You cannot write Arsenal off in the Europa League

It was never in doubt really was it! by Shenel

I always knew we were going to get through, so what was all the panic about LOL..

No really, I did. I always had the faith and positive mindset that we were going to get a comfortable result in Prague, I just never imagined it to be over within the first 30 minutes of the tie.

Having spent all day going through all sorts of emotions and results in my head, if someone had told me I could sit back and relax for 60 minutes, something I haven’t been able to do when watching an Arsenal came so far this season, I would have told them where to go.

And I know people will say “oh it was only Slavia Prague” but let’s not forget this team has beaten Leicester and Rangers before they came up against us, and they hadn’t lost at home in over a year and a half, close to two years.

But all I will say is never write Arsenal off.

If only they did the same last week, we wouldn’t be having heart palpitations for a whole week!

But our boys have played well over both legs of this tie and were just unfortunate with their finishing in the first leg, but have more than made up for it in the second leg with four goals on the night making it 5-1 on aggregate to pretty much blow Slavia Prague away..

Now if they can take this form from the past two games into the rest of the games, they have left for the season including a tie against Villareal and a possible Europa League final to contend with, then I don’t see why we can’t be named European Champions.

In what has been one of the most unpredictable, inconsistent and weird seasons I think we are ever going to be witness to, Arsenal have put themselves in one of the best positions possible to make winning the Europa League a reality!

Well, heres hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman


  1. As long as Lacazette, Smith-Rowe and Saka start, I believe Arsenal can get past Villareal. Aubameyang can come in as a super sub

    1. No he can’t. Leave him wherever he is. Sick leave, gardening leave……just let him collect his wage and be happy being a style icon

  2. There’s only 4 teams left and only 3 games to win it

    Its a bit obvious that you can’t write anyone off including us😐

  3. We cannot be named European Champions though Shenel as it’s the Europe League we are in, not the Champions League.

  4. You always knew Arsenal would do what? Oh, because we qualified you can bodly say this? Most Arsenal fans are not even sure the Arsenal that will turn up. You know what, tell me what you know about Villarel too, tell me what you know now that we are yet to play them.

    1. Oh I don’t know about her but I knew we were qualifying. Like I said, the next day I came on here and like Dan I was asking what the fuss and drama was about when it wasn’t like we were going to Camp Nou or Allianz Arena. See it was simple to understand, Arsenal had the whole chance and higher probability to qualify despite playing 1-1. It seems you guys don’t understand that concedimy just one goal at home without losing was safe even though not conceding at was much better.
      Immediately that game ended 1-1. Slavia now had all the pressure to make sure Arsenal don’t end up scoring just one goal too. The chances were higher for us because we always create chances to score, it’s always been our conversion rate.
      Scoring 3 in thirty minutes was just what uwasnt expecting.
      Oh and the Villarreal game? I can te you it depends on the lineup Arteta picks. If Auba starts then our chanceswill reduce because Emery will have his boys running and pressing and we all know Auba will ghost in such situations.

      1. @ Eddie
        You ended up not giving a specific answer
        We want to know about our game with villareal you only ended up telling us what depends and who it depends on that is not clear enough for someone so sure and confident

        1. Pepe why should I give a specific answer when it’s a total different manager as team from Slavia?
          You think it’ll be as easy as playing Slavia??

      2. Auba was the main man when we won FA cup and qualify for Europe, recently he has a dip in form and I don’t expect the fans to quickly write him off usual, he could turn out to be influential to Arsenal winning against Villarreal.
        Let Arteta choose base on what he sees on the training ground.

    2. The question wasn’t for me but here is my thoughts. At this stage of the competition all teams have equal chance. There is no clear favourite or they are all favourites.

      1. ANY BOOKMAKER will tell you differently. And THEY know all about odds, whereas you plainly do not! What you wrote is simply a well worn and untue cliche. LEARN YOUR SUBJECT FIRST; THEN WRITE YOUR VIEW BUT BASED ON SOME ACTUAL KNOWLEDGE!

        1. 4 teams remain one of them will be champion including us we have an equal chance as the rest.

          So can you and any bookmaker of your choice tell me for certain who is going to win?

          1. @highbury hero

            Saying that because there are 4 teams left they have equal chance of winning the cup is like saying that the chance of winning the lottery is 50% you either win it or you don’t…

            This is so absurdly untrue, why not say the same when there were 32 teams left? Maybe they all had equal chance of winning the title?

          2. @R

            So of all teams remaining can you name the favourite? Which team do you think has higher chance than the rest?

          3. To do that you need data. I don’t follow the rest of the teams as I don’t care this much. I follow only Arsenal so I have data just for them. Also I am obviously biased towards them.

            With that being said I think Arsenal are the better team than Villareal and have bigger chance to reach the final. Also I think United have bigger chance against Roma.

            This doesn’t mean that necessarily the final will be Arsenal – United as thankfully the football is a nondeterministic game, otherwise it would have been boring af (like tic tac toe for example).

  5. True, Arsenal has a clear chance to make this time round and what i know the boys are ready to put all their efforts.

  6. Every team left is a potential winner. As long as Arteta sticks to the winning lineup.


    Pepe. Smith-Rowe. Saka.

    Ceballos. Partey.

    Xhaka. Mari. Holding. Chambers.


    With this selection, we should be able to blow any team away. I pray none of them picks up any injury.

    1. Yes! Yes bro. I love it when aubameyang starts on the bench. He’s is not aggressive infront of the goal or even playing the ball. He ends up wasting all the scoring chances the boys have. I love LACA so much. Arteta should have that line-up as from tomorrow and the remaing europa league games. I’m sure we’re going to WIN every game

  7. Unai Emery is a tough adversary in the Europa League. Underestimate him and we will suffer for sure. He has a strong and powerful group…..and this is his competition. We are for sure capable of winning though, it will depend if Arteta goes into ‘frozen balls’ mode. We all know he can suddenly get overly strange defensive mindsets. As Warriors we will win this, as Wimps we we go out with a puff. It’s down to Arteta… he a man with a man’s accoutrements or is he a scared cat who will bottle it?

    1. Lola, Man Utd beating Roma is not a given. They may be favourites, but there is no guarantee Man Utd will beat Roma over two legs.

    2. And why not? I don’t see anything that special in Man Utd. They have a manager who dosent know what his best team is (just like ours) they are totally inconsistent (just like us) they have a defence just waiting to be ripped apart ( just like ours) and a novice manager clearly showing he is at a club that’s too big for him (just like ours).
      So it’s easy – call it a draw

    3. On the contrary, Arteta is beating United pretty successfully up until now. I hope we meet them in the final. It would only make the win sweeter.

  8. If arsenal managed to pass emery i am sure we would lift the cup

    Emery knows our team and i think semis are gonna be tough but with all due respect we have a better squad and hopefully can pass through

  9. Any team in it is capable of winning at this point. In terms of expectations, United will be favorites, then Villarreal, then Arsenal, then Roma. This is another Arsenal side that can have a complete stinker in an important game tho, or we can surprise and play really well. Having expectations for this side is to our detriment.

  10. I wish we had Ajax. Villarreal is, can be a mountain. Emery has mastered how to win this trophy. If we get past Villarreal, we will paste United in the final.

  11. I wish that we can swap Xhaka with Lukas Provod(17) of Slavia Prague. He is very good to replace Xhaka.

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