Yet again Arsenal are cheated out of points and lose our unbeaten record

Cheated out of points again but it’s come to be expected!! by Shenel

 Yet another game and yet another loss, two in three days and who thought we would be saying that based on what we all had begun to trust and believe!

 Well in the modern era of football with VAR and referees unable to make decisions for themselves unfortunately this is where we are!

Many fans will argue we were cheated yet again and if I give it a few days and the PGMOL will come out and say that Newcastle’s goal should never have stood. That may well be the case but the reality is that it did stand and we lost, and more often than not when a decision is given it is unlikely to be overturned . Even at the end of the game after review it will never change the outcome, it hasn’t done until now and it won’t do in the future, but maybe that is something they should look at changing because if they do it would be interesting to see who would be where in the tables in recent seasons!

Yet, I have said before and I will continue to say for as long as we have these crazy decisions and despicable refereeing decisions in the Premier League and in football in general, that no matter who officiates a match and no matter what decisions are given on field during a game, we have to play for ourselves and not imagine that a whistle or a decision is going to be made after a period of play or an action.

 I say that because I mean that we know we will not always get the decisions we should and the ones we want, so with that we should play for us and do our best to win the game without help from referees, because we know we won’t always get them and more often than not we don’t get them.

In 38 games in a season if we do get decisions and have a good game where we are given decisions from start to finish and not be lucky with it, but we are given those decisions because they are the right ones then it will only be a handful of games if that.

 But the season is a long one and I am sure we will have many more twists and turns and ups and downs to come but two losses in two games in two different competitions within the space of a few days should not and will not define our season!

 We are better than that and better than the referees and the poor and sometimes absurd decisions they make so we should take the anger of the two losses and the poor decisions and push forward to bounce back in our next game because if we let these last two games affect us then we can really kiss our season goodbye!

 Gooners what are your thoughts of the game and the poor decisions yet again?!?

 Shenel Osman



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  1. we should stop blaming referee’s and VAR, let not keep a blind eye to the truth,arsenal didn’t perform well and that is the truth, ls the var and referee’s also responsible for them having one shot on target all match?, and after Newcastle score, what stop them(arsenal) from equalizing..

    1. Sure we were poor from the westharm game.Infact any other referee would have given Kai Red card for the rash challenge

      1. Certainly you should ask yourself why at least 1 Newcastle player didn’y receive a red card; shouldn’t you?

  2. The officiating was abysmal especially for allowing the Newcastle goal stand after it was blatantly obvious the ball crossed the line. Dishonesty should be kicked out of the round leather game.

  3. City,Chelsea,Westham and now Newcastle. I noticed no one mention where Rice was pulled down in the shirt in the oppositions box whereas a lighter one was given to City against Man utd just last week, not even worthy of a VAR check. sad state of affairs but i’m confident it’s not enough to derail our moving train.

  4. Spare a thought for fans of Wolves who have been the victims of four shocking VAR decisions in consecutive weeks..Our game is fast being ruined with broadcasters and pundits focusing on the latest VAR related issue rather than the actual match.Football is becoming a non contact sport which is beginning to bore me quite frankly and before too long referees will cease to have any authority.

  5. I am afraid we have to look at ourselves for the defeat last night. WE/ARSENAL could have avoided that goal last night 100%. Whatever your view on the decision, it was poor from Raya and Gabriel. Raya is smacking us in the face as a really bad error of judgement and some choose to bury their heads in the sand to cover it. We never looked like scoring and that is down to the way we played, nothing to do with VAR or the ref. Yes we can bleat how yellow and red cards were not issued but look at the truth why we lost. Last night and Wednesday. Carry on defending Raya, carry on defending Haverz, carry on defending the inverted full back, carry on defending White. But you are blind for the future, if you do.

  6. Alright then, let’s see what the future holds for both parties. “Blind” or bright, each respective parties will know their fate before end of season.

    1. Respective Parties!!!!!!! What on earth are you on about. Keeping stum and burying your head, doesn’t make you better. We all want trophies at the end of the season. Mistakes can be discussed, you dont need to make out all is perfect. Its not a crime to talk about errors. Its healthy.

      1. You and some on here have had your take while myself and others think otherwise which makes it a case of two parties with differing opinions. And no i did’nt say you’ve commited a crime for pointing Mikel’s decisions as “mistakes”,”errors” etc. All i’m saying is things are not the way you think it is which will be justified sooner or later based on my observation just like you’ve made your points based on your observation. Let’s see who gets it right.

        1. But how can you say, things aren’t the way i think it is. WHO ARE YOU TO SAY THAT? And how can you say, it will be justified, thats arrogant disrespectful and wrong. Its not about right or wrong. Because everyone has many opinions, there is NO right or wrong. But to just not think anything is wrong, is just wrong. It doesn’t mean that something cant be achieved by pointing out mistake and taking your view, we cant speak out and it is all right.

  7. The goal should never of been awarded but that’s Var. The poor Var decisions are worse than those before Var was introduced. However we were poor from the get go and if we start with that line up against Seville I predict more disappointment.
    Pat my reply is I am sad I was right

  8. It doesn’t matter whether we played badly or not if it’s not a goal it’s not a goal.

    You don’t play well Al the says to win the league

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