Yet another Arsenal player wants out – Alarm bells anyone?

Another player desperate to leave Arsenal by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, another Arsenal player wants to leave. This time it’s not just online rumours. Ainsley came out and said he wants to go somewhere where he is wanted.

You have to ask the question of how much can you get from a player who doesn’t want to be here? Xhaka wanted to leave, eventually didn’t, we made him captain and you all know what happened.
Ainsley has been an Arsenal player for a while now and he’s made it clear multiple times he wants to play in midfield. That hasn’t happened even though we are short in this department and I see why he wants to leave.
Add Bellerin and Willian and it’s just unbelievable. Remember how Arteta lauded the talent of Willian? We promised Bellerin he’d leave, we have Chambers and Cedric (God knows why) and AMN, why is he still here?
These decisions lie on Arteta. Just like the fact we can’t win a header and there’s a certain Saliba at Marseille dropping solid after solid performance. What does that tell you?
Arteta is a tyrant. And the players want to leave, because the board are backing him and they don’t see what else there is to do. At this point keeping Arteta means stabbing ourselves with a knife until we bleed to death.
This is by far the worst Arsenal I have ever seen. It’s impossible to perform better in such a toxic environment and it’s largely down Mikel Arteta. Hopefully by October 1st he will be put out of his misery.
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  1. Do you want people to leave for nothing all the time ?? The player you talking about never was first choice under any manger. He wants to be cm no manger found him suitable. Xaka Roma wanted him on the cheap. All players arsenal trying to get them out no one wants to pay for them ..and all left over from previous manger you and I liked so much but you have to be fair and honest it’s a huge problem .

  2. Grow up ffs. AMN doesnt get selected, nor Nelson, nor Willian we should be delighted they want to leave. Cause for concern! Jesus.

  3. MA is out of his depth at Arsena.Once upon a time,Arsenal were one of the top 4 and then top 6.It was invited to join the super league.
    Soon it will be a distant memory.The invincibles is now history.If Arsenal dont improve their fortunes by seasons end,it will sink further.
    As for Ma,he must go back to basics.Imho,he has been tinkering too much
    We will have to wait till Setp 11

    1. Friend, Even the mighty Arsene Wenger lost hold of top 4 once other managers outsmarted him, I rememenber one season we finished top 4 by a point and the players celebrated on the pitch which even the league winners would not do!Regarding the super league, AC Milan who for years were in a position worse then us were invited, not forgetting our noisy neighbors.No big deal.
      Invincibles is history – correct, neither did the great Arsene Wenger ever repeat it nor other greats – Klopp, Pep, Sir AF, Jose Mourinho, etc, do not hold on to that.
      For the gunner faithful having poor memory, we are used to bashings, spankings, whippings by others. This is the frst for Mikel, got to feel sorry for the man, the players are just not up to it. Who signed Chambers, Holding, Kolasinac, Xhaka, Elneny, Laca? The players are so poor that even Campbell suggests Conte not to be near the Arsenal team.Enough is enough of this Mikel bashing, wait till he gets all his players ready and match fit,.

      1. No on asked MA to start with Kolasinac against Man City
        He had his signed player Mari on bench… He should have started with that..
        But he chose Kolasinac..
        Cedric is MA’s signing
        Letting Saliba on loan is MA’s mistake..
        If Kolasinac can start as a CB then I don’t understand why Saliba can’t
        I still believe Bellerin is much better RB than Cedric and Chambers but he simply look demotivated by his body language and attitude… It’s MA’s duty to motivate players if someone is showing demotivated instead getting rid of them…
        We don’t have CF like Giroud or Lukaku or Kane anymore then why MA’s tactics are always going byline and put 1000 of crosses in box when no one is going to attack…
        This is MA’s tactic not the managers before him…
        I don’t agree Torreira would have played as bad as Xhaka in midfield… In Fact we need player like Torreira with Partey when you have Odegaard and and Smith Rowe playing in Attack…
        And Partey is certainly not Defensive Midfielder…. He is more of Box to Box CM.
        Everyone sees we need hard hitting DM in Midfield and if we can’t get player like Bissouma then at least reignite your tactics and play with Torriera who absolutely fantastic in his 1st season…
        MA could have easily use Torriera alongside Partey and if he still wanted Xhaka then he could have used 4-3-3 formation with Torriera playing deep line DM who will only protect back 4, Xhaka as deep line play maker because of his long range passing and Partey as Box to Box CM who will support front 3 and Back 4 at times..
        Here in this formation he could have used that 34 Millions which he spent on Odegaard in buying some quality winger like Raphinha… There could’ve been many things MA could have done with players which he had… But he is a protege of Checkbook Manager who will always have the excuse of players which he haven’t bought….
        We have to accept he is mediocre manager

        1. Kedar, oh Kedar! So what exactly is the role for Kolasinac, is he not paid to play or seek a transfer elsewhere like Willian? If he is paid, he needs to play to our acceptable standards or quit, oh if case you want another Ozil like situation, “no play only pay”. Every one who watches Arsenal agree that Belerin is finished, cannot play to our standards.If he is accepting our millions per year, why is he undermotivated?Can he not be undermotivated when accepting his payment and forfeit it? Another Ozil situation ” no play only pay”
          If you watched Torrera play, he rolls onto the ground even if an index fixed is poked at him, so what can be your logic for Simeone to bench him?
          None of AMN, Nelson, Eddie will never make it big, so what is the big deal if they move?So did Iwobi, Walcot, Wilshire, Gibbs, Ox etc!!
          Transfers are for players to move, CR7 moved to ManU, so Allegiri and Juve should weep about it? Did he dump them both? Mbappe to Real Madrid? Anyone doubts for PSG and Poch? Enough of Mikel bashing. Next the tea lady will catch a flu, blame Mikel for that too?

      2. Loose Cannon, once again just to save your precious Arteta you splashing dirt on Wenger. You so called clown Arteta is no match for Wenger. In 20 odd years how many times has Wenger finished out of top 4? While in 1 complete full season Arteta has achieved the honour and went one step ahead not only finishing outside top 4 but out of Europe completely. Now don’t start saying all rubbish that league was easy and he had better squad blah blah because that is all nonsense. I don’t know why people think as football has progressed it has become more difficult to win stuff. You don’t see the same issue with in case of people like Renieri who won nothing but claimed a title in his later years.

  4. While one person people want to see back off has no plan to leave at all. Perhaps Arteta is doing another Ozil but because he is Arteta people will find an excuse for him. I bet if it was Ozil then 90% ppl in comment section would be abusing the hell out of him. If fans wanted Ozil to cancel his contract and leave because he failed then so has Arteta why most same people are not making same demands from Arteta?

    1. Arteta is not at arsenal by merit he is there by Spanish beats my understanding what credentials did they (Stan karaokes see in appointing a novice in Arteta!!

  5. Players say they want to leave clubs for a variety of reasons.
    AMN wants to be a regular in a Prem first team which is understandable & Xhaka might just have wanted to get a pay rise.
    Managers want to get players out either because they’re not good enough or because they have attitude problems.
    Unless you’re part of the coaching staff your unlikely to get remotely close to the truth.
    After 3 games in, (one against the current Prem champions and the other against the current European champions) its way too early to panic.

  6. It has been three years since the fm left.Tbh,he shd have left ten yeras ago after the 8-2 debacle followed by further humiliation against the top teams lateron.
    While other teams like the foxes and spuds have been challenging,the gunners remain stagnant.
    Arsenal need a kungfu master to fight agai nst opponents not his protege.The latter needs time to finetune his skills.In the meantime,the opponents have recruited kungku masters with a black belt and win more prizes.
    Its obvious who will win:a black belt holder or one with yellow belt

  7. Konstantin, whilst I too think Arteta should go, your article is absolute rubbish. All the players that you are saying want to leave are doing so because they are already on the transfer list.
    It is very possible that other players may ask to leave as the team is not performing as they should. But until such time as regular first team players ask to go please refrain from such misleading articles, as it does your cause no good at all.
    Your one valid point was regarding Saliba, but it was lost amongst all of the misinformation.

  8. Maitland Niles is typical of the confused malaise Arsenal has experienced since 2016.
    Like Utd (8 years, 4 managers + 800mill spend)
    has found we too were completely unprepared transitioning from a two decade manager.
    Yet many of us had been calling for a complete clear out and a rebuild since 2016.
    Our pleas fell on deaf ears.
    Emery was actually a complete genius getting
    5th and making the EL final.
    Arsenal sacked him because top 4 was “expected”.
    Arteta’s two 8th placed finishes finally
    jolted Arsenal back to Reality.
    So Arsenal has been reborn in June 2021.
    Clearing out the fat.
    In Young high ceiling high resale value players.
    Players and fans must totally buy in or jog on.
    Saliba, Guendouzie and Niles have not bought into the process so are being loaned out to see if they can improve their attitude.
    The new normal has been hampered by covid meaning clearing the fat will have to wait till the market improves.
    Covid, injuries and a horror early draw
    has seen most fans already giving up just 4 months into the new project.
    Not me.
    As long as we are top 12 after 14 games
    and in the top 10 by Xmas I am definitely on board.
    I predict top 6 in May
    Its all about being realistic.

    1. when you talk through your arse about high ceiling/high resale players are you referring to White and Ramsdale, who we paid well over the number for…can you tell me what would have to transpire in the next 4 years for us to make a profit from these two particular purchases…just asking oh great purveyor of nonsense…must be nice when, like the hierarchy at this club, you can wantonly move the goalposts whenever it best suits your catch of the day narrative

    2. i agree, its a long season. I am of the Sparky Anderson school.
      “Lets look at 1/4 way through the season.” So i will reserve judgement until after match day 10.

      1. Sparky Anderson managed in a League where each respective team plays 162 games and a playoff format is employed, so one doesn’t have to finish in first within their own division to be eligible for the postseason, thereby making this line of logic problematic, to say the least…now, of course, when Sparky last patrolled the dugout less teams were eligible for the post-season, even so, this comparison still doesn’t meet the apple-to-apple requirements…I would say this though, as a general rule, I likewise don’t think a season is lost within the first 3 weeks, but my concerns regarding Arteta ability to meet the difficult task at hand didn’t start 3 Fridays ago, it started when he made a conscious decision to choose his selfish managerial inklings over the best interests of the club, following our rather fortuitous FA Cup victory…the recent failings in the window, so far, and the piss-poor start to the season simply exacerbated those aforementioned concerns

    3. Ur comment is better than the article if guendouzi can get his head out of his… then we got exactly what we need from a new cdm without buying (if not Guido.R), then Saliba is coming back next season with decent prep, for a 1st attempt at Prem football so … hes hopefully good enough that article’s like this one won’t destroy his career prematurely, and if/when we sell bellerin we got one near 30 rb and 2 other, Calum and AMN the latter is better rb … i think we need his pace there, but let them fight it out this season keep the winner replace the loser with that dude from Norwich, rotate the two, happy days
      …. oops sorry I forgot.. nab Isak, or Vlahovic and while your at it put xhaka out of his misery and replace him with Fabian Ruiz

  9. For all his faults I doubt Arteta is the reason why we can’t get rid of players.
    Except for Amn probably.

    It’s because we want to much for basically poor players.
    And that we put them on silly wages that that other clubs will not match.

  10. The fans and supporters got what they wished for. They wanted Wenger out and money To be spent. Well here we are, how does it feel? £400m spent, wage bill as high as ever, bottom of the league, 4 seasons without Champions League, as opposed to 22 consecutive ones, still no titles. 1 fa cup as opposed to 3 in the 4 before he left. I always said he should have left after the CL defeat, but I also said be careful what u wish for as he was over achieving.

    I hope you can now all trust the protest and suck up the crap, cos it’s the fans and kroenke that brought us to this cess pit, arteta was just the lead ring that helped it sink.

    The supporters are the ones to pay.

    1. I totally agree. This is worst Arsenal for 30 years. Considering its available resources, Arsenal has over archieved with Arsene Wenger. But fans did not respect that fact. Over demanded, they kicked AW out and now fully deserved today’s reality. Top 10 may be the best result, for this season. 10-15th places should be more realistic.

    2. Nonsense. Just because we hired absolute dross after AW, doesnt mean it would be anything better if he stayed.

      Regression started with AW and would’ve continued with him too.

      1. That is a very fair point. AW didn’t manage to maintain top4 and I very much doubt he’d have regained it.
        Absolutely no ambition from the owners to compete at the highest level

  11. The topic should really be how can Arteta say to William he can win the CL in his 3rd year. We were miles off and worse.
    This is an inherit problem though, to stop this falling.
    I’m still in belief that we continue on this path for now to see as if we build the staff we can create the structure to help the club.

    Overmars would be great to work alongside Edu. Edu can focus on south America more too and Overmars can take care of europe more and also put into attack ideas.

    Regarding Willian thou, feel for him cs he never won the CL and chelsea won it last year too. That must of hurt. He could of been a top performer but we in truth needed more.

    M.Niles I would sell ideally to Everton cs they are our rivals (like it or not) and they did well buying Gray. I would take it as a compliment and utilise him more as a squad player. I dunno if he wants to play midfield, I dont see him there long term. He plays it safe too much and looks for delicate thru balls, which means he must dictate play but he cant. As a Right back he could see more joy finding himself attacking wide. Its up to him. It’s like Bellerin, he has more to give I feel but he just hasnt since coming back from his injury.

  12. PPL still trust the process? Wenger had a point if you don’t see any impovement in 3 months it’s likely to never happen… i agrre MA have to leave..

    To be honest our squad are good, most managers would do a much better job, with the players we have! i can’t see a worse manager tbf. almost every players that goes on loan are doing great but they cant perform under a coach like MA. to let saliba go on loan and go for chambers and kolasinac as CB while our young wonderkid is in france?! MA is totally clueless,,,

  13. fans are complaining players that want to leave for game time and yet they want the club to spend big on new players….

    people are jobless, medical bills not paid, lacking of hospital beds, insufficient funds for medical research….these are not essential but spending big on players is a must?

  14. Capped as a RFB and doesn’t want to play there. Arsenal wants you Ainsley how about playing where every manager has told you is your best position?

  15. At least AMN is showing ambition, wanting to leave to get playing time. The unfortunate thing is that AMN refuses to take the advice of every manager he has worked with, that his future lies at right back or right wing back.
    If the manager doesn’t want to select him, his future is obviously elsewhere.

  16. AMN wants to leave and am I concerned?
    No, not really.

    He’s a decent ok player but he’s no Saka and he’s no Smith Rowe and that the standard you want from our academy. Hutchinson and Patino are the next two off of the conveyor belt that are up to the Saka level.

  17. Willian leaving of Arsenal this summer for free by willingly tearing up his contract to forego his legitimate over £20m wage earnings that he would have been paid in bulk by the club if they had forced him to leave them. Is not only highly a examplary money greediless attitude gesture shown and set by him for other Gunners at Arsenal who are highly paid to the tone of £120k/w wages. But are no longer wanted or needed by the club for football declining reason, old age or bad attitude to emulate and follow to leave Arsenal. I highly commend Willian for his personally showing of integrity above the money grabbing opportunity that was at his disposal which he can rightfully exploits to claim.

    But why has Ozil not set this examplary example before Willianv now set it?

    1. Lol. @sam how naive can one get? Do you really think a Brazilian footballer is going to forfeit his millions for an Arsenal team. This is the biggest joke! No one can leave millions of pounds by being stupid and tearing up the contract!! No not Willan definetely. He is aging he knows where his bread is buttered.
      This is all a game by Edu to save face. Willian definetely has been paid under the table and told to remain quiet. Edu wants to save face for his blunder. Hahaha…cannot stop laughing at your stupid naivety!!! Willian has experienced and seen poverty in Rio. Poverty is sickening.

      1. Do you know that Edu was trying to save face? That is a conspiracy theory worthy of one or two posters on JA

        1. Willian didn’t forfeit a dime. Even the blind can see that, Willian has definitely been settled under the rug. Forfeited bout £20mil? NEVER….. Buggest joke of the century

      2. If you happen to be worth many millions, sometimes the sacrifice is worth it to enhance your life experience.

  18. Wiggy, what an idiot you are. Do you believe the moon is made of green cheese, and the earth is flat? Of course he isn’t paid under the table. Whilst it is not a listed company, it still produces accounts and has auditors…Deloitte by the way: the idea that a club can hide that sort of money is risible.

    1. Not sure Wiggy is an idiot. “Under the table” may be miss-phrased banter but a private company can well keep its severance payment details private and having one of the Big Four accounting firms as your auditors could indeed aid this.

      1. If Arsenal paid off Ozil’s contract why on earth would they try and hide IF they had given Willian a sweetener?

        1. That’s the intrigue of what goes on behind closed doors. Either party may have sought confidentiality for a variety of reasons and that’s assuming in the world of agents and previous/future club involvement that there are no interested third parties.
          Accountants are regulated by legislation but are working for the company who’s accounts they are auditing.

          Much of what really goes goes on off the pitch is unknown by us supporters and the resulting speculation is a lot of what drives sites like JA.

          I guess my point was to question whether stating a contrary view which has some merit makes one an idiot. Isn’t dismissing it at such more likely to?

          1. I certainly wasn’t dismissing it – just curious and you have given me plenty of reasons that I would not have thought about 👍

  19. AMN has been told by multiple managers that his correct position is RB or RWB, but yet he refuses to listen. Lets hope he finds a club and manager who is willing to play him in the midfield position. If he is unhappy at Arsenal, no point in him staying.

    1. David Ornstein reported yesterday that AMN has told Arteta weeks ago that since the start of this season, he would like to play FULLBACK.

      1. Would have been better if he had reported that some weeks ago. Do you really believe Arsenal wouldn’t have taken him up on his offer if that were true?

  20. I think Arteta has had enough time here to have at least improved our team. But that has not happened, this season we seem to be getting even worse. So I say, he should be sacked if we don’t dominate and win the Norwich game easily. He has surely got to be relieved of his duties as manager. He has had enough time and leeway from the club and fans. Seems to be out of his depth.

    That said. I think this article is a bit cringeworthy. Using dead players like Chambers, AMN, Willian, Xhaka, Bellerin etc wanting to leave as a stick to beat Arteta with is super cringeworthy.. 🤦‍♂️

    And on top of that, how many clubs are coming in for these amazing players? Arteta tried to loan out many of these players but that still did not convince other clubs to come in for them with serious money. When Newcastle came in with somewhat an acceptable offer for Willock we sold him.

    And if Arteta does not like a given player and lets the board / Edu know, what more can he do to force other clubs to come in for that given player?

    I know that we are all angry and done with Arteta but let’s not become cringeworthy and pedantic just for the sake of piling on.

    That said I

  21. We need to try get rid of the deadwood one last time. Start with Xhaka, Mari, Chambers, Soares, El Neny, Nelson, AMN, Auba and/or Laca.
    Hopefully it will not be another case of garbage out garbage in.

  22. May AMN leave. No alarm bells just a sigh of relief. He was being played until he came up with the cm idea, which we all saw he was not even average. Please tell him to not let the door or gate hit him on the way out.
    These players will be held accountable this season.

    1. Bellerin to Real Betis is OK, the club should release AMN too. Let us go for Trippier today and confirm Aouor then all Atetar sins will be forgiving, any thing short of this will make him to get the sack by the end of September.

    2. I thought of it yesterday too, probably Bellerin found himself a club and arsenal are not preparing to buy another Rb before window closes hence they are willing to let him have the Rb position but since he came out publicly I’ll say let him go IMO, we still can get a decent Rb from championship at around £10-£15mil

  23. There is a report that Edu and Arteta are reluctant to let AMN leave. Now, if that’s true then we must be really worried that those guys there don’t know what they are doing.
    The player wants to play midfield and there is practically no chance he will. Even at right back, as long as we play back four, he has little chance of playing. So why keep an unhappy player when he’s only going to get worse.
    I have always held the view that we should have sold AMN last summer when Wolves so badly wanted him
    Please, Edu and Arteta, let the player go where he can develop his career. Everyone would be the happier for it. Thank you.

    1. We have just bought someone to play at right back. Do you think he will be better than Maitland-Niles would have been.

  24. Personally id like AMN to stay because hes quite good at Fullback. But i hope we get enough money if he leaves and that he acts professionally if we keep him

    Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to play more

    Also 👍 to Willain for handling the financial situation well

  25. I hope AMN stays and realises he’s a decent right back and if played there could play every game this season. But of course it does mean Arteta has to do what he’s paid to do and manage the team correctly.

  26. I haven’t lost hope on my favourite team. Arsenal will make it to top 4 come end of season. There’s no need to press panic button. I normally take time to rebuild. A new Arsenal giant is coming

  27. Arteta will be sacked after the Norwich game, because our board wants to wait till transfer window closes so they don’t need to give new manager more money, and we will probably get a unknown manager from a second division team in Brazil…

  28. Watch Chelsea and Manchester city play other teams and you will realize how weak Arsenal is………….this is a nightmare………..!

  29. Hehe, I have been using the word Arrogant to describe Arteta. you have now upgraded this to a tyrant.

    He need a course(training) in human and behavioural relations.

  30. Though Konstantin clearly either does not know that is takes real money to run a top club, OR he simply does not care, as his clear “sack MA asap” agenda MUST come first , TO HIM, realists , such as I and many others do know that we need money .

    And you do not get money by simply allowing all your squad player to leave without an incoming fee . Financial reality is not a life principle that seems to concern this particular agenda riven and panicking Konstantin!

  31. It’s clear Arteta has deep personal problems. It’s a shame they play out at Arsenal FC. We’ve spent a lot of money on not a lot. Arteta is THE failure and he has the future of our club in his hands….a very poor state of affairs. We have NO attacking creative pivotal player. I do not know how Arteta can lead Arsenal so far from growth? It’s as if he is trying to cause damage to Arsenal.

  32. AMN proved himself a very capable full back whilst playing that role on the left side as an emergency “fill-in” during Arteta’s first few months.
    He has always insisted that he wants to play in Central Midfield and his loan to WBA should have put that particular wish to bed.
    In close Season Arteta should have been able to “persuade” him that his best chance to play first team football for Arsenal and,indeed,for anyone else was to make this position his own.Both Cole and Clichy were successfullyconverted to the full back role and AMN seems to be really well suited . He’s quick,skillful and athletic and could potentially offer Arsenal as much down the right side as Tierney does on the left.
    Unfortunately Arteta’s qualities of man management leave a lot to be desired.He has failed again and again to get players “onside” with his ideas.In fact he’s been far more adept at sending any difficult player straight to the “naughty step” prior to ejection from the Club.Strangely in this case Arsenal have stopped short of fully ejecting AMN.Instead they have just alienated and full demotivated someone who will be of little use to the Club unless Arteta leaves (fingers crossed)…In the meantime Edu has gone out and purchased someone who… might really work as a right back/wing back…Although on the face of it could represent the Japanese version of Callum Chambers.

  33. All I hear from Arteta support bregade is judge him after this then that, everything he fails they keep extending the timeline. It was judge him after a full season then judge him when we are not in Europe, then judge him when he has his own signings then judge him in next season now they are saying judge him after 10 games ….everyone knows what will happen after 10 games these lot will say judge him after 20 games. We have such a loosers mentality and if some fans try to change that mentality to not accept failure they are called either having no knowledge of football or plastic fans 😂🤣😂

  34. Maitland-Niles has been floating around the first team for quite a while, and in that time has seen Saka and Smith-Rowe establish themselves as regular starters. His insistence on playing in central midfield when he could have had a regular birth at right-back, has hindered his progress. There comes a point when a player has to want to play enough for the team, to tell the manager he will play in whatever position he’s picked. If he is insistent on playing first-team football he should be sent out on loan to play for a Championship team. Arsenal were right not to let him go to Everton on loan for absolute peanuts.

  35. I think the problem is being filmed by Amazon. I am sure Mikel was not even consulted on this.

    I do not believe in coincidences.

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