“You don’t want to be seventh.” Parlour does not want to see Arsenal in the European Conference League

Ray Parlour has insisted that he doesn’t want Arsenal to play in the newly created European Conference League.

In their bid to give more European football to clubs in the continent, UEFA has created the new competition.

With the top six teams competing in the Champions League and Europa League, the seventh-placed club in England will play in the Conference League.

Arsenal has had a poor season and could be without European football next season.

However, their late run of form has made it mathematically possible for them to play in the Conference League depending on the result of other teams on the season’s finale.

Parlour, however, feels it is better for them not to play in Europe for one season and rebuild their team instead of playing in the Conference League.

“You don’t want to be seventh, you don’t want to be playing in that,” Parlour told talkSPORT Breakfast. “I don’t want Arsenal to be playing in that.

“It might do them a favour not to be in Europe for one season. They can take stock in pre-season and say ‘look, we need to really have a go next year’.

“It just doesn’t sound right – conference! You don’t want to be in that tournament.”

With the Gunners struggling to find players to field in some positions, it is hard to argue with Parlour that playing in the Conference League is pointless.

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  1. well said……lets fling this europe nonsense through the window and concentrate on the league and our fa cup, top 3 finnish aint too much

  2. An absolute trash competition. It’ll just drain resources from more worthwhile competitions. Arsenal need to focus on top 4, not winning this tournament for European minnows where the prize is entry into Europa the following season. Pathetic. If we have to play in this tournament, never play anyone but youth.

  3. Guys calm down, we may not be good enough to get into the Europa Conference league, it isnt in our hands. Sign of the times as well!

  4. I agree with Ray’s assessment of the situation, as this would likely be nothing more than an unnecessary distraction, with little to no real tangible benefit, considering the wastefulness of this season rebuild-wise…that said, Arteta’s desperate scramble to secure some sort of European football might just mean it’s not a forgone conclusion that he has the full support of ownership, which could make for some interesting times should we end up on the outside looking in

  5. It’s a back up into Europa league. Arsenal have at least 2 complete teams. Just play those that didn’t play the match before. Game time. The alternative is for those players to sit on the bench

  6. Frankly, it gives a way to keep players happy, develop the youngsters, try tactics, a title chance.
    On the other hand, I understand if squad is limited, you risk injury and fatigue and that fringe players bottle against teams that we should beat(which affects morale), and more importantly, it gives less time to train with players.
    All in all, I like to be in Europe. I wished WBA would have done us a favour taking the hammers down (at least with a draw 😁), we could have even caught EL.

  7. This competition is a waste of time especially as the reward is entry to europa league. Use it like the league cup with only u21 teams and senior players with little play time if we even qualify for it.

  8. Looking like Villarreal will finish 7th in La Liga. If they fail to win on Wednesday.. Conference League??
    UE would love to beat us again!

  9. Looking good news story on Arsenal, but it’s hard to find. No respect for Parlour post playing career. Also just read of Josh and stooge no. 1 Vinai’s half arsed attempt to appease the fans by suggesting a greater voice . Nobody would believe that, right? It’s offering them sugar cubes, just like donkeys for their passivity.

    1. Joe. S, their credibility disappeared with most thinking fans, when Arsenal left Highbury.

  10. This new made up competition is just to make corrupt UEFA even richer. No other reason! We would find it ahuge hindance next season with no status gained, even were we to win it.

    As such, I much hope we do not qualify. I hope we finish above Spuds and that Everton finish above us. They are welcome to waste their limited squad in this fake comp. Not for us, so well said PARLOUR!

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