“You can always tell” Pundit questions Arsenal’s penalty against Spurs

Pundit Frank McAvennie has strongly criticised Arsenal’s penalty awarded against Tottenham, deeming it embarrassing. The penalty was awarded when a shot appeared to strike Cristian Romero’s arm, but the decision has been a subject of contention.

McAvennie argues that the penalty verdict was harsh, as it is challenging to discern where the defender could have placed his hands to avoid the contact. He suggests that the incident occurred in a sensitive area on the field, making it a difficult spot for any potential foul.

Furthermore, McAvennie contends that even the players involved in the match were not fully convinced of the penalty decision, highlighting the controversy and debate surrounding the call.

He tells Football Insider:

“I had thought it hit the Arsenal player’s hand first. It took them forever to decide and give the penalty as well but where is he supposed to put his hands? It is just embarrassing.

“You can always tell when players claim for a penalty. You can tell, when one or two do it is not a penalty but when they all do it it is.“

Just Arsenal Opinion

That spot kick may seem soft, but the officials had a good look at it and decided to give it.

That game has ended and we need to move on to the other matches ahead of us.

We do not need a penalty or an own goal to score goals and our players must show they can find the back of the net without help in our next matches.


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  1. What this pundit fails to recognise, is that the Arsenal players around the incident all appealed for the penalty!!

    He’s obviously not watched the game, but spouts complete nonsense to get his name mentioned.

    Strangely enough, he also didn’t see the other handball that was completely ignored by VAR and the referee – I guess that one was not worth mentioning!!

  2. White handled the ball before shooting at Romero from point blank range.
    If Nketiah had been any later with his foul on Vicario, it would have been on Monday Night Football. Arsenal got away with a very fortunate draw last Sunday.

    1. Comments from Gareth fox, proving my suspicion that this site is not entirely “just Arsenal”! //Myself being an Arsenal fan, would not be sad enough to type ” newnow tottenham” and make comments on one of the scums websites. Very strange for a scum supporter to be allowed a negative comment with the justarsenal editors. Are the editors Arsenal suporters or neutrals?

      1. Fow whatits worth dave, no one,noteven Ad Pat, has eve rto my knowledge banned other clubs fans from writing on JA.

        I personally go to other clubs fansites from time to time and am allowed on. I read them chiefly to see what THOSE CLUBS OWN FANS think about their club They have greater personal knowledge of their own club and so I am interested what they write.

        Likewise on here, so there is no viable reason why other clubs fans should not post on here.

        Gareth, no relation to myself, is plainly not a Gooner, but so what?

        1. Fine, as long as we are all clear about it, that this is an “Any Fan” website and NOT “just Arsenal”. You have made my point for me, thank well done.

            1. YES THAT IS TRUE! Although in recent times we seem allowed to talk about life matters outside sport too, whereas back in the day, we were banned from making any comments non specific to Arsenal .

              I applaud Ad PATS dawning of great realism of how todays fans have other things too, then merely specifically AFC to contribute.

              Long may that remain the case.

              Some unobservant fans trot out that hackneyed and false saying that politic(meaning life matters) should not be involved with sport.

              I ask how anyone can possibly be that naive,given that FIFA, UEFA and so much else directly involved with our great sport, ARE SO PLAINLY POLITICALLY MOTIVATED!

  3. VAR tried to cheat and disallow the penalty but had no excuses, that was why they asked the ref to look at it, because they had no justification to disallow the goal. //The player had his arms spread out as if he was about to take off and fly.// That is not a natural position.// If you say that he had to somehow spread his arms out to protect his fall, then he should not be risking that lunging type tackle in the first place, knowing this type of dangerous tackle would lead to him having to spread his arms out in the penalty area, knowing this is illegal blocking with his arms.// He knew what he was doing, which is what goalkeepers do, and that is to make your body as big as possible in order to block the shot, which is what happened. However this is an illegal block as he is a field player and not a goalkeeper. Enough said.

  4. It’s actually quite simple, did he make his body bigger to block a shot that was on goal and going in with the keeper nowhere in site. Yes

  5. Let’s be totally HONEST, (& only saying as I dislike how football has become) it was a soft penalty – some given, some aren’t – & players are deemed to be in ‘unnatural’ positions if their arms are out or up, etc when in fact, challenging, stretching, slide-tackling, jumping for the ball their arms are actually in the automatic reflex, ‘natural’ position for balance or leverage.
    It’s the laws of football that are so messed about with, we never know from 1 match to the next how they’ll be interpreted.
    Fortunate it was in Arsenal’s favour but it’ll be a kick in the nads if/when one similar is given against, won’t it!?

  6. It was fortunate for us and unfortunate for Spuds. I am sure we would have felt hard done by if it was against us. But it was given and we move on. Nketiah was also very fortunate, it wasn’t the best challenge and CMs from a serious injury. But again, we move on and go again.

  7. Only arsenal and man.united can get this penalties,Var is a disgrace to football,I don’t want to watch football anymore, because of certain teams being favourite, maybe they are on the clubs payroll

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