        The real fan’s can’t afford to go and cheer their team on!

      2. Galen,

        You single out Liverpool as a role model club. What did they do to Roy Hodgson and Brendon Rogers? Yes petitions, walk outs and protests. Now Liverpool have way less money than Arsenal and a worse team for which they expect their managers to win trophies. If I was to say the most arrogant team in the League based on resources/ expectations it would be Liverpool.

    1. Yes he does.
      half the article is about how
      fans should not criticize
      the management or players.
      The other half of the article says the fans have every right
      to criticize the under performing management and players.
      The surgeon General warning.
      Following Arsenal can be hazardous to your health
      especially your mind 🙂

  5. You are right dude.
    Why should we focus on slating the players?.
    What do we expect from players who were only bought for 10 mil 5 mill.
    Why should we blame them because they are wenger favourites.
    I blame the board for showing absurd loyalty to wenger and allowing mediocrity to reign.
    But then again their purpose is only to gain profit and nothing more. Success is just a bonus.
    For the past 12 years fans have still not realised where our place is.
    It is only fantasies that the fans have.
    They still believe that change will come when we do the same things each year and expect different results.
    Our transfer policies and team management are all clear indications about what our objectives are.
    Change will only come when wenger is gone

    1. There was one “kid” in the United team and he scored two goals.
      A much better example would have been losing to Swansea at home when they made six changes fully expecting to get beaten!

  6. I have never had the chance to be at the magnificent Emirates stadium but i dont thnk even if i get there i would scream ma ass out if Sanogo is leading our strikeforce!

  7. well, the way I view it is totally different, I’ve never being a critic of our players, forms rises and dropped with time but the only change we need at arsenal is the coach, at motivational front I think he’s not capable again, he should be replaced. if you want to argue this, tell me Leicester players are better off ours?! a big NO, this is telling you how important a coach’s pep talk might be, They played with strength and might, it’s never too late to change for us especially the man called Arsene Wenger. please he’s either with an Archaic mentality or so Dogmatic.

  8. Benitez the “waiter” is in
    charge at St James Park.
    Rafa to the rescue as his
    Magpies rip the Foxes to shreds 🙂

  9. Whoever wrote that article and referred to fans (who cough out a fortune to watch matches at the Emirates) as clowns must be a Super Clown.

    On the contrary, I think Arsenal fans are far more docile than they should be. If they were half as arrogant as the board or Wenger, then the heat would be more during match days.

    Is it not arrogance for Wenger to feel justified to earn £8m/yr without any pressure for trophies? For over 6 years, the fans defended Wenger with their lives because we all understood the club had financial constraints. Even at that, we were compensated for beautiful football. Now, without any financial constraint, we can’t even mount a credible title challenge nor even play entertaining football, and worse, we can’t even dare to challenge the manager.

    There’s nothing inspirational about Wenger anymore. He is too predictable. Even clubs like FCB, BM, Real, Chelsea, etc who win trophies regularly change managers, to inject fresh impetus into the team. So why should Arsenal stick with a man whose major footballing success was over 12 years ago. For me personally, even if Wenger wins the Treble this season, he should move UP or move out!

  10. It is a problem, a pretty big one actually. The swa game is a pretty good example, you could see the fear and nerves with some players when a pass went astray, and the atmosphere, oh my word. Better support will help kill those nerves and will have players calling for the ball without the fear of letting everyone down. It will also drive players to run more, make more tackles, shoot without the weight of the stadiums expectation. Some people might think well they are paid enough, that’s beside the point, these players are human so will cringe at the thought of letting everyone down.

    We all recognise how there are no real captains or not enough. Well the fans can play a part here, we can give them the extra motivation.

    1. They perform below par evry time there is a good chance to go top, they lose badly to teams with a reserve first eleven, then you ask all of us to let them lose coz they are human? we are human as well, why don’t thy ever hear our cries and do something for the fans? Fourth is not Arsenal status, it’s the mentality of the specialist in failure and his average players he assembled

  11. Yes we are arrogant and annoying

    we want the EPL and other major trophies so badly

    we want justification for all the ticket prices

    we are sick of disappoipointing results and shambolic performances… And want great football!

    What’s the crime?

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