“You never say never” Stan Kroenke could still sell Arsenal reckons analyst

Arsenal is reportedly attracting the attention of Indian billionaire Mukesh Ambani who wants to buy a Premier League club.

Liverpool and Manchester United are on the market, but Ambani seems more interested in Arsenal. Will Stan Kroenke sell?

The American has always insisted the club is not for sale and has now invested money to take it to the top of the Premier League table.

This could be a clear sign that they are here to stay, but finance analyst Kieran Maguire insists in football, you can never say never.

He tells Football Insider:

“In the world of finance, you never say never.

“Stan Kroenke will have seen the prices touted around for United and Liverpool.

“Given that he is a similar owner to the Glazers and FSG in the sense that he has no real interest in football and sees Arsenal as a financial investment, he will be monitoring things.

“He’ll want to see if there is anyone who ends up not buying Liverpool or United because they want to buy a club in London.

“Therefore, you cannot rule out somebody such as Ambani or his family.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Every club has a price and Arsenal certainly has its, even though the current owners insist it is not on the market.

What fans need is an owner that will spend money every summer to buy the best players, and Kroenke should sell up if he cannot provide that to them.

But no one can force them to leave and they will only sell the club on their own terms.

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  1. Josh has a more active role, and like the Kroenke family or not they have invested heavily in Arteta and improving the squad.

    1. We have seen the investment many wanted
    2. We see exciting football that both fans and players enjoy
    3. We are competitive again sitting top of the table.

    What’s not to like at this point, except gripe about not spending mega funds for a Bellingham type transfer.

    Rebuild is complete as results show, save a couple players; DM, and another attacking player.

    1st team is very good, academy in good hands and producing talent, do we really need a change in ownership? To accomplish what exactly?

  2. This sobering article is, of course profoundly true. People with enormous material wealth but poverty of humanity, which includes, by definition almost all multi billionaires worldwide, DO INDEED value their legal assets by material value to themselves.
    As I, almost alone have been banging on about for many years on JA, gross greed, which applies throughout top level football, is steadily killing the all important honesty in the modern game.

    I do not mean simply parochial issues, such as steaing yards at throw ins, time wasting, diving, much of which has been present for many years( less so diving, which was rare in days long gone by), even though all those things are harmful and need rooting out.

    But I refer to the corporate bullying of the common ordinary fan who has to pay through thr nose to watch his/herteam, simply to keep pampered multi millionaire players and their parasite agents in excessive personal luxury.

    To me, for just one, THAT STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN AND ALWAYS WILL, UNTIL IT IS CHANGED BY FORCE OF MASSE FAN REFUSAL TO ACCEPT IT ANY LONGER. And hopefully, by legislation too, though that is doubtful, given the uncaring way FIFA operates.
    What is certain, is that unless and until a far greater level of fainess for the ordinary fan, the LIFEBLOOD of the game itself (as PROVEN by the recent easily fan overthrown ESL idea fiasco)Iis introduced, our game will get more and more proficient on the field but more and more hideous and obscene will be all the other greedy and corrupt nonsense surrounding it.

    Some see it only too clearly; most though, in ostrich fashion, wilfully ignore it. GROAN!!

  3. Investment in the club is not necessarily indicative that Kroenke is staying, in fact it may be the exact opposite – part of a plan to leave.

    Yes, he’s seen the sale price of Liverpool and Chelsea but he also knows:

    1. Those clubs have won a lot of trophies recently to attract those prices.

    2. They are being sold for a reason – the same reason as Man Utd and the same reason Kroenke may want out.

    The reason for 2 is the increase in countries taking over football clubs. The Newcastle takeover being allowed (which probably surprised these owners) and the new FSR regs which allow gifts, while monitoring loans… that’s not good for business investors.

    So it’s no coincidence that all the business types are thinking of selling up at the same time.

    And that means the clock is ticking on point number 1 – if you want to sell at a good price before those state-owned clubs are winning everything, then Arsenal needs on-field success very quickly.

    I’m always amazed at how many fans only think of on-field success at any price, never looking at the big picture or the future.

    1. P.S. I realise that the Chelsea sale was more or less forced and Boehly took over after the Newcastle takeover, but not long after. In a sense he’s an outlier and it may be that he just didn’t see the writing on the wall when the Newcastle sale went through.

      Most of the billionaire types are now turning their attention to clubs that they believe can be improved and sold – clubs that have a good fan base (Bournemouth is an example).

    2. IDKWIC, TOP POST, AS USUAL! But unlike your last line claim, which I do not think uses English in its proper meaning- I do not believe a deep thinker like you could ever be ” “amazed” at the shallow thinking of “many fans”!

      I am never surprised; depressed about it, yes , but NEVER surprised.

      I accept there are MANY and varying levels of intelligence, among Gooners, as among any other so called “tribe” of people , football folk or not, anywhere across the globe.

      THAT IS LIFES REALITY and I am certain you know that every bit as much as I do.

      As to the rest of your well observed post, I hope, pray and on the whole, choose to believe there is much substance to your own thoughts. I cannot envisage KSE still owning us in, lets say, five years from now. And much hope not too!

      It is always hard to put a realistic timescale on predicted events but all things change, given ENOUGH time.

  4. I want the Arabs to buy Arsenal. I don’t care if they’re murderers. It’s the way football has become. They will spend much more than Kroenke can and turn us into a Man City.

    Hala Qatar!!!
    Hala UAE!!!
    Hala any Arabs!!!

    1. Depressing , maybe , but knowing your views on various other matters from your many JA posts,, I do not find it at all surprising that YOU are content that murderers may one day own Arsenal.

      That does NOT MEAN I ACCUSE AMBANI of being such. I have not done my homework on him as yet and may never do. It may OR may not be true, what you allege.

      But what appals but does not surprise me, is that YOU would be comfortable if our club WERE owned by murderers.

  5. If its working at this moment do not rock the boat. We are in a good position from top to bottom at the club, finially, after all the bs behind the scenes for so many years which has now been changed, organised and all on the same page for 1st time in over a decade possibly more.

    Stans Company Owns Arsenal but Josh is head of all Arsenal business and is doing a great job along with Edu and Mikel. The 3 of them work well together which is something that has took tike but there is a trust there now and the Arsenal FanBase see this.

    Let’s see where this goes with Josh, so far so good in my opinion. Club not for Sale at this moment

  6. It is said you stick with the evil you know, I must confess am delighted with the running of the club as it is now.

    The writer states the club has invested money to take it to the top and that’s could be a sign the Kroenke could be here to stay, while the writer could have a point it could be just the opposite as well, Kroenke could very well making the club more attractive to sell.

    Whatever the reason am happy with the way things are going, apart from the Osimhen or Bellingham signing that would send a strong
    statement throughout the league, we are quietly going about our business in the right way

  7. We fans for the most part would have wanted new ownership in any of the previous seasons before this one had begun to take shape. Things look rosy for Arsenal right now -with long-term planning and good decisions being made behind closed doors. Even when Arteta threatened to find the leak a while back makes me believe that management is on top of things. It took some time but finally, we are on a good path

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