Yesterday’s win was just part of Arsenal’s usual script

You can script this Arsenal season by looking at the last ten! by KM

Arsenal won against a bad Dortmund side sitting in the bottom 3 in Germany, training in the park and playing for pretty much nothing at the Emirates. Dortmund need change as well. Players that played a champions league final and dominated Bayern for a couple of years looked like shadows of their former selves, these are of course the ones that stayed or eventually returned to Dortmund broken. Sadly this win is enough to change the opinion about Arsene Wenger.

This is Arsenal following our season script perfectly. In the champions league the script goes on as we finish second in a group of pretty much terrible sides, then we drew Barca, Bayern, Real or Atletico and we are out in the round of 16. In the premier league we started bad, then we might eventually bring a good spell of results that would help us finish fourth and we might nick an FA cup in 10 years but we will not change.

Fourth spot is not reserved for Arsenal, just because Wenger is our manager. The fact that Wenger has all the stability in the world, finally has some finances and the other top clubs bar Chelsea are in a deep crisis, means anything but a top 3 spot gotten with ease is not good enough. At least for my standards, not the standard of the Arsenal board though.

The board said to the open world “If Wenger has a plan we back it, if not we do nothing”, and a lot of people are totally ok with this. Wenger practically appointed Ivan Gazidis, how do you expect Ivan to come and sack him. Wenger gave Aaron Ramsey chances Mourinho didn’t give to Lukaku at Chelsea just because success now means all to Mourinho.

By doing so, Wenger infects the players, like they owe him something so they stick by him, but some players like Van Persie, Nasri and even Fabregas, knew in their heart Arsenal will not win the league with Wenger and left. But Le prof delivers the money, so Kroenke, who couldn’t care less about the success of the club is happy.

The fact he can say to one of the owners, “come say it to my face” is absurd. Wenger wouldn’t kick that lucrative contract he has unless he knew that even one of the owners cannot touch him. Wenger has even gotten a lot of the fans, as you see the AKBs are back with a bang after that win.

There is something really messed up in Arsenal from the fans and the manager, to the board and the owner. For me it all circles round the fact Wenger has become indestructible in his position. We can have any top manager we want with the resources we’ll provide him. Usmanov doesn’t look like he’ll fire a takeover bid, nor does Kroenke look like selling, so unless Wenger decides to leave for himself, this season and the next will just follow the script.

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. Well, he can afford to say that, because even though Usmanov owns 30% of the club, he doesn’t sit on the board. Would he say that to Kroenke? I also wonder who made those values he was speaking about. Were they also in existence during George Graham’s time?

    1. “The fact he can say to one of the owners, “come
      say it to my face” is absurd.”_______ That’s just it, man. That’s it! Usmanov, though not the owner, is a shareholder and Wenger is merely an employee. So if Usmanov comes out publicly to make such comments, isn’t it expedient for Wenger to defend himself by giving any good excuse he just might have for not buying the very kind of players needed? Or that he actually never had enough fund, unlike what we were made to believe? No! Instead, he spoke like a pompous, arrogant boss, impliedly: “You have something to say, you come to me in person.”

      1. @KickAssFan.
        “The fact he can say to one of the owners, ‘come say it to my face’ is absurd.”

        Ofcourse it’s not. And I think Sumo agrees with me on that!


      2. @kaf
        Whats more interesting is, he said it on an American news station and not on a English one, where the club is based…
        Guess he was hoping to get under Stans skin. Which makes Alisher a double edged p**y for not confronting either men(AW or Stan) face to face with his opinion on how AW is managing the squad…

    2. @Twig.
      “I also wonder who made those values he was speaking about.”

      Ehh… I wonder who made 4th place a trophy!

  2. With Arteta out, I’ll like to see Cazorla go back to his CM role. I like him in the deep playmaker role.


    __________Welbeck Giroud
    Sanchez Cazorla Flamini Oxlade-Chamberlain
    Gibbs Koscielny Mertesacker Chambers

    1. I have some kinda faith in Welbeck, like he could and would become something great for us (he’s got height, strength, pace, can dribble and isn’t afraid to shoot from afar). But he really needs to stay calm and not try to do too much while playing, he should just go out there and try to have fun.

  3. Lets pray and hope it kick starts a revival to the gunners season, and return us to winning ways starting with 3 points at west brom on saturday! Coyg!

  4. when I step up in the place
    ay yo I step correct
    got you all in check
    I got that head nod shit
    make you break your neck
    I got you all in check
    And you know we come through
    to wreck the disco tech
    I got you all in check
    Throw your hands up in the air
    don’t ever disrespect

      1. Don’t come talkin cr#p no more
        I’m de boss put you on da floor
        when I come here 18 yrs ago
        most u kids in dirty nappies y’know
        I’m da king coz I make da bling
        resta you know fu#ckin nothing
        Shake it out.

  5. I know am lot of fans feel as though we’ve turned the corner with the CL win, but I urge caution , wenger still played basically the same team barring forced injurys, he also did his usual subs at the last minute, I’m not convinced anything has changed, we have a few games coming up which will test the team , let’s see what happens, and then let’s see the club put its money where it’s mouth is in Jan

    1. @john0711
      The only thing that changed is what really matters. The squad “showed up and put in a real shift”

      1. @NY_Gunner.
        “(they) showed up and put in a real shift”.
        True word.

        Now their passes are flying quicker (in the final third too). They aren’t dwelling on the ball for too long, and their movement is faster and smoother.

        Though the manager is getting all of the heat (deservedly so), maybe it is trickling down to the players.

  6. Yes Arsenal EPL 4th Place
    ECL round of 16 has been
    the ten year sustainable model.
    Not saying its right or wrong
    just that this is how the majority like it.

    1. @davidnz

      I’ll be damned if I disagree with that thought. It is our reality.

      However, when you say “majority”, are you talking in terms of numbers? Or, are you talking about relevance i.e those with the power to influence decisions?

      1. Fair question.
        The people with real power
        Owner ,Board, CEO, Manager
        Sponsors + season ticket holders
        are behind Wenger.
        I believe 60-70% of the millions of fans
        around the world are behind Wenger.
        The majority of those who would like to
        criticise feel too intimidated or too powerless
        and are just resigned to waiting till
        Wenger finally decides to step away.

  7. Its left to the players to determine if we go on a run or not, the main player i have in mind has to be ramsay who i think has lost his focus and has been distracted by “the stardom lights”, its obvious he needs to get back to the basics to help arsenal begin a good run pass the christmas period. Another player i expect to consider himself a senior player and no longer a kid is OX, the final product and his defensive work must improve.

    Arsenal has the potential to beat anyone we must reach this potential if we want to become number

  8. “The most worrying and alarming moment for me hasn’t come this season. It came in March, just before they went to Stamford Bridge and Jose Mourinho called Wenger” a specialist in failure”.
    If he had said that before Chelsea played an Arsenal side containing the likes of Patrick Viera, Tony Adams, Steve Bould and myself to name but four, there would have been only one outcome.
    We’d have used that as the biggest incentive in the world. Arsene wouldn’t have needed a team talk. We’d have gone out, fought for our lives and rammed those words down Jose’s throat.
    What happened this time? They were four down by halftime and got done 6-0.
    That said everything to me”

    Ian Wright(Sun Nov. 25 2014)

    My personal all time favorite Gunner…

  9. The way you describe it? Sad, but true. And I know I am guilty too! I know that.

    I don’t know what to say, man. I don’t know what to say.
    Hopeless!? I don’t know.

    Still, I continue to dwell in the hope that someday we will begin to see ourselves as WINNERS -with or without Arsene Wenger or Kroenke or the board.
    Come to think of it: who/what the heck is the real issue here?

    In the meantime….

    4th is good for me, thank you Arsene.
    4th is good for me, thank you Arsene.
    4th is good for me, thank you Arsene.

    Thanks David. I’ll just keep on reciting that every match day.

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