‘You’re good enough to play here, just believe in yourself’ Tierney reveals what teammate told him

Kieran Tierney has revealed that Hector Bellerin gave him some advice which helped him settle in at Arsenal.

The Scotsman moved to the Emirates in the summer of 2019 after impressing at Celtic.

The move to the Premier League was a major step up, despite winning numerous trophies at his former home.

Tierney also revealed that he was always very critical of himself for his performances.

However, he had a conversation with Hector Bellerin and the Spaniard made it clear to him that he was good enough and only needed to believe in himself to succeed at the Emirates.

He said the right-back had noticed that he was nervous when he first moved to the club and decided to give him a confidence boost with those reassuring words which helped him to settle at the club.

Speaking in a documentary about Bellerin called ‘Unseen Journey’, he said as quoted by Sun Sports: “I think he could see when I came that I was pretty nervous. I had the young boy look about me.

“You don’t have much time to settle in [at Arsenal]. You are playing with big players and big names, so you have to hit the ground running.

“I remember that I probably overthought every mistake I made.

“I went home and was like, ‘I could have done better, I could have done this’. Whereas I wish I had just relaxed a little bit more and enjoyed it.

“And that was the time Hector said to me, ‘you’re good enough to play here, just believe in yourself’.

“That helped me so much. Just that little talk. It was after training in the changing room.

“Me and him had just done a gym session and after it we sat down for an hour and spoke. I think that changed everything.

“I went home that night feeling much better about myself. I remember texting him saying thanks so much for that chat, it helped me so much.

“I went in the next day with a different mindset, a different confidence and it was a big part to do with Hector.”

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  1. ken1945 says:

    Love the photograph Martin👍👌

  2. The Real Vieira Lynn says:

    Bellerin seems like a great kid, but I have to wonder if Tierney could say the same thing to Hector with a straight face

    1. Highbury Hero says:

      Tierney seem like a nice person. Someone said recently we got him for a lot less than he is worth. It is something I also wondered how did they let him go for such a small amount considering what a talent he had already proven with them.

      Not only for such a low amount but also we did the deal in a chameleon way we are known for. How lucky we are someone didn’t snatch him right under our nose (something we are also good at)

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