Yet again, Arsenal melt when the pressure is on…

In a game where we should have been motivated, where there was zero excuse not to be fired up, an occasion which should have been treated like a cup Final, it took at least 70 minutes to show up at Newcastle (and that’s being kind).

The most depressing aspect about Monday is that there are Gooners who are no longer surprised.

Just like they were not shocked we went missing in Thursday’s NLD.

The evidence has been there all season that when the pressure is on, these players melt.

Some of my peers responded that I was negative, had an agenda, etc.

In general, they failed to make any footballing argument to support the evidence in front of them all campaign.

Humiliations at Anfield and the Etihad, the Lane and Selhurst Park, Chelsea and Brighton winning at the Emirates, a horrible attitude at the City Ground in the FA Cup, fear in the second leg of the Carabao Cup. Just a few examples to offer. I can include a handful from last season if you want.

Not even criticism, just a reflection of where this squad is at.

The youngest in the division, of course we would lack leaders and experience.

Yet, Arsenal as a club made that choice.

Arteta has chosen he’d rather build around youth who will be micro-managed, rather than trust creative talent to express themselves.

That’s why Pepe, our record signing has barely started in months.

One of the stats that our fanbase have accepted is how many matches we have failed to score in.

Even at his worst, you could rely on a Mr Wenger’s team to at least make chances.

In the last week we have had to rely on Eddie Nketiah as our best hope for goals!

Not his fault, but what a mistake it now looks to give away Aubameyang without a replacement.

How foolish to put all that pressure on young shoulders to be our main attacking outlet.

Even my biggest critics will say I have been saying this all season, yet have been big enough to say that I would hold my hands up if Arteta proved me wrong.

Alternatively, others now have to say they were proven wrong.

They don’t, they will hide behind their lack of knowledge by insulting me.

They will then spend the summer saying how 5th is progress. Arteta’s employers agree because they have extended his contract.

The Kroenke Family, our manager, a section of our fanbase …. we accept mediocrity.

We have lost 5 out of our last 9 games to throw away a golden chance to qualify for the Champions League.

Worse, we have become immune to the fact we bottled it again.

Dan Smith

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  1. Spurs and Arsenal are two different teams. One is an army of sheep led by a lion and the other is an army of lions led by a sheep. I think I know which one Arsenal is

    1. 100 lions and 1 sheep will always kill 1 lion and 100 sheep.

      so not sure what youbare getting at.

      1. My point is that you can only be as strong as your leader as DaJuhi has shown below. I said once before that I am only scared of Spurs because of Conte. We need another manager who can be a proverbial lion for us as Conte is for Spurs

      2. Talking about lions… We do not have (enough) lions. For example I did not understand why people were so happy when Elneny got a new contract. He’s a soft, good passer with limited creativity but not a lion. Maybe good for Europa League but not CL.
        Newcastle are lions and they would have beaten Tottenham too, last night. Unfortunately we had to play them.
        Sometimes I just dream that Weger left a bit earlier and we hired Klopp. He’s a lion.

    2. Conte got a point at Annfield and won at Etihad. And Spurs just didn’t park the bus, they went there to play. They can be force to be reckoned with next season if they give Conte money.

      We on the other hand were SLAUGHTERED at the same venues, not once but every single season since the Legohead has been here.

  2. As someone rightfully commented last night, if you look at the stats we are not improving at all. The only variable making us look half decent is that Man U, Leicester, Spurs and even Chelsea had relatively poor seasons.

    Ignoring what other clubs have done and just looking at ourselves….can someone point out the improvements so many are claiming like our great defence for example????

    We’ve lost the same amount of games, defence has conceded 8 more goals, dross to watch and still have no plan B when our game plan doesn’t work.

    20/21 Season:
    Won – 18
    Lost – 13
    GF – 55
    GA – 39
    GD – +16
    Clean sheets – 12

    21/22 Season:
    Won – 21
    Lost – 13
    GF – 56
    GA – 47
    GD – +9
    Clean sheets – 13

    1. Your first paragraph sums it up. After yesterday, it dawned on me that the only reason we’ve been in top four contention is due to the atrocious form of Man Utd, Spurs and Leicester, and not because we’re actually playing well. Mind you, Arteta has a contract till 2025 given to him after loosing three straight games. So cheer up and get used to the new normal cos there’s plenty more from where yesterday’s game came from that will manifest in the coming years. At this point, I honestly cannot blame Mikel at all cos he didn’t appoint himself or give himself a new contract.

      1. This is exactly my point. I don’t blame Arteta a bit.
        He didn’t appoint himself.
        The owners and the board are the ones to be blame the most.
        Yeah they have spent quite a lot in recent time, but they have no ambition howsoever.
        In fact one of the reasons why they might be buying into this youth project might be because it will save them a lot of money from transfers and salaries.

        1. That is exactly why we have adopt d this strategy.

          Stans not in it to win it remember only balance his books and keep his investments sweet enough..:)

          This Club died when he bought it. It’s been a downward trajectory since.

        2. Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd, Chelsea, PSG, Bayern Munich, Juventus, City and some other ambitious others DO NOT BUY YOUNG PLAYERS WHOSE TRANSFER VALUES CAN INCREASE. Only at The Arsenal does it happen. Only at The Arsenal do players get kicked away being labelled indisciplined all because the owners want to reduce the wage bill. It tells you the mind of the owners – MONEY

        3. The irony is hiring Arteta will cost them more money down the line as he’ll continue to sign, fall out and bin players..

      2. Be careful,you could be accused of making excuses for other clubs!anyway I agree,in the same way Wenger was blamed for not taking the opportunity he had when Leicester won the title,MA needs to be blamed for missing on the top 4, even if at the start of the season nobody believed we could get CL football,it was in our hands, rivals kept giving us chances so finishing 5th cannot be seen as progress.this was our best chance for years to come.common sense tells us that our usual closest rivals won’t keep struggling,be unlucky with injuries and for sure they’ll invest in their teams this summer.

  3. That’s the truth of it Dan.

    Now! Do you think Arsenal PR department will regret handing a new contract to MA now in the light of our failure or will (because of Stans complete lack of any real ambition in terms of footballing achievements) the entrance to the second tier of European football still be deemed a success? This is rhetorical;)

    Nearly as bad from a PR standpoint as announcing we are to join a super league without any care for fans feelings..maybe we still will and MA can lead us to victorious mediocrity for Stan and his cash cow whilst our fanbase are royally ignored..

  4. Aubameyang, Chambers, AMN, Mari, all allowed to go in January without a replacement. Let’s not even talk about Saliba. We’re still paying Aubameyang, so why not keep him for the remaining six months if he’s still getting our money? Would the combined six months wages of the others have driven the club to bankruptcy? Yet, that’s what has cost us – lack of squad depth. Pepe, who is our most potent finisher cannot get a game and yet, Saka was being overplayed to the ground. We’re too big a club for such inexperience.

  5. This will have a massive effect on the summer transfer window with the players we been recently linked with they want champions league football so the chance of singing them have gone will now only be able to attract average players and continue to rely on the youngsters and would not surprise me if saka leaves as well he deserves to play on the big stage so wouldn’t blame him one bit if he goes!

  6. Tbh, Arsenal dont deserve to be in the cl .They will be
    cannon fodder.
    MA has alot of soul searching to do. Some of the gunners have gone off the boil. Martinelli for one likes to hang on to the ball too long.Thats why there were two NU guys marking him.
    Arsenal build up is too slow. Watch how NU score . Let s wait for end of season.

        1. I don’t know you for gloating. So it seems to me like you’ve lost all faith and given up. But you should cheer up. The manager has a brand new shiny contract till 2025. That means there’s plenty more from where yesterday’s performance came from. Cheer up bro

  7. Worse scenario here is that next season it will be better if we finish in the top 8 because we must just forget about the top 4 and 6 as Man City,Liverpool,Chelsea,Tottenham,Man Utd,Newcastle,West Ham will finish above with this clueless manager and you can even include Aston Villa and Everton

  8. We could have used Bellerin, Auba, Guendouzi, Saliba, Maitland, Torriera, Chambers, our depleted squad depth is on Arteta. The winter window was also on the boss, if we really had that amount for a striker then why didn’t we target someone else who’s needed. The way in which they’ve gutted the team, it now looks like a rookie move.

  9. It just still baffles me how the 2 stooges with little to no experience at all were given jobs at one of the biggest sports clubs in the world? Sporting director and the manager probably one of the most significant positions at the club and they were given to total rookies.

    Can someone tell me another multi billion company that has done this?

  10. I never have hoped for top 4 with this squad to be honest. It was just a fool’s hope, if any. The young players that we have, lose their composure in extreme situations. They become complacent when they have good momentum going, they become nervous when under immense pressure. A winning team doesn’t do both. I don’t know how any coach can change that. It’s their age.

    Agree, Arteta is at a fault for Arsenal to be in this state with young inexperienced squad, but before blaming him, we have to consider what if the owners themselves want Arteta to build the team this way, by coaching young talents for the most part and bringing just a few experienced players to lead the youth? We can’t know what goes behind the scene. This youth team project might not just be Arteta’s doing is all I’m saying.

    By the recent transfer news, it seems the same. More youngsters are coming. Hickey, Marquinos, both are young and they will face the same fate. Their lack of experience will result into inconsistent results next season as well. They will not be at their very best until several years down the line. So, that’s the direction Arsenal is happy in taking it seems.

    1. @Daulat
      The age of the players is but another excuse OJT coach can hide behind. Ten Hag took a young Ajax team to the semis of the CL in 2018/19, knocking out Bayern, Benefica, Juventus and Real Madrid. The right manager, with the right tactics and man management can work wonders…IJS

      1. @NY_Gunner
        Add *with right players* too to your last sentence.
        You seem to rate our young players too much. I’m not so sure about them. Martinelli and Saka are are the only decent ones among the young ones that we have. And they too have lots of room to improve. Martinelli doesn’t have any vision and wastes time on petty duels he can’t win. Saka, I think he’s just burnt out now. But I wonder if Saka can’t manage playing just the league games without fatigue, how will he manage playing Europa , UCL and other cup games between the league games? There is a huge question mark on the fitness of our players, they play like 30 year old tbh compared to other teams with young players.

        Our players are average at best, and besides being young, they don’t have the fight and zeal that comes with the age. Just look at how Newcastle played yesterday. They gave it all they had and more. Our players start doing that only after 70 – 75 min with a goal or two down, and even then that falls short. So, I believe we have good young players with potentials for the future, but they are not there yet.

  11. 4 points with 3 games to go all against teams below is on the Table
    13 losses with no earopean football
    Winter decisions was when it all went wrong the whole world saw the huge risk we are embarking on with a shambles of a transfer that ended up weakening the already weak squad.
    It’s what it is
    The frustration with so many is that we went so close not because of how good we are but the circumstances played well for us but yet again all the amateurish decision came back to hurt us. I was fummed when we spent almost all our summer transfer kit on defensive players when our midfield was our weakest area. How many goals have we conceded for a team with so many defensive signing most of whom are not even better than their predecessors. It’s as if he is just bent on moving out most of the players for reasons I don’t know. Can on sincerely say Teveras is better than Niles or white and Gabriel that superior to Saliba and mavro. A better management would have made us far more better. I fear what spurs can do under conte

  12. It’s laughable that sagna sees this team not challenging for EPL in 2years time but being the champion.

    Then the laugh become louder that Arteta had promised to deliver Ucl trophy with this team in 3 years and 2years of it is gone.
    I don’t blame anyone of them, it’s just an harmless wish.

  13. The annoying aspect is that some arteta faithfuls will defend 5th and see it as improvement. Another sad situation is that we are still going to witness this mediocrity from our coach next season. Some of us Pro artetaout saw it coming. We raised alarm instead, they called us names. How on earth would any coach ship out his experienced players and refused to replace them? It will only happen in arsenal. Next summer we shall be busy going for inexperienced young talents while others are strengthening their squads with quality players. Afterwards, you expect the young lads to perform magic. Whatever you sow, you reap. That’s a natural law.

  14. What did we create tonight that “artetas own CF” would feed off and make the difference? This is for GAI as I asked him this in reply to his own reply on a previous thread.

    If we don’t create any clear cut chances than we are always going to struggle. We are very poor in midfield and in defence and it has cost us dearly

  15. Xhaka and Elneny are only good for low pressure against weaker teams, so we need upgrade on both, so midfield should be the area of most attention. They can’t handle pressure and it’s not due to their will but their abilities. They can’t turn an incoming press into a counter attack. Ball always goes sideways or backwards in most cases. That’s the reason every other team presses us like crazy as we can’t exploit the press. We need better midfielders than strikers.

    Also whatever has happened to Martinelli, his directness is gone, and he’s lingering too much with the ball at his feet. I won’t complain about Pepe as his mind is already set elsewhere it seems, so drive can be seen in him. The players that have the passion and drive lack abilities to pull off their intent. Hope this summer window addresses these issues and bring quality players. There are so many in the EPL, Bowen, Cuccurella, Bissouma, Tielemans, even Trossard is more productive than what we have.

  16. Even the 5th position is as a result of individual brilliant performances of some players. Arteta is clueless and arrogant. He is the problem of the team. I wonder why the board and the owners refused t see this. It will be wonderful if we get 9th next season. This so because, manc, Liverpool, chesea, Spurs, westham,Manu, Newcastle, and of course Everton will be stronger than us while be told to trust the process.

  17. As long as fans keep praising Arteta and blindly fooling themselves into believing this manager is reviving the club we’ll be seeing a lot more of what we witnessed last night! The football under Super Mik has been atrocious if your truly honest with yourself, 250 mil spent and we can barely play forward passes and the defending is still comical.. the guy has never built a football team in his life but we fans must trust the process? Based on what ? The standards at Arsenal is well below any other top club… Man utd tried and failed under Solskjaer as did Chelsea with Lampard but both teams moved them on, but at Arsenal we reward failure and Arteta has failed miserably 26 defeats in 2 seasons with a game to spare – this youth project seems to be a shield to protect Edu and Arteta from criticism while they learn on the job and amazingly they have fooled millions of fans into believing of a process that will eventually come good.

    1. Kev82 so right mate. And last nights performance is a glaring reminder of our mediocrity, and soon even that mediocrity will be something MA fans cling to as we slip further and further away from the elite teams in England and Europe.

      1. Dennis with Edu/Vinai and Super Mik the club will drift off into the abyss that’s the reality. MA fans seem to think because we criticize his work it’s a personal vendetta, some of us have higher ambitions than top 6! we’ve been patient since 2004, and now we’re told to be patient while Arteta learns his trade, this would not happen at any other club. I honestly can’t imagine any top players wanting to play under Arteta so that means more youthful players will be bought this summer.

        1. Many home truths in that post, Kev. As an optimistic fan I like many have too often not seen the wood for the trees. What we HAVE achieved this season has too often been more by luck than judgement – streaky one goal victories in poor performances. I can count the good performances on one hand – far from being unlucky due to referees or injuries we have actually fluked where we are. We actually deserve to be lower not higher than we are now based on our form.
          We don’t know whether the board (to save cash), Arteta himself (for idealistic reasons) or refusals to come from established players are the driving force behind such an inexperienced, naiive squad being assembled, but that’s to an extent irrelevant.
          These guys are 23-24 not 18. They’ve had a full season to bed in. Other managers succeed with even younger squads in shorter periods of time. Arteta is supposed to be a master coach, tactician and motivator and to have chosen these players personally based on football intelligence, determination and potential. So he is responsible for making them perform. But they implode every time.
          I for one don’t see Arteta as arrogant. I like him as a person, and manager’s must believe in themselves or they have no reason to be in the job. But he is stubborn which means he is reluctant to learn, change or listen to others – a fatal flaw for a virgin manager with an idealistic yet impractical and failing blueprint.
          Almost 3 seasons is an eternity in football. Our squad is younger but arguably even weaker than when he came. Potential means nothing unless it is nurtured and realised. Young players lose their confidence, careers and value much more easily than older players.
          It is what it is. Our board won’t change, Arteta has 3 more years and is joined at the hip to Edu. All we can do is keep stating the obvious – that this approach is not working, and hope that either Arteta finally realises and starts learning to be a real manager rather than a theoretical one, or that the fan discontent grows to a level that the Kroenke’s can’t ignore.
          Quite frankly, I have my doubts that either will occur.

  18. Gutless performance. Keeping Chambers and PEA until the end of the season would have been sensible given our susceptibility to injuries. I’m surprised that we’ll get fifth place given we have no player in the top ten PL scorers list. We need a decent striker (15+ goals a season), a proper mouthy captain, and a change of attitude among the team. I remember putting the football on the radio c.30 years ago when driving to circuit training in the evening. If Arsenal were playing I would turn on the radio with confidence Wrighty had scored. I now expect the score to be 0 – 0 or Arsenal 1 – 0 down and chasing the game. I’m not even confident that we can beat Everton on Sunday (or we’ll win 5 – 0 and Spurs will score a late goal to beat Norwich).

  19. Someone said on JA that Arsenal will have last laugh…
    It was too early to say that..
    Actually article heading should have been that Arsenal will become ultimate laughing stock

  20. The plain truth is we needed CL football to get us out of the situation we’ve been stuck in for nearly a decade. But as usual, this squad (served up by a clueless manager) has completely proven that a team of bottlers! Newcastle were the battlers and won it easily. When I look through this team I see a lot of pretenders who claim to play for the badge but in reality could care less as long as the wage comes in. A wage that many of them should feel guilty about for theft! What I saw against the Spud and Newcastle was systematic of what I’ve seen for decades. A bunch of individuals with a lack of belief or passion. Each looking at each other for the answers and a finger to point. It they don’t feel shame this morning they don’t deserve to wear the shirt of our beloved club. As for the manager, he should resign. As should Edu. The club owners are wasting time and money as this clubs is slipping further behind with every cost cutting move they make.

    1. GunneRay I was told Arsenal had to get Arteta tied to a new deal before Real Madrid or PSG got him lol

  21. We have crumbled under pressure for at least 7 years. This is not just a recent occurrence. The only thing we can say with certainty, Arteta did not fix this problem.

    We paid the price for not bringing our summer business in early enough for the beginning of the season and we paid the price for not bringing in a striker this winter.

    I am sure that next season we will not get this close to the top 4.

    We will not be able to attract or afford CL-level type of players. They simply will not join us.

    This is not all on Arteta. He is part of the problem but so is Edu and so is the board and all of those are put in place by the owner.

    This club is not able to attract CL-level managers (or players)

  22. Eddie Howe 6 months in charge 1 transfer window look at how they play. Arteta 2 years odd in charge 5 transfer windows? no style of play. Our defence is horrendous our CM is atrocious and we don’t have any CF. All need addressing in the summer

          1. Don’t bother Sue you’ll give yourself a migraine listing all the reasons he wasn’t nominated 🤨

                  1. I know up after midnight such a wild child 😆 I’m still annoyed about yesterday Sue although I shouldn’t be 😳 I’m not even watching Liverpool game or any football I’m watching are you afraid of the dark on YouTube 😂

                    1. I know right 🤣. Shouldn’t let it get to us, but I’m raging!! Checking out YouTube; some of the comments excusing our capitulation.. 🤬
                      As it’s still raw, do you think we may calm down and think differently in a few week’s time?!! (Thought not 😄)

                    2. Don’t you go acting a hero at your age Sue 😉 I’m joking of course 😄 haha I can’t listen to Aftv anymore Robbie is beginning to sound like a paid actor and that new guy James looks about 12 I think they’re all actors 😂 yeah I’ve seen them Sue I think they are in some kind of delusional state it’s just weird how they keep excusing this 🤡 haha no we bloody won’t the sooner Arteta Edu and that other clown leave the better 😄

                    3. You’re such a cheeky sod 😄 I mainly look (& comment) on Arsenal News Channel on YouTube. Not that fussed over AFTV – have the occasional look..
                      😄👍 counting down the days!!

                    4. Yeah but you like it 🤨😛 I watch Curtis Shaw tv he usually comes out with some good one liners and some nights i watch Lee Gunner definitely not Arteta fans 😆 I don’t think I’ve seen that channel Sue 😳 I’ll have to get on this week and see you give those Arteta fan boys a piece of your mind don’t worry I’ll back you up 😄 I’m not watching Europa league next season I can’t put myself through that again 😑

                    5. Haha, I do! Thanks, Kev – it can be rough on there at times 🤣 And on the Premier League – loads of abuse from Scousers, Chavs, Spuds 😴
                      I may join you; that crappy music, teams you’ve never even heard of.. plus the darts is on 😆

                    6. Well Sue you’ve finally see the light with Super Mik and for that I will help you out 😉 is this another channel ? I’ll get on that too put those scousers in place I rarely lose an argument 😆 that music 😩 yeah playing Rapid Vienna while totts are playing Bayern I refuse to lower myself and we won’t win it anyway super Mik wouldn’t win the conference league 😆 so if we get a wifi password in the group stage and you get offered tickets for free would you still go ? 😛

                    7. Yes the PL is – best to subscribe to both 😉 it’s brutal on the PL one.. the other week a scouser said he hoped my city supporting family member dropped dead.. 🤬 all over a game of football smh..
                      I don’t like going to evening games, Kev. Don’t get home until around 12.30-1 am – that’s late for me 🤣

                    8. Definitely gonna subscribe 😄 I’m gonna get on this weekend 😀 deary me 😳 it was probably some angry teenager sat in his bedroom after losing a game of fifa 😑 yeah I forgot Sue your tucked up in bed reading a Jane Austen classic by that time 😆 title race going to the last day shame top 4 isn’t with totts playing a bunch of cardboard cutouts 😂

                    9. Bloody Saints, was hoping they’d hang on.
                      You know we can’t expect a Pukki masterclass- more chance of a dodgy lasagne from Delia, which could work 😆 Jane Austen 😳 haha! I’ll be glad when it’s all over, Kev- Stranger Things Friday week 👍

                    10. Liverpool had a second string team out 😳 how did we lose to that Southampton team 🤔 haha food poisoning gate again ? I’m not sure totts would even risk Delia’s food 😆 Norwich will probably win and we’ll get beat by Everton you can write the script 😂 I always hear people talk about stranger things but I’ve never seen it I’m guessing your a big fan ? Sue I have literally thousands of tv shows on my tivimate and probably have only watched Frasier in the last 2 months 😯

                    11. You’ve not seen it?? Woah 😱 It’s brilliant
                      At least Frasier puts a smile on your face unlike the football..
                      Forest are in the play-off final.. they deserve to be back in the PL, had a great season.. we’ll make it easy for them 😉

                    12. Unbelievable right ? I haven’t seen the walking dead either 😂 I’m watching your recommendation tonight though 😀 I love Frasier I could watch it all day long but I loved cheers too we grew up watching these shows I remember Friday night’s prisoner c block h then Beavis and Butt-Head 😂😂 haha yeah well you know we’ll defo lose at city ground we just go around in circles how many years have we been on here saying the same thing about Arsenal 😆

                    13. Forest or Huddersfield..both will fancy their chances against us, Kev!
                      The freak 😄👍 loved it

                      Rangers tomorrow- your prediction please!

                    14. Oh you are absolutely right Sue they would I can safely say that Mikel Arteta is the worst Arsenal manager I’ve ever seen 😄 oh I’m going for Frankfurt 2-1 can you imagine Rangers winning EL ? Playing in a farmers league when we can’t even win it how have we got so bad 😩

                    15. Oh Sue I haven’t watched that game back not once another dreadful performance 😳 what do you think the score will be tomorrow?

                    16. Did you see what ian wright said about the season? Is he on the payroll too 😳 if I hear we have overachieved again I’m gonna lose it 😆 let’s hope your heart isn’t right then Sue 😆

                  2. Me too!! Think I’ve heard that more than the Q word 🙄
                    Hahaha can’t have you gutted tonight as well, Kev!

                    1. As an Arsenal fan I will never accept top 6 as progress I don’t care if we’re playing the u17s that should never be the standard of Arsenal nor should having a rookie learn his trade at the club. As long as we are a split fanbase it’s gonna be a long time before the club can get even close to the top 😑 I promise I won’t be Sue but maybe slightly jealous 😂 I’ve always wished we would win a current European trophy but let’s be honest Arsenal are more of a domestic team and not even much of that these days 😂

                    2. I agree with you, Kev. Another divide in the fanbase. I was jealous watching the fa cup on Saturday, so imagine what it’ll be like watching RM beat the Scousers! The thought of making the CL final again is a pipedream 🥺

                      Just so you know those YouTube sites are free – I don’t pay for owt on there

                    3. Funny you mention the CL that ref who sent Lehmann off in the final came out and said he probably should have took more time to make a decision on whether to send him off or not..bit too late now isn’t it? And eto was offside as well I’ve always maintained that 😑 our fans will always be this way Sue you can’t seriously look back on the season and say it was an overachievement some of the football was dire in fact most of it was, even when we won games we were hanging on and I could have slept through half of them 😄 yeah me either I don’t pay for my media entertainment lol. I’ll find you on there and leave you a comment this week so look out for it 😄 i must get ready and get this long day over with 😑 cup final tonight though 😄 don’t work too hard today Sue 😃 xxx

  23. 2nd rate Owner, 2nd rate manager, second rate team (Xhaka et Al). No way will we ever develop fully with Arteta at the helm. He just does not have it. When the best young CB Saliba is discarded because Arteta’s ego was toooo big. When one of the best midfielders is given away, Guendouzi, because he is passionate, then Arteta is stuck up his own backside. This club has become a JOKE.

    1. We could have done with Guendouzi’s passion,determination..I checked some his stats compared with all midfielders in ligue 1,he tops ball progression/interceptions in opponents half,tackles, recoveries..and in others stats he never rank lower than 3rd in the league bar goals/assists…lastly,the boy played 57 games this season,similar to his first season with us when he played 55 games,now compare that with Sambi.

  24. Rabbits in the headlights once again!
    We never turn up on a big occasion – why?
    Oh well, my hopes are crushed once again…roll on the Europa League 😭

  25. He played football for a number of years,and I just wonder how on earth he thought he was going to get Top 4 with the squad he left himself with in January…. sorry excuse of a manager..Has spent too much on defenders and very little on midfield and forwards.Would have done better if he had adopted the same tactics he used against Chelsea…oh I forgot,he has only one spare CB and he was injured and could not play against Spurs while the other one got sent off against Spurs so he couid not again

  26. SEVEN times out of seven we have gone 1-0 down and seven times we have failed to get anything at all out of the game. Now i dont care what anyone says, that say a lot about the players/team and even more about the football we are playing under this hapless manager. No plan B and no dynamic tactics.

    1. That tells you everything about the mentality of this squad, Reggie. Too young and no leaders!

      1. Some of us kept going on about it,MA doesn’t like strong characters,he wants young,nice…players he can easily command and will not question him/his don’t have to be a professional manager to know that you need different characters in a dressing room.

        1. Si, correct and that is smacking us in the face and some are still saying that the Arteta way will come good. Total balony, he cant manage players with attitude, wont tolerate them and he has paid for it. Nicey nicey team, no balls or charachter!!!!!!!!!
          How silly those totally premature celebrations look now.!!!!!!!

          1. @Reggie spot on mate🎯,”nicey nicey”as you “nicely” put it,doesn’t cut it in this league.

        2. Siamois, getting rid of players he couldn’t handle, was explained as clearing out the dross or trouble makers…. the self same players who helped him win the fa cup and the CS.

          The biggest “crime” for me though, was the way the cupboard was stripped bare and not one signing was made.

          Complete and utter mismanagement that blew up in our faces with the spud and Newcastle games.

          1. You have to admit,we have a great PR department at the you rightly stated,getting rid of players he couldn’t handle was justified/explained as getting rid of the for the January window in which we didn’t sign anyone (even for the short term)and the squad left with no depth,they managed to convince some fans that this was actually a very positive one!!

    2. Well Reggie, as much as I agree with a lot of what you say, just to correct you a little, we did go down against wolves and won the game, but that’s still not a good record, yeah 7/8 😂😂

      1. Ok well the stat i saw was 7 from 7, it must have been the last 7. Still pretty poor. I have to say under Arteta i have never been confident when we are behind.

        1. It must have been the last 7 MO, i have just read we have gained just 4 points from a losing position this season THE LOWEST IN THE PREMIER LEAGUE even lower than relegated Norwich.

    1. I did say a few months ago, that Conte is the reason Spurs would be more likely to finish above us.

      I do like some of the things that Arteta does but there are many things he has not developed yet!!!
      like a plan B, tactics and flexible different in-game formations.

      1. Unfortunately, Plan B’s, tactics and formations are what makes football, football. Not great then, really..

  27. I am sure when this season has ended, if people look to the truth, it has been an abject failure and a massive eye opener as to what is to come. Arteta is definitely not the new massiah and he is a very limited manager with little to get excited about. The prospect of Odergaard being our captain of the future fills me with two bits of hope LITTLE AND NO.

  28. Last night game is the perfect game to measure the so called progress made under MA in 2.5 years.heck forget Conté and just look at the job Eddie Howe has done with Newcastle in just few months and like us yesterday they had injuries to key players.they outplayed,outmuscled…us,as a team they were everything we were not.we could see the hunger, motivation and to cap it all,a player we were interested in,scored against us and has been a bit of revelation since signing for Newcastle and he will get only better.speaking of Newcastle,we can now add them as another close rival for next season,since Howe took over,their form would have them 3rd if the season started in January.imagine what he can do with one summer transfer window and a budget of around 150-200 and a full pre-season under his belt??

    1. Thing is Si, i have no faith that any signings we make will be any good to us. I honestly believe the team is not getting the help from the manager.

      1. You’re right,it doesn’t matter how much money we spend this summer,if it is on the wrong players,we need players with more than technical ability, both strong physically and in character,leaders…but by the look of it,it doesn’t like happening.the players with whom we have seriously been linked , another 2 ×19 years old players,just more of the same.only recently,I was calling for a proper beast of a DM and was told that we had Partey,as much as I like him he is not it.i remember people criticising Arséne Wenger and rightly so ,for not buying a DM,how long has he been gone now?yet the club still hasn’t done anything about it.😌

        1. I think Gabriel is the nearest thing to a beast, who likes a battle we have but i dont think he is that great at controlling the game with his powers. We lack leaders (where have we heard that before) and fighters. I think White was an absolute waste of money, i shudder that Odergaard could be our captain and the way we play doesn’t make us progressive but passive.

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