“You can praise Arsenal all you want, but …” Keane tells Arsenal all that matters is winning

Roy Keane has no interest in stats that show Arsenal did well when they faced Manchester United yesterday, and he insists all that matters is the result.

The Gunners were the better team, but United beat them 3-1.

Mikel Arteta’s side worked so hard to get at least a point from the fixture, but it turned out that their efforts were not good enough.

Regardless of how they have played, the most important thing is that they have lost the fixture.

Paul Merson and Roy Keane argued over the Gunners’ performance in the game, and the Manchester United legend insists how they played does not matter as much as the result.

He said, as quoted by The Sun: “We’ve been sitting here and, even in the first half, giving Arsenal a lot of plaudits.

“When I was a player and teams came here and had a good day, I never worried about the plaudits.

“I was interested in the points. You can praise Arsenal all you want, but this is about results and winning football matches.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Keane is right, all that matters is the result of the match.

We will never get rewarded for dominating a game, and United gets the three points if they outscore us.

We must learn from this and become more ruthless from now on.

Arteta: ‘Arsenal need to play with more courage’

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  1. This man said United are now “dead certs” for 4th now. Total opposite of what he was saying just 3 matchweeks ago, lol. Let United have their party because we all know they are gonna collapse again. Papers already drafting articles for the next part of the clown act.

    1. @RSH
      Let’s not let our emotions get in the way.. We don’t know how the season is going to pan out. We don’t know which club will collapse as it might be everyone apart from City..

      Spurs fans have been and keep saying that we (Arsenal) are no threat to them as they have improved their team beyond our capacity. They think it’s between them and for the title but City will just about squeak it..

      Lets not fall into this same trap, we should keep calm heads here as the season has even barely gotten off the ground. Let these pundits state their own personal opinion but we should not take the bait.

  2. But we shouldn’t also forget that performances yield results in the long term.

    We may’ve lose yesterday but based on what I saw, we will get more results than United this season and that’s why performances matter.

    Another day, we get a fair ref and win. Same performance, different result.

    Spurs did the double over City last season and were tons of points behind them because performances ultimately win the marathon.

  3. Martins so called JUST ARSENAL OPINION section is nonsence and so is what KEANE said.
    BOTH ARE SO WRONG THAT i NEED TO PUT THEM BOTH RIGHT. What most matters to our near and medium term future is that we are now properly bedding down a style of fast pacy and excellent interchanging psssing that will CERTAINLY prove too much for most sides to comabat. Yes we van find fault with how we gampled a point to chase three(two extra therefore) and losy that gamble But I am convinced we now are witnessing week in wek out atotally different level mof sllround play that wil propel us through this player era and will win trophies I find much of thr negay=tive nit picking with our defence as missing the MAIN POINT. And thre MAINPOINT is that this teamn is already MASSIVELY, REPEAT, MASSIVELY IMPROVED SINCDRE LAST MAY. Foolishly and in blinkerd fashion, many will choose to only see th negatives and will ignore the blindingly obvious positives.

    BuT THE ABILITY TO SEE WHAT IS UNDER OUR NOSES IS NOT GIVEN TO ALL, as a trawl through JA archives will easily show us.

    1. These are good points. Certainly, on the day all that may matter is the points. It is however always essential to consider the longer term. This is not a knockout competition and there is a long way to go yet.

    1. That was a weird one – particularly as Strawman Keane went on to say Arteta should have praised ManU and not offered excuses.

      Would have liked one of the others to have asked him what he thinks a manager’s main job is following a loss – to praise the opposition or give an honest assessment of his own team’s performance (which, had Keane been listening, didn’t include any excuses)?

      I’m not a big fan of Merson and Neville but thought both of them did a fairly good job of at least pretending to be neutral.

      1. Would have liked one of the others to have asked him what he thinks a manager’s main job is following a loss – to praise the opposition or give an honest assessment of his own team’s performance?👏👍

  4. Roy is so right in what he says, the three points is the most important thing. The first 5 games we played, at least 4 we were not that fluid and made errors but i said exactly that, the 3 points are the most important. Ironically, yesterday was one of our most fluid and best performance of the six and we made school boy errors that led to our downfall. Utd were not that great yesterday but exploited our failings quite easily. The better looking team was Arsenal the winning team was utd. The only thing that matters is getting the job done. Utd should never have won that game 3-1, it wasn’t a 3-1 to utd game, until we made it so.

        1. I do but I’m currently on holiday in Northern Spain. Zilch unfortunately
          Off to France later. It depends if a local bar is showing the EL
          That’s why I’m relying on all of you to get the drift of how things are. 😊👍

          1. Off to France to?lucky you!hope you’ll enjoy your stay there and easy on the wine!please don’t say you’re going to Brittany!!

            1. I’m going to Eymet near Bergerac with caravan, husband and the dog. It’s been on hold since 2020. Got my sunnies on and an Estella from the fridge. Marvellous!
              Brittany near to your heart then Siamois?

              1. Nah not at all,the opposite!!
                La Dordogne,I should have know better.Brits have taken over the Dordogne😂 no I mean that in a good way.many have breathed life back into that region,the small villages.they’ve done up so many houses,chateaux, gîtes, restaurants and B&B…fair play.how’s your French?? don’t forget to pack your sun cream or do you not burn??bonnes vacances SueP !👍

    1. I agree that the 3 points are the most important thing,but if you’re going to lose,at least put in a decent performance which we did bar a few mistakes.also looking at our performance I am still very positive about the future.because had TP or even Mo played,we would have won or at least not lost the game.lastly MA didn’t help the situation,if you ask me.

      1. You see Siamois and Reggie, I do NOT agree that in a single non crucial early season game, thethree points are the most important thing. Plainly, thre points are simply just that, three easily made up points.
        But the MANNER OF HOW WE PLAYED THAT FAST INTERCHANGING STYLE THAT IS NOW BECOMING MORE AND MORE EMBEDDED, and esp against the best team we have played thIs season, by a distance too, is of FAR MORE PROFOUND AND LONG TERM IMPORTANCE .


    2. Agree Reggie.
      How many matches did we hear the same flawed reasoning from Wenger?
      1. “But we had more possession”
      2. “Our movement and our passing was good”
      3. “We created more chances”

      “We controlled the game” is the worst.
      Controlled the game but not the result.
      3 points were gained by utd, who didn’t control the game, had less possession, and only sat back and countered.

      Arsenal were unable to disrupt their strategy or counters, and utd capitalized on chances while we did not.

      Plenty to analyze and learn from, but still top of the table.

      How we respond is what matters now, we move on.

      1. Yes Durand, no good being the best looking bloke or woman at a knobbly knees contest, you dont win anything for looking good and having the prettiest face. You have to win football matches, utd didn’t win yesterday, we lost and that was by poor decisions.

      2. This is one of the best reply regarding this topic.
        I can’t believe how hard so many of us was with Wenger including me personally.
        I wanted Wenger out so badly then which I didn’t regret but this management is getting too many praise for doing exactly what Wenger was doing while many of us wanted him gone. We have took in so many things that we wouldn’t have in any other previous Managements.
        If playing good football was all that matters, then many of us owe Wenger and apology. Because he did it for 20 years plus .

        1. Agree Kaay, i think a lot of Wenger traits are now being used by Arteta from when he played under him. I was going to post similar.

  5. As I have always said,losing or winning most of the time, you tend to learn more about a team by looking at the performance than the score.despite losing yesterday and a couple of mistakes, I’ve seen several things that pleased me about the team.i could be wrong but I think that MA probably lost us the game and not the players.

  6. Keane is a Man Utd man, so winning is all that matters. Arsenal fans demand winning in style, often to our cost. We haven’t being playing great this season so far, but the tactical system and drilling is superb, and we now have more round pegs in round holes than last season. We are therefore able to totally outplay teams and get results without actually playing that well. But vs United we played the high line badly (wake up call for two over-confident CB’s) and can’t hit a barn door. My concerns are that almost every goal we concede is a defensive error, and that Arteta needs to coach finishing now not approach play. Our system gives control, any midfield we play creates plenty of chances so I am not sidetracked by that. The second goal when we were besieging their goal was at exactly the wrong time. Naiive maybe but it wasn’t the cave-in the score suggests. We will learn and bounce back. Let’s make that learning about how to finish, please! I’m more concerned that we boosted Man Utd’s confidence than harmed ours.

    1. It is not the first game we’ve played with s high line defense (which had its risks)but I believe that with the right players in midfield TP and Mo,it may not have happened yesterday.

  7. There speaks a man who went out on the park with the intention of causing severe injury to a fellow professional, and, sadly, succeeded.He subsequently tried his hand in Management, and failed miserably.He is wrong to say that winning is the only thing that matters.The quality of football is important in this day and age of global TV coverage as viewers will not watch matches where the entertainment value is likely to be “limited”. I am not a supporter of Barcelona, but because of the high quality of their players and the wonderful football they produced, I watched them at every opportunity.It just so happened that they were highly successful in a League which,it has to be said, was less competitive than the EPL.In terms of the quality of our football, we have improved significantly since last season.I applaud Arteta for adopting an attacking style of play, but there are times when it is appropriate to adjust tactics to suit the occasion, and unfortunately he did not do so yesterday.I am not in the anti Arteta camp, and at the end of the day, we lost because of basic errors made by individuals.Our Manager will hopefully learn quickly to tighten the reins to make life more difficult for the opposition to execute their game plan, which in the case of Man Utd and Spurs is based on counter attacking.Rashford will not find the spaces to run into against Conte’s crowd because the defend in depth..Sorry if I have bored you with my thoughts but we are currently a better footballing side than Man Utd and we ought not be losing to them .

    1. Oh we all remember the attack on Haaland’s dad which put an end to his career.now we have to listen to Keane’s opinion on fouls,yellow or red cards!!

      1. Keane hates losing and is a nut job but he was a fantastic player. Dare i say football is getting too grey now and he did liven it up.

    2. A lot of people listen to Keane because of his playing days and uncompromising attitude. As we now know he was not that great a manager and I don’t believe he is good pundit. We shouldn’t take him too seriously as he is basically a Man U fan given a high profile.
      A team like Arsenal will run into difficulty against a team like Man U as we do not yet have the overall maturity needed to control things sufficiently especially late in the game. We also lack certain key elements to make an attacking approach more effective. We need much more efficiency in attack and/or athleticism in midfield.
      The ability to control and probe without overcommitting is key unless you have consistently efficient strikers. This requires a great of tactical knowhow as well as focus and concentration all through a game. This has been a classic problem faced by Arsenal and at times Man City. Other teams will often wish to soak up pressure and then launch dangerous counterattacks. The very best, which Arsenal aspire to be, will remain aware at all times where danger may come from even when you are dominant. This is part of what Arsenal need to learn and fast.

    1. Did you? but not the fact Zinchenko missed two tackles before each goal, white failed to tackle Rashford for one after gabriel dived on the floor, missed his and the third was two minutes after 3 very disruptuve subs that didnt work. But we will randomly blame midfield for the result.

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