“You don’t want to sever ties completely” Club legend urges Arsenal to keep duo

Sol Campbell has reacted to reports linking some Arsenal players with moves away from the club this summer.

The Gunners are facing an important summer that would see them bring in new stars to make their team better.

Mikel Arteta has enjoyed excellent support from the club since he became their manager.

They have signed the likes of Thomas Partey and Gabriel Magalhaes with him in charge of the team.

They remain convinced that he can take the club to a new level, so they are prepared to back him again in this transfer window.

He is expected to offload some of the current members of his squad and two of them have seriously been linked with transfers away.

Hector Bellerin and Granit Xhaka are reportedly close to leaving the club and it seems the Gunners might cash in on them for the right price.

However, Campbell says they are the type of players that they need to keep at all cost.

Campbell said via the Metro: ‘Who is going to change Arsenal Football Club? I think they need to have a look around the place at some of the senior players there.

‘Do they keep a couple of players around to help bring on the youngsters?

‘You can’t just go and get rid of all of your experienced players.

‘I see the likes of Hector Bellerin and Granit Xhaka being linked with moves away but both have been a core part of that team for some time now.

‘You don’t want to sever ties completely with players like that because otherwise there’ll be no one around who can teach new signings and younger players the ways of the club.

‘Hector [Bellerin] has been a fantastic player for Arsenal, [Granit] Xhaka has been great as well.

‘If it’s a matter of keeping people around for another year or so, you may as well keep hold of those two as they know the club inside out.

‘David Luiz is gone now. Is he another one that could’ve stuck around? I don’t know, but obviously the club and player have made the decision to part ways.

‘If you start taking too many of those names out, who is going to teach the youngsters what it means to play for Arsenal? I personally think Bellerin and Xhaka will stay on for another year.’

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  1. jon fox says:



    1. Vinnie2000 says:

      See how you Denigrate a person just Bcos of his simple opinions..😒
      He has a Point on d need for Leaders in a Team..
      Sir Alex Ferguson’s successes was built on Having Leaders in his Teams!!
      But, dat said.
      Xhaka should GO!!
      Bellerin should Stay!!
      Remember we talked about him yesterday or so..🤔

  2. Declan says:

    OT, Edourd off to Leicester for £18 million.

    1. Sue says:

      Plus Soumare… the foxes are working their magic again!

      1. siamois says:

        True!they also have already released 9 players!

        1. DaJuhi says:

          Edouard and Soumare are nothing special to be honest..

  3. Davi says:

    Always had a soft spot for Sol – such an underrated player – but he’s dead wrong here. I could barely think of two worse players to teach the younger guys what it means to play for arsenal.
    These are exactly the kinds of characters that have caused the club to decline.

  4. Declan says:

    Great centre back but not the sharpest tool in the box, a little like another great of ours, Tony Adams.

    1. siamois says:

      Must be the result of all those years heading the ball!

  5. Greco says:

    and thats something kids (around here)who play a lot of football manager and tell their opinions about players will never understand.Yes i said it

  6. John Legend says:

    I personally don’t understand why we would want to get rid of Xhaka. Are we that ambitious? Will we be able to attract better players? Is there something else we don’t know?

  7. Sean Williams says:

    Gotta say…what planet is Sol Campbell on? Bellerin has gone so far backwards he has forgotten how to play football. Sol do you watch every Arsenal game? I don’t think so! We here on JA do.

    1. Vinnie2000 says:

      Bellerin only got Affected by Injuries!! With Proper motivation, He will be back stronger!!
      He needs to be Fired up by Arteta or any of the coaches around!!
      He is still a Top class Right back!!

      While Xhaka really has Leadership qualities, but is a poor midfielder..

      1. Sean Williams says:

        .Arteta couldn’t fire up a barbecue. He has no idea how to motivate. Ask Villareal

  8. Vinnie2000 says:

    A personal hattrick for me..
    Wants Zaha-Petit echoes it!!
    Wants Conor Coady- Campbell echoes.
    Want Bellerin to Stay- Campbell Feels same too..
    Got to really Respect great Minds, Everyone!!😊🤗

  9. SueP says:

    It depends on how you use the word experienced.
    Do Chambers, Holding or Laca and Auba lack experience? If the answer is no then the possible departure of Bellerin and Xhaka is an irrelevance in my book

  10. CorporateMan says:

    All those expecting wide and sweeping changes in the Arsenal squad will come out massively disappointed. All the talk about a busy summer will be more about getting rid of unwanted players and trimming the squad to the reality of lack of European football and its financial implications.
    Neither do we even need such wide and sweeping changes!
    The changes we need in Arsenal have to do with attitude and tactics than buying players. We have a team that would beat a very good team today only to lose badly to a mediocre one the next day. We need a mental change.
    So for me, like Campbell, we need to maintain the core spine of the team and only add in areas of identified weaknesses.
    For me we need basically two to three players – a quality LB to deputize Tierney, a solid DM to replace Ceballos, and anAM in place of Odegaard if he’s not staying
    Even if Bellerin leaves out of choice, Chambers and Cedric can adequately man the RB position
    My biggest worry is about when our African players will be away for five good weeks. That could cost us the season

  11. ThirdManJW says:

    Why on earth would you want to expose our youngsters to the likes of Bellerin and Xhaka? I guess one can learn some leadership skills off Xhaka, but Bellerin has literally nothing to offer! Bellerin is awful!

  12. Tas says:

    Belerin is another Theo Walcott great at running forward on the right and crossing the ball wherever it might land and nothing els to offer, I much prefer Chambers he has an idea of how to defend specially in the box where Belerin always looks lost

    1. 350oz says:

      That’s right. I would add that his crosses are abysmal, Chambers on the other hand is really good in that aspect and he can defend properly.

  13. 350oz says:

    Nonsense. Arteta alone could teach the way of the club way better than those two, he is a former player after all.

    Xhaka tore Arsenal shirt before and swore to supporters, then needed to be consoled by several players. He also choked an opposition player on the pitch. He can never represent Arsenal and it’s ridiculous to expect him to be the role model for younger players.

    Bellerin spends too much time on social media and tries too hard to give an appearance. He desperately needs to put his head down and up his game before even thinking of becoming a role model.

  14. Gary Winter says:

    The reason we are getting worse, is down to the idiotic supporters like some of the ones who wrote their rubbish comments earlier. They never get behind the team only criticise the players, xhaka takes terrible stick, yet he is captain of a decent Swiss team, and is wanted by mouriniho at Roma, where he will end up as captain. But some of our idiot supporters know better than them. It’s true when you go to a game all the best players are in the stands

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