Young Arsenal stars beat Aubameyang and Lacazette in shirt sales

Kieran Tierney and Bukayo Saka are probably the most popular players at Arsenal at the moment if shirt sales are anything to go by.

The youngsters have been in fine form for the Gunners this season and after the club released their new jersey for next season, it has emerged that both players have beaten the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette in shirt sales.

Talk Sport claims that Tierney’s number 3 jersey has sold more than any other Arsenal player, while Saka’s number 77 jersey comes second in shirt sales, so far.

Aubameyang is probably the most popular player in the team if you ask a random football fan.

However, the striker’s future is up in the air after he entered the final 12 months of his current deal.

The club has been in talks with him over a new deal and they remain hopeful that he will sign the deal in the coming weeks.

Lacazette has two more years left on his current deal, however, the Gunners might want to hand him a new deal before they get themselves into a similar situation that they are in with Aubameyang now.

This has been a breakout season for both Tierney and Saka and both players will become even more important to the club heading into the future.

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    1. I’d rather look at it as 2 young men with great times at Arsenal ahead of them. It shows that they are the future not the past.

  1. Arsenal announce 55 redundancies and execs waiving third of their salaries for next 12 months.

      1. It’s very depressing news Sue ,but I’m sure we are going to see a lot said about Ozil in the coming days because of what he earns ,I’m sure he will get blamed for the 55 lay offs

          1. HH
            Although I wish Ozil was no longer an Arsenal player even I could not stoop so low as to blame him for those redundancies. There is something rotten going on at our club

        1. Dan kit, His gross and totally unearned salary is at least a key factor in redundancies.. No business can stand giving away £18million in wages for nothing in return, without some financial damage. Or do YOU think differently. IF you do, care to explain how come? Unless of course you actually think he earns his wage, which would make further debate pointless!

          1. Could it also be that the reported £280,000 weekly salary over three years that Aubamayang is demanding may be having an effect – or the salary and signing on fee of Willian, if it comes to pass, along with the outlay on Partey etc etc?

            Maybe it’s even the fact that poor old kronkie has only made just £323,000,000 since the start of the year (Source:Forbes as at 5/8/20 a growth of +5% YTD)?

            No, the reported, but unsubstantiated, £18,000,000 seems to be a “key” factor to our ills?

            Can I suggest that the latter figure of £18,000,000 for twelve months for “doing nothing” compared to the former £323,000,000 for seven months for “doing nothing” is not a key factor, but the ULTIMATE factor and that anyone who cannot see that, must be….no, I will not stoop to that level.

  2. Of course Tierney and a Saka are selling more shirts than Aubamayang and Lacazette.
    Have you seen how much it costs for each letter? 😜

    1. Declan, so THAT’S the reason OZIL sold more shirts than anyone else for four consecutive seasons!!!!
      There’s me thinking it was all about popularity amongst the fans!!!!

      Of course, one could just put AUBA. LENO, AMN, PEPE, LUIZ, ESR or LACS on their shirts, but as it didn’t mean anything when Ozil did it, I cannot understand what the point of the exercise is anyway?!?!?

      Weird how it’s now seen as an indication of popularity, playing skills and contribution – funny old game wouldn’t you say?

        1. Sue , I bet you are now too embarrassed to wear your OZIL SHIRT ON MATCHDAYS THOUGH! Doubt you could stand the fans jeering at you!

          1. Sue, Jon hasn’t been for years (apart from the two games using my s/t!!) so how he knows what might happen at The Emirates, goodness only knows…perhaps he will enlighten us???

          2. And on those 2 occasions, I bet he sang ‘We’ve got Mesut Ozil’ as loud as those around him, Ken 🤣🤣

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