You can’t help but be impressed with Emery’s intensity and attention to detail

Arsenal fans are used to many years of Arsene Wenger sitting beside Steve Bould o the touchline, and every now and again complaining to the ref or playing with his zip, so it is a revelation to see our new man running up and down the touchline barking instructions at his players.

This is just one part of his intensity to do everything in his power to get Arsenal to win games. But it seems that he is just as intense in training with his squad, as Alex Iwobi described. “It’s basically a family and we’re all fighting for each other, not just for the manager and the players, but also for the fans,” Iwobi said. “It’s one big family and we’re always going to fight for each other. We’re putting in an extra shift, not just in matches, but in training as well.

“Unai’s very intense in training and he’s demanding because he knows how good we are. He always wants us to be at 100 per cent, giving our best. It’s not just him, though. We know what we expect from each other, so we’re also trying to get the best out of each other in training.

“He’s always encouraging me to be positive with the ball, always encouraging me to work hard off the ball for my team as well. It’s not just for me, he’s helped out my other team-mates as well and has helped every player individually.

“He’s always talking to them and if it’s not him then it’s his assistants, the other coaches talking to me, showing me different clips, analysing my game, analysing opponents as well. His staff are always helping me. He’s given me that confidence in games and in training to go out and express myself.”

It seems that he wants every player to put their lives on the line in every single game and training session, and one can’t help making the comparison again with Wenger, who was always worried about overplaying his stars and resting them for easier games. There is definitely no mollycoddling with Emery in charge!

Sam P


  1. gotanidea says:

    “Fight for each other” and “work hard off the ball for the team” sound like Barcelona’s football

    The problem is they would need players with high stamina and willpower to play intensely like that. I hope they can bring in more younger players to cope with Emery’s system

    1. Sue says:

      I think they’ve ‘coped’ pretty darn well so far!!

      1. Midkemma says:

        Agreed Sue, the players are getting fitter with each training session, if we want to have higher than normal fitness then most players we sign will need to be developed in their stamina like our current players are going through now.

        I don’t think age is such a concern either, Barca have some aging players yet we can’t with aging players?

        Do Barca have some kinda Hogwarts hidden away casting youth spells on Messi? I know it might feel like it at times watching him lol.

  2. Sue says:

    And that is how it should be!! Emery has come in & really shaken things up… we want results & we are seeing them!!!
    Well done Unai… so impressed with you’ve done… keep it up! COYG

    1. ozziegunner says:


  3. kev says:

    You still had to take a cheap dig at Wenger even though what was actually talked about didn’t directly concern him.Also,if I’m not mistaken isn’t Wenger known for overplaying his stars throughout the season such that they barely get any rest?
    You should know that he still has what it takes to win trophies in top leagues and even the EPL.Just because he was terrible for us doesn’t mean he will be terrible for another club.If he had left us in 08 and had been changing clubs he would be won lots of trophies and probably the UCL.Give him some respect and stop these cheap digs.I know a proper comparison when I see one and this isn’t it.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      I’m with you on that note Kev…. yes I got tired of Wenger and his failings towards the end of his régime, but he’s gone now and he gets no respect from us like he should. The man has clearly moved on and said he’s resuming work the new year and every chance people get on here, they take cheap digs at him. It has to stop honestly

      1. Godfrey Babu says:

        Football is a game of comparisons mate. You can not talk about the difference Unai brings without mentioning Wenger who used to be there before.You can not talk about Iwobi’s form and not compare it to when Wenger was the boss. The article is about INTENSITY AND ATTENTION TO DETAIL, surely that has to be compared to Wenger’s.

        1. kev says:

          As I said there’s a way to make a proper comparison.Then of course the cheap digs are there.It’s easy to compare Unai to Wenger as he’s been dreadful for the past ten or so years.
          Wenger can still go to another team and make but you get the feeling it will hurt the pride of some who think he’s a constant failure everywhere.

          1. Midkemma says:

            Well said Kev.
            The article could have compared the managers and shown respect to both but instead if was a cheap dig and it continues to belittle the intelligent supporters who know that things are not in such contrast as some make out.

            Wenger done well in encouraging flair in the right type of players, he could get hard working players to express themselves to a very high level, this has been shown by Alexis drop in form under Jose who is a coach who drills (but lacks flair like Emery). Mkhi done well under Wenger while not so well under Jose.

            A true comparison will look at positives and negatives from both, not positives from one and how the other didn’t have them, that isn’t comparing but taking a cheap dig.

        2. jon fox says:

          Precisely true. Those would be censors who think they have the right to stop others mentioning and COMPARING Wenger, are so arrogant . Ignore them . I do. WHILE MOST OF THE SQUAD IS WENGERS , it is blatantly obvious that he is still relevant to discussions. Stand up to the bullies on here as I always do.

          1. Midkemma says:

            Cherry picking data is far from fair.

            Ironic you saying people need to stand up to bullies yet you are happy to call others idiots and act like a bully. (yeah yeah, I know, pot and kettle…)
            “No , I JUST TELL IDIOTS OFF!”
            Remember that?

            Remember telling me about freedom of speech? Guess what, ‘they’ are using it to say that the comparison isn’t fair. They have not said we shouldn’t make any comparison.

          2. jon fox says:

            Free speech applies to all. Even idiots and would be censors, as well as those they try to censor. You still have a problem with me, it seems after I tried to offer peace. Just give up on trying to call me out as I will cannot change my way of writing any more than I or you can change our eye colour. BELIEVE ME , if I was interested in bullying YOU, WHICH I AM NOT, I COULD, BUT WON’T, DO IT FAR BETTER THAN YOU CAN. As I said before, if you don’t like my posts, then simple; just don’t read them in the first place. We are all free to write, within the bounds of decency , just as we wish. Calling someone an idiot is not outside this boundary; calling someone a expletive idiot IS outside. We see many things very differently and have the right so to do. Think on that please.

          3. Gryphon says:

            well said jon

    2. gotanidea says:

      I think Wenger just needs a new challenge, because he was stuck with Arsenal for many years instead of getting different work experience somewhere else

      If one of the top and rich European clubs with more established system hire him, I believe he would win another major trophy again

    3. Goona says:

      It’s not really a cheap dig Kevin, it’s a straight comparison. We arsenal fans have never had the luxury to compare our manager’s tactics because we have only had one for 22 years,unlike your Spuds and Liverpools.this is the first year under a different manager, well of cos we are going to compare everything,style of play,jacket length’s not disrespect to the legend Wenger

      1. Red and white says:

        Let emery win something first, at least a league cup finals.Suddenly he becomes a super hero comming to save arsenal – all crap. We had won the FA 2 seasons back and the finals last year.
        The players have to talk good about their boss.

      2. Midkemma says:

        It isn’t a straight comparison though, is it?

        Wengers level of detail was on another level to what a lot may give credit too, he aimed to teach players to come to the answers themselves, this doesn’t mean he had not attention to detail. It is different.

        Different methods work with different people, we are all unique and wonderful beings, we learn differently as well.
        Wenger played his players a lot and look how Kos was overplayed… mollycoddling like article claims?

  4. Phil says:

    OMG-Why have you got yourselves so upset over a quite innocent and obvious comparison.The comment began the article and set the tone for its context.I would suggest it’s not fans continually mocking Wenger that is the issue as much as those like yourselves who act as though his name should never be mentioned again.
    If Emery had his first season with the same results and tepid performances as Wengers last I would expect him to be sacked.If the players he bought in his short time at the Club were under performing then I would expect Emery to continue to be criticised long after he went.
    If you really thought that much of Wenger that you will not accept such a harmless and obvious topic comment then I worry for you both.

    1. Phil says:

      And to return to Kev’s comment about Wenger over-playing his team.Its a pity he put out a reserve side at Notts Forest in the FA Cup last season that saw the current holders humiliated.Wenger had a near second string team in EVERY Carabao Cup match last season with many youth players in the side or on the bench.Wenger never played a cfull first team in the Europa Cup until we met AC Milan.So What point was he even making?
      Yes -Wenger is gone.It was at least a decade too late.And you can see how much he is being missed now.Just get over yourselves.All over such an innocuous comment from Sam P.

      1. kev says:

        Wenger always overplayed his team and the players he rates most.Just because he played a second string side in the FA Cup does not mean he isn’t known for that.He usually liked to give youth a chance in the smaller competitions and relative to Arsenal’s traditions it was consistent.However, when it came to the EPL he always played the same starting eleven till the players got injured.Isnt it the same Wenger who used to overplay players even when even off form?If I’m not mistaken wasn’t he also know for overlaying players till they got injured.Infact I’ve seen several instances of people here complaining about how Wenger overplayed his stars players and those he does rate.Some of the top top Arsenal players in the past who were always getting injured was due to how Wenger overplayed them.

        1. Midkemma says:

          How about Kos and his achilles? Wenger didn’t rest him against AM for an easy opponent did he? I agree with you Kev.

          Wenger wanted to win and he played his strongest team, well, strongest from his perspective 😛

    2. Eddie Hoyte says:

      “Arsenal fans are used to many years of Arsene Wenger sitting beside Steve Bould o the touchline, and every now and again complaining to the ref or playing with his zip”

      Oh Phil what a great way and statement to use as comparisons right? No other stats or moments, but those ones up there seems the best.

      “again with Wenger, who was always worried about overplaying his stars and resting them for easier games.”

      Oh, as if he wasn’t always worried about overplaying his stars right from the on set, and it was a bad thing to rest them.. Talk about the mab who’d give chances to youngsters just do the senior ones get some rest.
      And Though now that we have a new coach who’s doing things differently as he deems fit, then we start drawing comparisons as if Wenger got it wrong with resting players?

      I ain’t no AKB, I never was, but the fact is all these cheap digs we take at Wenger is becoming tiring, can’t we make our points about our new coach without involving Arsene Wenger??

      1. Phil says:

        Eddie-See what’s happened here?One innocuous comment and we now have another Wenger debate.SamP offered an opening comment that’s all.It seemed a throw away line but obviously not.Me?Im not bothered if I ever hear his name again but it’s just impossible not to

      2. kev says:

        I agree with what you say.Its good to compare Unai Emery to Wenger but so low to take these cheap digs at him.Sadly,some don’t even make sense.Also,Wenger only used to rotate for the smaller competitions due to youth but was terrible when it came to rotation in the EPL and the like.One thing I was sure of is that if for nothing he always overplayed his top players till they got an injury and when even off form still played them.

      3. jon fox says:

        No, not while the squad is still mainly his. Why can’t you see that obvious FACT? The new man has only been in six months, so he is BOUND to be compared and favourably so, to WeNGER. YOU CAN’T WIPE AWAY 22 YEARS AS IT IF NEVER HAPPENED AND NOT MENTION IT. THAT WISH IS NOT EVEN SANE! Besides, you have NO right to tell others what to write or who not to mention, as they have not with you too, so play fair and stop using double standards. It is completely irrelevant to my argument whether or not you were no AKB. EITHER WAY, YOU HAVENO RIGHT TO TRY CENSORING OTHERS.

        1. Midkemma says:

          Don’t talk about facts when you are clueless about how to use them.
          Get a degree, learn some science, then you may be worth listening to when talking about facts. Until then you are just a bitter old man who likes to shout at people online.

          Oh and we all have the right to censor each other, or is racism and sexism allowed now in discussions? I mean, you can’t censor me! I can say what I want, if I wish to belittle someone on their skin colour or gender identity then I can, you can’t censor me!

          See how stupid your statement was?

          We all have the right to counter opinions, it is part of the freedom of speech (within an accepted social structure), something you use to defend you posting so others have the same right!

          Claiming that others are trying to censor is you being stupid. People have offered an alternative opinion and questioned the article, I haven’t read how Admin shouldn’t be posting these articles and they should be removed.

    3. kev says:

      What is wrong with You?What do you mean by “I would suggest it’s not fans continually mocking Wenger that is the issue as much as those like yourselves who act as though his name should never be mentioned again.”Where in my comment have I acted this way.If you read my comment I said there is a way to make a proper comparison and then a cheap dig.Do you think I was happy with the years of constant failure?When it comes to insulting Wenger there’s no denying many Arsenal fans are good at it with some having about a such class as Mourinho.Im not saying the article was geared towards insulting Wenger but as I read it I felt it made Wenger look clueless as a person and manager.

      1. Phil says:

        Wenger PROVED himself to be CLUELESS in his later years at the Club.Sixth place proved this.
        As I said earlier-one innocuous comment and it all becomes about Wenger.

        1. kev says:

          Well I don’t agree with you.The tone that was set at the beginning of the article clearly proves my point.It does not take rocket science to see when someone is having a cheap dig at Wenger.As for him being clueless well his decisions on the pitch were clearly terrible but I still maintain respect for him and the way he carries himself.

          1. Phil says:

            It was a COMPARISON.I don’t see it as a cheap dig at Wenger at all.There are plenty of opportunities to get after Wenger is anyone wanted to.But as I said earlier-what started out as a tame reference has now escalated all because some have chosen to take this out of all proportions.
            And just for me to be one never to miss an opportunity Wenger was paid £9m a year.Im not sure what Emery is on but let’s say it is £5m.When you see what our NEW MANAGER is achieving I rather feel we was conned by Wenger don’t you?As for being Clueless-There is no doubt he became this.And respect is earned.He lost all respect as far as I’m concerned by staying well past his sell by date but on ever increasing wages.Is that not the act of a CLASSLESS man?
            And all this because of an innocent and innocuous comment.

          2. kev says:

            Your opinion bro.I don’t think of him as being a classless man because if I were to use my logic of having class many here are far far worse than Mourinho tbh.

          3. Phil says:

            Well Bro-there are plenty of fans who feel Wenger betrayed himself,the Club and it’s Supporters by insisting on a new two year contract after winning the FA Cup in 2017.He has walked away with £9m salary from a Club that allowed him to become the Manager he did.No other Club would allow its Zmanager the total control Wenger enjoyed with the possible exception of Fergie at Utd.To me he deserves all the criticism that comes his way by whoever and whenever.Mourinho is a proven winner wherever he goes.I detest the man but he cares not a bit about how he is portrayed.Wenger wanted it all without the winning mentality that Mourinho has and Emery is showing.

          4. Midkemma says:

            Phil, is the world flat?
            Majority doesn’t make it right.

          5. Phil says:

            No but I tell you what was flat for the last few years of Wenger as manager-Arsenal Football Club.Dont start peaching about an Old has been that is now gone but not it seems forgotten

        2. Gunner22 says:

          Clueless? The man won 2 FA cups !
          Europa semis Carabo cup loosing finalist
          Your clueless!!

          1. Phil says:

            Really in his last two seasons he won ONE FA CUP.Wenger single handedly caused the most toxic atmosphere EVER known at our Football Club.Shall I give YOU a few CLUES?Stoke City,(relegated)Swansea (relegated)Brighton,Watford,Bournemouth,Newcastle,we LOST ALL THOSE GAMES.Notts Forest in FA Cup.We lost that game.Southampton West Ham,we drew.Notice how I haven’t mentioned Liverpool Man Utd Man City Spurs which we lost.All away games.And you don’t feel Wenger was CLUELESS?Dont start spouting about his record before this.That was his job for which he was very well paid.
            I will NEVER respect that man for overseeing the demise of our Club.He bought rubbish like Xhaka and Mustafi and somehow Emery is able to get some (that’s all) decent (no more than that) performances out of them.Why is that?Because we now AT LAST have a modern thinking Manager who knows what it takes to win football matches.
            And before you say “What about getting to the semi-final of the Europa Cup” let me remind you that we lost to the first decent side we faced.LOST.And YOU feel that is worth mentioning.I notice you did not mention the TOTAL HUMILIATION of the 3-0 THRASHING by City in the Carabao Cup final.Tou only mentioned the game.So YOU are happy with losing big games are you?Im not and most fans are not either.
            I get why people would wish to show him respect.I choose not to.But me CLUELESS?I don’t think so pal

          2. Gryphon says:

            pointless and wasting your time in “talking” to some of the usual names here, they were AKB’s then and now…I am sure they thought the world had ended when wenger was sacked… one of them still believes the world is flat.
            Wenger did good things for the club but he tainted his record by behaving like an obstinate brat in his last 5 years, I stiill think winning the FA aganst Hull was the biggest injustice to the club because he stayed on for a few more years, we may have even got Klopp or Guardiaola then but wenger so poisoned the chalice that there was no one.
            Our defence is a shamble and is the only reason why we wont be a top 4 this season. We need to purge a few more wenger players, imagine, buying Zhaka instead of Kante, passing over Van Dyke, Walcott, Ramsey, Wellbeck and so on. I was apprehensive about Emery’s first few games when he played Ramsey regularly but at least Emery shows he can learn and hopefully ramsey will soon be gone. Zhaka was shite until the last game, will he change for the better? I wont hold my breath but….
            These days, if we arnt 3 down at half time, I am confidant about us coming back….wengers days no way even if we were 2 up, I wasnt confidant bcause under wenger, we played shite in the 2nd half

  5. Ethio gooner says:

    Watching Arsene Wenger on the sidelines arms crossed walking around doing jacksh*t while we were getting battered and his just standing there taking it time after time after time truly was one of the most hurtful and infuriating things i’ve ever endured watching arsenal and eventually i got accustomed to it and i went numb during his final season… when i first heard of emery taking over i was really excited because in my experience watching him in sevilla and psg the man oozed passion. i envied liverpool so much cause of klopp’s passion for the game and i was so happy we would have some one of our own who shared the same passion if not better i dare say! lol seriously i was closely watching this two during our last game and at one point klopp just stood there watching unai riling up his team tell’n them to keep pushing. brilliant stuff man! i’ve got nothing but a massive respect for the predecessor but i’m so glad we’ve got someone who’s got some balls to do whatever it takes to win and in case if you’ve not noticed it yet it rubbed off throughout the team!!!


    Arsene is a very good couch,World class at it but he lost almost all the respect at the later part of his stay at Arsenal. Comparison or no comparison, both managers have different strengths. Football style has evolved over the last 10 years but Wenger decided to stick with his old tactics. Unai adopts the high pressure style that wins game,which is what we need. He has the no nonsense attitude to his players and that has brought out the best in them(Ozil is a testimony).

    Let’s just forget about this argument and move on. Enjoy the game.

  7. Midkemma says:

    If Sam P really wanted to raise curiosity then he could have analysed the differences between the managers as a whole, not cherry pick and then make inaccurate conclusion like Wenger mollycoddling his players, ask Kos if he was mollycoddled and if he played in the WC because he wasn’t injured in a big game that Wenger wanted to win.

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