“You see the difference” These Arsenal fans react to win over Southampton

Arsenal fans are delighted with their team’s performance in the 3-0 win against Southampton today.

The Gunners returned to winning ways with that victory and some fans couldn’t contain their joy.

Losses against Manchester United and Everton have seen confidence in the team dented somewhat.

The defeat against the Toffees was very painful and needed a reaction against the Saints.

Arsenal fans got the reaction they wanted even though the team played without its captain, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

After the game, the club made a post about the victory on its Twitter account and fans filled the comments with their reactions to the win.

A majority of them were impressed and praised the team for a good performance.

At least one fan hoped they take note what the result is when they play together as a team relentlessly. Here are some of the best reactions:

This win should serve as a huge morale booster for the team, but we need to beat West Ham in the next game to confirm we’re serious about becoming a top club again.

The JUST ARSENAL SHOW asks if Super Aubameyang has finally lost his superpowers?

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    1. And also a team near the bottom of the table.

      I will celebrate if we can repeat this performance against West Ham. So far this year we’ve not competed against to top 4, so let’s see after the next match.

        1. Based on the last 2 years, I can see no reason to disagree.

          We struggled against the press by Brentford and every team since. Arteta can’t seem to solve that problem.

          It’s the recipe to beating us; press our back 4 and don’t give our midfielders any space to breathe, defend them man to man.

          1. Agree Durand, we won but Mikel has a ton of jobs to do. Going forward, Xhaka and Partey are just not good enough, the earlier they go the better. Neither is Elneny or AMN. We need to get Declan Rice at any cost. Laca needs to make way for a more lethal CF. Martenelli needs to shoot better and of course we are better without Auba. Mikel is a strong character as he has what it takes to bench your captain for discipline yet again. We are in the safe hands of Mikel.

  1. Arsenal is the problem of Arsenal, if you get what I am saying. I want all to know that there is no stopping us in getting to the top of the table but we’ve often been responsible for our own predicament. Kindly, stop gifting opposition chances, then, will we mount up the league table on wings like eagle.

  2. Arteta is a legend 😂 must be a 15 year old boy lol. Good win today but I certainly won’t be getting carried away I’ve seen this all before.. need a big performance against West ham now.

    1. 😂👍 If we keep a clean sheet against them I’ll be happy. Then to sort out our away form, Kev…
      Have you seen the table? If only we hadn’t dropped those points on Monday

      1. Oh I know Sue but it’s all too familiar we see this every year 😩 Leeds away next that will be tough 😳 we need to beat West Ham, a draw is not enough especially with United back in penalty mode 😂

        1. No wonder CR didn’t let Bruno take it- he’s back to normal – horrendous (because they weren’t playing us!)
          Leeds will be tough. Hope we can keep up with them and not treat it as another training session!
          Mavro scored a beauty for Stuttgart earlier

          1. Bruno has been atrocious since Ronaldo came back Sue and is no longer on penalty duty 😂 well one thing is certain we are impossible to predict aren’t we 😂 I didn’t see it but I don’t think he’ll play another game for us and possibly Saliba not that he’s ever played for us competitively 😜 have you got your Christmas tree up Sue I was gonna attempt it this weekend but I’m not really bothered 😂

            1. It’s been up about a month 🙂 You bah humbug 🤣
              I can’t see him (Mav) coming back, Kev. He’ll be sold for peanuts..

              1. Hahaha I know Sue I wish I had your Christmas spirit 😂 I do like boxing day though my favourite day of the year 😂 yeah I read something like 5 mil 😳 we are just terrible in sales we’ll probably offload Saliba for 10 mil. Do you think Auba has played his last game Sue ?

                1. It’s not looking good, Kev. No player is bigger than the club though. Can’t handle another Ozil episode… sigh

                  1. He’ll certainly be hard to move on with that big contract, I can’t see any team offering him anywhere near what Arsenal pays him! Might get that in China or the states but don’t think he’ll go there. On a positive note Ode has gone goal crazy who would have thought that Sue ? Last season none of our midfielders could buy a goal 😂

                    1. Yeah am happy for Odegaard, 3 in 3 – pinch me am I dreaming!! Laca’s go was special
                      What a predicament. Don’t think anyone thought it’d turn sour…

                    2. That was a beautiful goal Sue and almost looked like they played themselves into trouble 😄👌keeps banging in goals like he has been I’ll have to change my opinion on him haha. Unbelievable from a great goalscorer to someone who couldn’t hit a barn door 🙄

  3. Gotta say, we have made two of the best buys of the season….Takehiro Tomiyasu and Aaron Ramsdale. What great character Ramsdale is.

    1. And Tavares(Tierney is better though) White Lokonga ….This summer transfert window has been nothing short of oustanding….We’r ,i still think, heading the right way…..

  4. As I always say, our main problem is lacking consistency from game to game, let’s see if MA can keep up the same spirit till the next game!

  5. Why do people go on and on about our lack of consistency?

    We consistently beat teams in the bottom half, or teams going thru a bad patch, and we consistently lose to the rest.

    So, lets see if we can be inconsistent and beat West Ham!!

    1. I cant remember us beating beating man U. or everton when they were on a poor run of form.
      However, your last paragraph is the best i have read in a while…there is consistency in being inconsistent😄

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