“You are going to have a big problem” Gabriel Jesus bemoans Arsenal’s lack of cutting edge

Gabriel Jesus has warned Arsenal they must start killing teams off and winning matches else they will pay as they did against Manchester United yesterday.

The Red Devils secured a 3-1 win against Mikel Arteta’s side even though the Gunners had more of the ball and worked harder with it.

United defended well and hit Arteta’s side on the break when they had the chance.

They executed their counterattacks to perfection, and that helped them to secure the points.

However, Arsenal would feel they could have at least earned a draw for their efforts in the game.

But they have themselves to blame for not taking the chances that came their way.

Jesus said, as quoted by The Daily Mail

‘Everyone is together and we stick together until the end, and that’s it. We came to play against a strong opponent and it’s always hard, it’s the Premier League.

‘So we are not happy because, in my opinion, we could win today because we play so much better. But that’s football, they have quality as well and then if you don’t go there and kill, you are going to have a big problem – and that’s what happened.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Winning is all that matters in the Premier League and to achieve that, you must score most of the chances that you get.

Hopefully, our players have learnt from this fixture and they will do much better in their next games.

Arteta: ‘Arsenal need to play with more courage’

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  1. Arsenal should lineup their last season fullbacks. The current fullbacks that are starting cannot help the defense, I am urging Arteta to please use these two gentle men for the benefit of our defense line.

    1. Agree, 2 better fullbacks started on the bench, probably the wrong idea.

      I’m sure Arteta didn’t want to break up a winning squad, but the differences in fullbacks was there.

      Tierney clearly the stronger defender, Zinchenko adds more offensively.

      White wasn’t bad, but he’s not a RB by trade and Tomi is better at the RB position.

      Hopefully see Tierney and Tomi in the back line against Everton, don’t waste them in group stages in Europa on Thursday.

  2. We played great football and with such a young team it Can happen that you lose a game because of the naivty …..It’s not as Paul Merson said” same old Arsenal” it’s a very promising team which needs to start to delivrer ASAP

  3. I see people calling for Tierney.. utter rubbish.. he has played the last couple of matches how did he do.. Zinc is a way better player all round and I am emphasizing on all round.. Tierney has lost his head that is why Arteta removed him from the previous game.. take it easy guys I don’t think we are prime for another invincible run.. we are still building but trying to pick up points at the same time.. we will win some and we will lose some.

  4. Nobody is talking about the midfield?
    Lokonga is a fine player, but not playing a man united full of confidence. Eriksson and bruno were fully incharge. Something a partey or an Elneny would have made difficult for dem. Thats what made us loose the game.

    We won at palace….and am sure man u will find it difficult to get 3pts come weekend.

  5. Cutting Edge??? This is an old song now! I feel we’ve been singing this tune for a few years now. So question is, when are we going to learn?? Well, from our record over the last few years, the answer is not anytime soon… sigh

  6. We could have gone home with draw if only Arteta didn’t replace lokonga… how can u make that change by bringing in Smith…viara …nkiatia

  7. I think we lost because of defenders errors and notwithstanding of the same the three substitute at once while the players in the field were performing,our coach should have brought nketiah just to add some pressure.

  8. stop pussying around the the box. This a deadly trap and springboard for a counter from which Antony scored. I would like to see h and Rashford tryin to score in a congested area

  9. Everton will be no pushovers having held Pool and in FL have a manager who knows how MA likes to play.
    I believe he will flood the md and stifle the gunners and hit on the break .

  10. In my opinion we lost because of too much greed for goals to the extent that even saliba and magalhaes also had to attack leaving Ramsdale exposed.one of our central defenders should have remained behind to try and stop any counterattack

  11. But well done boys u have been giving us joy in the previously won games.We still stand with u even in the hard times LET’S GO GUNNERSWe are proud of u boys

    1. About the most important comment out here. If we can’t continue to support our players after just lose (all be it to Man U) then the player are going to have a hard time trying to win over the fun and eventually get dishearten leading to more loses. Come on Gunners, we’ve got this

  12. Tierney..Gabriel..Saliba..Tomi..
    ..should be played as first team
    Zinchenko is a natural DM

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