“You know what happens when you clip players in the box” Sean Dyche wanted Saka sent off

Sean Dyche has fired back at the suggestion that VAR made the wrong call when it rescinded Erik Pieters’ red card and cancelled the ensuing penalty against his team.

The Clarets drew 1-1 against Arsenal and the result would have been different if the penalty against Dyche’s men had stood.

However, the English manager claims Arsenal should also have had Bukayo Saka sent off for the foul he committed against Matej Vydra.

Saka struggled in the game and he was guilty of some poor challenges, and Dyche says the one against Vydra in the Arsenal penalty box was worth sending him off for.

Speaking to Talksport after the game, Dyche said: “If you want to go on about VAR, you know Saka and how many fouls he had today? You know he got booked and did you see the fouls after? He clipped Matej Vydra in box. You know what happens when you clip players in the box.

“I am (surprised it didn’t go to VAR) and the reason is this. I’ve spoken many times over the last year or so, people get touched on their shoulders and are going down for penalties. 

“Vydra has clearly been stuck on his foot and it’s deviated his foot from striking the ball. What level of contact is it? That’s the thing we are all asking as managers. 

“People are touching shoulders and legs back and it’s a penalty. He clearly hits his foot and deviates him from striking the ball properly.

“He doesn’t roll around. He doesn’t scream, there was a lot of that today. That’s a new thing that has come into the Premier League and everyone finds bizarre, including myself. He gets nothing.

“Our record of penalties in the Premier League is the lowest and we didn’t get one today.”

This result is the worst outcome Arsenal needed in their bid to still make the top four.

This strange season means they still have the chance to make the European places, but they will have to win their next games now because more slip-ups will see their European dreams slip away completely.

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  1. The European dream via the league ended weeks ago, it’s win the EL this season or we won’t be in Europe at all next season.

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