“You can’t get away from the fact Arsenal are the biggest club in London” Pundit puts Chelsea back in their box

Former Tottenham man, Jamie O’Hara has surprisingly defended Arsenal from the suggestion that Chelsea is now the biggest club in London.

The Blues have just won the Champions League which is their second and Arsenal is yet to win any.

London has several teams and Brentford becomes the latest from the city to play in the Premier League.

Arsenal has dominated English football before now, especially during the reign of Arsene Wenger, who led them to an unbeaten season in the Premier League.

The Gunners allowed him to leave in 2018 and have been on a downward spiral since that time.

They are rebuilding their team under Mikel Arteta and it hasn’t been the best of times.

But they won the FA Cup in 2019/2020 and are the record winners of that competition at the moment and O’Hara argues that they are the biggest club in London.

Trevor Sinclair said on TalkSPORT that winning the Champions League has made Chelsea the biggest team in the city, but O’Hara countered:

“I disagree, sorry Trev.

“I’m a Spurs fan, but you can’t get away from the fact Arsenal are the biggest club in London.

“If you’re going on history, real success over a football club, fanbase and everything that comes with a football club, I’m sorry…

“Chelsea are the most successful club in London right now, we know that, they’ve got a billionaire owner and they are the most successful club…”

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  1. Chelsea are a bigger club than Arsenal at the moment…..sadly. They have an owner that cares and invests, better manager, better players and have won the League and two European Champions League titles. How are we a bigger club? Do you mean our ground has a bigger capacity?

    1. Look at total trophies won, fanbase etc. We done this without the help of a Russian billionaire. We are the biggest club in london by far.

  2. Sean- Arsenal has by far the biggest fanbase of all the London Clubs. Despite our records over the last few seasons we still have 60,000 on the waiting list for season tickets. If you want one at the Toilet Bowl, the Spuds are still selling them.The Chavs? Couldn’t even sell out their full quota of 6,500 for the game in Porto.
    Says it all

    1. You should stop consoling yourself and accept the fact that arsenal is a mid-table club. Biggest mid-table club in London.

    2. Thank you bro. I don’t understand why some so called Arsenal fans will forget easily that we are a bigger club than Chelsea simply because of their hatred for Ateta; we have been on the downward spiral since Wenger left and we are in the process of rebuilding. Along the line we still won the FA: no rival in England. what is there to be sentimental about. Nan U faced the same process and their gaining their patience now. Is it because Chelsea won the champions league? Come on guys.

      1. Hey Bro!!
        Chelsea currently is a Bigger Club Dan Arsenal FC!!
        Do you know what is 2 UEFA Champions League titles??
        Despite our 13 EPL titles n 14 FA Cups, d success of d Blues in recent times means dey re d best in London, Arguably best in England n Europe as a whole!!
        2 EPL , 2 Europa league, 2 UCL Trophies, 4 FA cup finals in d last nine years!! C’mon, Man!!😏🙂
        Dats y Arsenal needs to Buckle up seriously!!🤨

        1. Football wasn’t just invented in the last few years, it has been going for over 100 years…every season going past becomes history, this, along with overall trophies and a fan base both in this Country and Worldwide, is what make a big Club. There are only 3 genuinely huge Clubs in England, Man Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal. Chelsea and Man City have been inflated by money, but they will never have the history of the 3 I have mentioned. For example, Aston Villa are arguably bigger than both of them…so yes Arsenal are comfortably the biggest Club in London, just not as successful recently as Chelsea, that’s all.

          1. Depends how we class big! BIG AMBITION! BIG TROPHIES! BIG TRANSFERS! BIG TEAM MENTALITY! We are behind Chelsea in all of them, yes we have a bigger fan base for now but that wont last because we do things small and have no ambition.

          2. In answer to Reggie. How did Chelsea fans class big prior to Roman? Funny enough fans who supported Chelsea through thick and thin, far worse than anything happening with us currently (Same for City they followed their team through real serious lows) are now celebrating while we were moaning about top 4 just a few years ago. Perspective. Don’t get me started on Leicester being gods for 1 title, 1 top 4 finish and 1 fa cup in recent memory or Villa being for awesome for never making top 4 once or winning a trophy in recent memory. Lets not even mention Leeds. who were in the top 4 with us not that long ago but are also way better run!

            We’re the Valencia of England vying for the top spot in most entitled fanbase in world football (expect titles every year despite the fact that never happened in their entire history.) Even Liverpool who fell from a far far far greater height than us their fans never acted like ours (in fact our fans were acting out more than theirs whilst we relegated Liverpool to that by maintaining top 4 at their expense.)

            Honestly have no patience for a large portion of our fanbase, haven’t since what happened to Eboue frankly.

          3. Past success may be one way to judge how big a club is but its not the only way. Nottingham Forrest isn’t bigger than any club in the prem and if you claim it is, you’re just delusional. Arsenal have never been able to step up at a European level. NEVER. Chelsea have 4 European trophies. Chelsea have been better in the last 15 years than Arsenals entire history in Europe. When you win in Europe we’ll talk, until then enjoy playing once a week. Just remember the last time Chelsea didn’t play in Europe they won the league. You’ll be happy with 4th. How can you think a club like that is bigger than the most successful club in England over the last 15 years.

        2. I wonder what this post means in English! Perhaps I should ask DAN ARSENAL, if he knows!

  3. Arsenal fans are really delusional,if you wana dwell on history then good luck to you guys afterall Nottingham forest are two time ucl winners where are they now

  4. Go to say i think ohara speaks with fork tongue. Chelsea are bigger that Arsenal and getting bigger. Arsenal are getting smaller and less attractive each year. Lets get real and tell it as it is. They even have a bigger manager!

    1. It depends on how you view it and over how long. If Arsenal stay I the doldrums for the next twenty years and Chelsea continue to win regularly then the tables would be turned. People forget the past but I’d say that Arsenal are hanging on to their big club status at least for now

      1. Chelsea have won the league and Champions league twice each at least in last 8 to 10 years, that to me is a bigger club Sue.

        1. Reggie!! Thanks!!..👍👍
          Dat was also my reply to Felix Omojuwa!!
          Chelsea Fc has won 2 EPL, 2 Europa League, 2 UCL Titles as well as being FA cup finalists 4x from 2012 till now!!!!!
          While we have won 4 FA cups from dat time till now!!
          So dey re d Bigger Club!! Let’s jettison all dis History talk!!
          Ngolo Kanye n Diego Costa chose Chelsea ahead of us!!
          Willian and Pedro chose Dem ahead of Spurs n Man Utd respectively!!!
          Chelsea is a Big Club now in Europe!!
          Arsenal really needs to be Serious once again!!

        2. I totally get your point of view Reggie as I was trying to get across the perception.
          I see it involving historical success as well which Chelsea don’t really have yet. If they carry on winning then over time their stock will grow
          If Arsenal don’t improve then our history will fade over time

  5. Does it really matter?

    If one supports a club, then one couldn’t give a damn about any other club… be they more or less successful doesn’t change anything.

    The only time another club bothers me, is when we are playing them and that includes chelsea, who were one hour away from bankruptcy!!!!

  6. Of course, this is a ridiculous debate as only one of these two clubs appears to truly care about this once-exalted moniker anymore, especially since Roman arrived, and it certainly isn’t us…logically, from a historical perspective, it’s not that close, but since the ribbon was cut at the Emirates, the tables have turned…we keep this up and it won’t be long before only a few bespectacled old men in rocking chairs will be able to remember when the shoe was firmly on the other foot

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